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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/02/13

I'ts the first edition of Moments of the Week for the new year, and it's full of everything that makes comics fun! All-New X-Men finishes its first arc, Batman Inc. sees smiles and frowns, Hellboy continues his trek into hell, and New Avengers debuts with the return of the Illuminati. As always, more after the jump, so check out what's on tap.

All- New X-Men #5

If Wolverine is going to name a school after Scott's wife, then Scott is going to name his school after Wolverine's father figure. Passive aggressive eye for an eye. Back at the Jean Grey School, present Hank allows Jean to know her whole life.

Pretty pretty splash page.

This is why Wolverine should never teach kids, they fail a danger room test, he'll votes to kill them. Yelling at the past Cyclops about how bad they think he becomes, that probably won't make him less jaded, would it?

Hank's new look, less cat, more gorilla. After all is said and done, the original five decide to stay in the present to fix everything that has already happened instead of fixing the past (...comics?), and the only dissenter in the group is Warren. When someone tells him the truth, he's going to flip out.

Batman Inc. #6
Connecting to future Damian from Morrison's Batman run, here is Alfred II.

Bruce still doesn't choose, while Knight, Squire, Batwing and the Outsiders are injured form last issues roof attack. Knight brings Beryl back to life but Talia's bodyguard arrives:
I liked Knight, that was a tough death, he didn't even get a chance to be in the DCnU.

Hellboy In Hell #2
Now in the level of Pandamonium, Hellboy finds out everyone has fled since Hellboy showed up, all but Satan, who remains in slumber. Should Hellboy kill him, it would be all his. Hellboy says no. We then get a flashback to Hellboy being born:


This is such a pretty book, and we see how the Right Hand of Doom was put on Hellboy. Welcome home indeed.

Flash #15

This is one of the most ambitious page layouts I've seen in any comic, and this isn't the whole thing. Barry is injured from his fight with Grodd and we see three possible outcomes to how to fight the gorillas: head up fight, science and cops help, and Barry using the speed force. Only one seems to work. On top of that the last page here starts to spell out "DC Comics Proudly Presented" leading to the next page spelling the Flash.

The Manhattan Projects #8

The Illuminati of this time realize the Manhattan Projects and their former soviet allies are making a break for it, so FDR hacks into all machinery to secure all their projects. Wernher von Braun is the only one who can make it to FDR's mainframe and disable him.

I picked this as the best book of 2012, and it sure looks like it will try and keep that title in 2013. Ex-nazi rocket scientist vs. crazy robot president, good stuff.

Morbius The Living Vampire #1

Morbius #1 opens up with him running from a local gang and then being shot, but on the way you get to learn more about quasi-vampires. After what happened in Amazing Spider-Man, Morbius is hiding out in Brownsville, which seems almost like a Marvel version of Bludhaven.

I like that idea of one of the nights being fine, to break up the idea of Bronwsville being a constantly terrible place. This book moves pretty fast and reads much like Scarlet Spider and Venom does, it's worth a look if you enjoy those books.

New Avengers #1

Another Earth appears out of nowhere, with people from the altnerate Earth looking to destroy this Earth. T'Challa stops them and then calls a meeting of a group he long ago thought was reckless and dangerous...


The first meeting of the new group arrives in a few weeks.

Ultimate Spider-Man #19

Miles' web dilemma is Ganke's turn to be smart sidekick. To anyone not realizing Miles is Spider-Man it would look like they're talking about drugs. Entertain this what if, what if Ganke masters the formula creation and becomes Ultimate Paste Pot Pete? How cool would that be?

Venom #29

Smooth move, Flash. Calling up help from a goddess to fight the U-Foes doesn't turn out the way Flash thought it would.

The symbiote, infused with a demon from the last arc and Minimum Carnage, looks like it's going to take control when Flash is knocked out.

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maybetoby said...

I LOVE Batman Inc, my fav bat-book. Shame about Knight, I really liked him. Guess his sidekick will take his place.

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