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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/09/13

Welcome to another packed installment of Moments of the Week, all for the low low price of nothing, with free shipping and handling! Today sees the start of Superior Spider-Man, Action Comics winds down Morrison's run, Fantastic Four explores planets and Thor realizes getting old is no fun. Much more after the jump so let's get right to the good stuff. 

Action Comics #16

This is an issue that flips between time and locations much like Final Crisis, so if you liked that concept you'll get more mileage out of this setup for Morrison's finale. This was just a cool moment because Lois gets her niece under control and I like to think Superman learned how to box from Muhammad Ali.

Adventure Time #11

The gang gets sucked into BMO to play the hardest game ever, Super Guts Punch 3, and show those puny viruses who's boss, flu season take note.

Avengers Arena #3
Someone is attacking the kids at night, and it looks like Juston's Sentinel is destroyed, but I guess Juston is still alive because no health bar, no death, unless they changed that.

Cammi's been off world since Annihilation and grown quite the rap sheet, but before Brand can finish talking with her she's teleported to the Arena. She just doesn't like being on Earth.

Another ambiguous death, where Darkhawk seems to have run into whoever was doing the night attacks and loses his crystal. Again, no health bar, no death.

Bravest Warriors #4

Well, that's it for the series, what a let down. Unless there was some kind of mind upload...

Not only does the team get brought back to life, the team went back in time so those cupcakes fighting in the background in the first issue were actually BW. Believe it or not, the time travel in this series actually works really well compared to other companies.

That's the god of unhappiness, just wanting attention, so she upped the anty to be scary. This also ties into previous issue, but everyone check out the trade for some funny stuff.

Earth 2 #8

Steppenwolf never left Earth, but hid within the borders of Dherain, which actually allied themselves with Apokolips during the invasion. After the war there was a treaty that they wouldn't leave their borders and would be left alone, using Apokolips technology to be advanced. Their king attempted to turn on Steppenwolf to appease the world, but no one knew about Fury. With a new god and a amazon, they take control.

Fantastic Four #3

I like the addition of nullifier, but there should be a Galactus addition to the game too. Or Franklin Richards should just say himself, hard to beat immortal god. If you can believe it, the living planet was actually hostile, and the Richards' need some help from their rocky uncle:

Meteor Thing is pretty frickin' sweet, he needs to remember this move to fight the Hulk.

Marvel Universe vs. Avengers #4
Doom's "cure" was nothing but a way to control people and provide him with food, as everyone is infected with the rage virus. Hawkeye and Frank are the only ones left in the city, and Hawkeye wants revenge.

Success! For a moment anyway....

Thor was infected too, and came back, probably after destroying Asgard.

Scarlet Spider #13
Aracely's past looks to be explored this arc, and starts off with some threats.

Things don't go so well for Kaine, and the possibility is raised that Aracely might be a wolf like the others. At the very least she feels Kaine's pain thanks to her powers.

Superior Spider-Man #1

Spider-Ock is more upset that the Sinister Six isn't being run by him than anything else, but has work at Horizon and a date with Mary Jane later.

When Ock clawed Boomerang he planted a tracer on him, and has been listening in on them while on the date (and Ock is also drinking alcohol, which Peter doesn't do). This is where characters like Mary Jane and Max Modell look bad, since they should deduce there's something odd with Peter, at least in future issues. Anyways, Ock crashes the Sinister Six's attack at Horizon, and the big cliffhanger:

Peter is still in there somewhere, and not dead. Worth the hype of Peter dying and the new status quo, only to show up two weeks later?

Thor: God of Thunder #4

The God Butcher is kind of a jerk, not letting his henchmen put old Thor out of his misery, just teasing their prey.

Aaron seems to be starting to cross the time streams together, bringing present Thor into the future.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #13

Starscream is emasculated, Megatron is freed, and a big ol' yeahbuwha cliffhanger drops with a splash page:

The dead aren't dead, and Prowl seems to have turned on the Autobots, not a good sign.

Wolverine and the X-Men #23

Doop Knuckles, now you know it's serious.

This is the only page that had the Doop border on it, but it steals the page.

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btownlegend said...

The Doop border may be an early highlight for 2013.

maybetoby said...

Prowl has been borderline evil leading up to this, so it's not that surprising.

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