Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 12/12/12

Holy moley, guys, it's 12/12/12 this week!  This is literally the last time that the date's day, month, and year will be able to look the same for nearly a century.  You should take full advantage of this opportunity.  I know I certainly intend to.  And what better way to prepare than to read through the week's Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews?  I certainly can't think of one.  So you should definitely hit the jump to get a look at some of the books I'm looking forward to this week, including Batman #15, Archer & Armstrong #5, and (a couple) more!

Written by Meredith Gran
Art by Meredith Gran

THE FINAL TOTALLY AWESOME ISSUE OF THIS ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! Can the Scream Queens rock their crazy-huge biggest gig ever…and will Princess Bubblegum finally discover the true meaning of ROCK? Final issue of this incredibly popular series!

Grant: I was totally on board after the first issue of this series, but I feel like Meredith Gran has not been able to recapture the elements that made that issue so compelling in the issues that have followed.  While that opener had a lot of cool things that made it feel fresh and different from other titles, the book has been somewhat listless since then, drifting from one thing to another without a strong sense of direction.  Clearly I've kept buying it, but I hope that the sixth issue can bring back some of the things that made that number one feel so special.

Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Emanuela Lupacchino

ALL-NEW ARC! Not even time itself can escape the Eternal Warrior!

No one in the Valiant Universe is more terrifying, more dangerous or more experienced in the art of war than the undying Eternal Warrior. After thousands of years on the battlefield, he's a master of strategy and weaponry, an unrelenting force of nature capable of dismantling entire armies with little effort and less conscience. His brother Armstrong, on the other hand, likes to read poetry and drink beer. Maybe that's why they had such a bad falling out? But now — after years apart — the Eternal Warrior has a new mission: destroy young Obadiah Archer, Armstrong's best-est new buddy and teammate in the war against The Sect. And, like it or not, Valiant’s history-smashing adventure duo will soon feel the wrath of the Eternal Warrior’s fist and steel.

Grant: Fred Van Lente's Archer & Armstrong has definitely been Valiant's funnest book, seeing as how it doesn't take itself overly seriously.  This has been a boon and a burden, as it enable Van Lente to do some sillier things than what we're seeing in other Valiant books, but it's also a challenge when some of the jokes fall flat.  Hopefully a switch in artists and the start of a new arc can reinvigorate the book, because when this title is on it's on.

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion
Backup Written by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Backup Art by Jock

• “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” continues here!
• The Joker’s attacks have taken their toll on Batman and his allies, and now they have to face the impossible.
• The final madness of The Joker’s plan revealed here! Why is he more dangerous now than ever before?
• Plus: In the backup feature, witness The Joker’s confrontation with the Riddler as the horror of The Joker’s plan is revealed.

Grant: The Death of the Family storyline has terrific since it started two months back in Batman #13.  Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, & Jonathan Glapion have managed to give us a Joker that is as creepy and disturbing as the character has ever been, and we're all richer for the reading experience.  Unless something really goes off the rails in the next little while, I'm into this storyline for the long haul.  The wicked backups by Jock are only icing on this psychotic cake.

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Bernard Chang

• EVERYTHING changes this issue!
• Merlin, Lucifer and a connection from the past to Stormwatch are all here…right before the team enters what could be their final battle!
• So what happens next? Or should the question be when? And whose hands will the Black Diamond fall into?

Grant: Demon Knights has long been one of the most fun comics in DC's stable since the relaunch last September, so knowing that this is Paul Cornell's last spin on the title is rather bittersweet.  His writing has been top notch, hitting a great balance among the book's many protagonists and giving us stories that are equal parts adventure, humour, and drama.  Hopefully he can go out on a high note.

That's me for the week.  I know, it's not a ton, especially compare to last week's haul, but sometimes that's just how the cookie crumble.  Are there other books that I should be seeking out tomorrow?  Hit the comments to let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have you guys back! I have been reading TWC since 2008, it it is weird to take something for granted until it is gone.

The only thing that look interesting is Batman. I remember Valiant from the 90's and feel so old to see culture come back in cycles. The Valiant stuff doesn't interest me. Can't they update the looks of all the characters? X-O, Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot look so dated.

patrick said...

where did you guys go? been a fan since 08 myself. i was worried!

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