Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cover of the Week - Avengers Arena and The Massive

Things simply wouldn't be complete without out Covers of the Week, so here we are!  This time around, we've some fitful youths fighting for their lives and some rather large seafaring vessels for your viewing pleasure.  All this and our honourable mentions can be found on the other side of the jump, so we'll see you there.

Ken's Cover of the Week - Avengers Arena #1 by Dave Johnson

Ken: This is pretty much one of the more literal homage covers in recent times, but it nails the Battle Royal movie image, the only thing it's missing is Arcade in place of Takeshi Kitano. It also has some nice touches like a string of A's wrapped around the logo make it look like a circular saw blade.

Grant's Cover of the Week - The Massive #7 by J.P. Leon

Grant: The title itself was moving a bit too slow for my taste, but it's hard to argue with how gorgeous The Massive's covers have been.  This month's offering from J.P. Leon is no exception to that rule.  The red lined but uncoloured rig set against the turquoise and pale yellow sea makes for an excellent visual juxtaposition.  It not only draws the eye, but it grabs the imagination.  Just like a good cover should.

Runner-Ups:  Dark Avengers #184, Batman and Robin #15, The Activity #10

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