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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/16/13

The NOW! train keeps on rolling with today's Moment's of the Week, and it's not just Marvel on the track. Check out the penultimate chapter to Death of the Family in Batman, Savage Wolverine and Threshold debut, New Avengers explains why we should be scared, and the Hulk runs into his new best friend. Always more after the jump, so lets get started. 

All-New X-Men #6
Inflation is never brought up in time travel, this scene seems like it would be perfectly reasonable for anyone.

When you treat a kid like crap for something he hasn't done, this is actually some of the lightest rebelling you can do against a crazy Canadian who wants to kill you.

Batman #16

Joker has made the point that Batman is the king of Gotham, who better to be in his court than his most noted villains? The poor Arkham guards dressed up as the Justice League have to play out the Sword in the Stone, starting with Superman.

On top of this, Batman finds out his sidekicks have been taken out one by one, and the only way to stop all this madness is to listen to Joker:

To be continued. In the backup, we see Joker rehearsing his big plan, with something edible and disgusting yet to be revealed:

We haven't seen Alfred for a bit....

Batman & Robin #16

Damian wouldn't kill Batman, so Joker took care of it for him.

Never owe the Joker money. And Joker blood on your face, that's disgusting.

Bloodshot #7

This is a great jumping on point for the series if you've liked what you've seen so far, as it's a flashback issue to when Bloodshot first ran into the kids from issue #6. He thinks he's rescuing them but they're just be taken from one experimental place to another.

Poor kid. This is what made Kuretich leave and kidnap Bloodshot in the first issue and have him realize he's been a puppet all along.

Daredevil #22
Matt has money problems, and uses his not-Daredevil but Daredevil status to get free food. A hero's gotta eat.

Spider-Ock started off rough around Matt, but hid the big switch by the time the team-up against Stilt-Man was finished. Matt still finds the time to try and rebuild bridges but then a shock arrives:

Dun dun dunnnnnn

Indestructible Hulk #3

It's the AIM version of Voltron or the Power Rangers, using the dead bodies for muscle memory. Wait, what?

Never say how tough your robot is, because what usually happens is the Hulk will still break it, and you will look like a fool with lava killing you.

R.O.B. could be the H.E.R.B.I.E. of tomorrow, today! Don't be a hater, Banner.

New Avengers #2

Reed explains the crisis of the multiverse, and Captain America doesn't want to think about having to possibly destroy another earth should it appear again, and suggests using the Infinity Gems:

Saga #9

Lying Cat, best cat? In order to get the Will back on the hunt for Marko and Alana, Gwendolyn helps him free the Slave Girl from Sextillion, but of course problems arise.

Lance. A lot. Slave Girl is freed, and actually helps the two find out where Marko and Alana are.

Savage Wolverine #1

Wolverine is magically transported to a Savage Land island, where he comes across not only easily disposed of savages but Shanna the She-Devil, who has been on the island with some SHIELD agents for eight months.

It's a Savage Land version of the Island, no one is able to leave. Kind of a standard plot, but one thing this book does have is some nice panel layouts and a nice flow with how the story moves from page to page.

Threshold #1
The crux of Threshold is that there is an empire-wide reality show where The Hunted are chased by citizens who are looking to kill them, and the most recent "contestant" is Jediah, a disgraced Green Lantern whose ring is stuck to his chest. He's saved by Ember, but plays the lone wolf card. We also run into two others who have been on the run for a while:

Meanwhile the backup tale shows something diabolical happened to everyone's favorite Lantern:

Uh oh.

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maybetoby said...

Love how Joker's face is visibly decaying. God, I'm not sure I wanna know what's under that platter.

Anonymous said...

This stuff looks really cool!

But, do you think you could start putting X-factor in? I don't know if you read them or not, but some really cool stuff is going down lately.:)

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