Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekly Crisis Cover of the Week - All-New X-Men and Stumptown

Fear not, gentle reader, for the Covers of the Week are here!  Peer beyond the jump to see some novel exploits from the men and women of tomorrow and some Portlandic adventures of both the private and investigative nature!  And let's not forget our honourable mentions, which are as wonderful as ever!  We'll see you on the other side.

Ken's Cover of the Week - All-New X-Men #3 by Stuart Immonen

Ken: It's the type of cover that would normally be associated with the Hulk, walking out of an explosion with tires and pieces of car flying everywhere. But it's Cyclops with his optic blasts being a lot different than normal. So you have the mystery of what's going on coupled with the more aggressive nature of how Cyclops looks, it's a cover that lures you into seeing what exactly is going on. 

Grant's Cover of the Week - Stumptown #4, Volume 2 by Matthew Southworth

Grant: There's a lot to recommend this cover in my humble opinion.  There pinks and yellows make the whole thing pop in a way not often seen on stands, the road signs and speedometer numbers do a good job of hinting at the events that will occur within the book itself, and the smirk on Dex's face is the perfect cherry on the cake.  Love it.

Runner-Ups:  Fury MAX #7, Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils #5, Hellboy in Hell #1

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