Saturday, December 29, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/26/12

A light version of Moments of the Week, but what we have in store is pretty big. Check out Amazing Spider-Man's big finale, Justice League and Aquaman start the Throne of Atlantis crossover, and Image debuts the new Brian Wood book Mara. Hit the jump to see what happened on the last week of the year.

Amazing Spider-Man #700

While Peter, still trapped in Ock's dying body, attempted to confront Spider-Ock, Ock put all of Peter's family and friends in one place, basically using them as human shields and hostage pieces. Scorpion's hatred for Jameson made him go rogue, and in a moment with Peter's memories he puts the villain down hard.

Ock wins, Peter is dying, but his life is flashing before his eyes and Ock is getting a flood of memories that break him down.

And there we go, Peter "dies" and Ock promises to be a better person as the new Spider-Man. 

Avenging Spider-Man #15.1
Well there's one thing I agree with Doc Ock on, although this whole MJ not knowing what happened with Peter and Ock is creepy stuff.

This shows off the new suit, which sees the back spider with shorter legs, claws on his fingers and big toe, and slight color and costume changes.

Justice League #15

What would ruin a date between two gods on Earth?

 ....ok, that's a pretty good reason to stop a dinner date.

That's a pretty cool splash from new series artist Ivan Reis, and really captures the scale of the tidal wave and how powerful Superman and Wonder Woman are. Not only is Metropolis flooded, but all major cities on the east coast. Aquaman #15 continues the story.

Aquaman #15
The explanation for the attack from Atlantis is revealed, and Arthur attempts to talk with his half-brother Orm (Ocean Master).

Can't the heroes work together?

Mara #1

Say hello to Mara, the most popular person in a world where sports and competition hides the deeper problems in society like economic collapse and continuous war. During a free exhibition game, we see the reason Mara's so popular and successful playing volleyball.

Uh oh, the jig is up. With cameras always on the most popular athlete they realize Mara did something, and everyone is confused. Cliffhanger!

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Mike-El said...

I usually give stunts like ASM's a year to blow over, but with their schedule and the ridiculousness of the idea, I just don't see how they can get a year of stories out of this.

Then again, Slott hasn't steered me wrong. We'll see.

maybetoby said...

Love the crossover between Justice League and Aquaman, since Aquaman is one of my favorite titles out right now.

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