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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/23/13

Welcome back to another edition of Moments of the Week, where moments big and small attempt to take the money right out of your pocket! Today sees the launch of Young Avengers and Uncanny X-Force, Green Lantern shows the limits of the ring (or does it?), Justice League goes to war, and X-O Manowar sees aliens arrive on earth to some punches. Much more after the jump so let's strike while the iron is hot.

Avengers #3

The new squad works well together, and seems to handle the situation better than the original six. Shang-Chi alone could probably take on everyone. But the big star is the new Captain Universe, who solves the problems despite the host seemingly being a few eggs short of a dozen.

Be nice to the universe and she will be nice to you.

FF #3
All Scott wanted to do was to get Darla back on the team since the Fantastic Four were lost in time, but the Yancy Street Gang doesn't like Thing imitators on top of just the regular Thing.

That is just some cool art from Allred, but the two find themselves in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Does Scott know what to do?

No, he does not. Doom also is the one who killed the F4 in the future, as he merged with Annihilus and Kang the Conqueror, for a triple threat of evil.

Green Lantern #16

Simon gets the option to go Renegade or Paragon, but the revelation he can do anything with the ring makes him want to bring his best friend (and wife's husband) out of a coma.

Mission success! As long as he doesn't try to bring a whole city back to life, Simon should be fine.

Justice League #16
 Pretty, pretty splash.

There we go, some scenes of Superman unleashed. Ocean Master is still able to take out Wonder Woman and Superman, so Cyborg initiates Plan B:

I don't know who Goldrush is, has she appeared in any DC books so far?

Uncanny Avengers #3
Cap told Havok he would be leader, but seems to forget that a bit. Red Skull, with Xavier's brain, is making all the humans mindlessly attack mutants. So on top of the S-Men, you also have crazy people run amok.

Don't be his friend, Thor!

Even Cap is feeling some of the brainwashing, but hiding it behind Havok's seemingly poor leadership. I think Cap just doesn't like Summers' in general.

And boom goes the dynamite.

Uncanny X-Force #1
Puck's found out about this drug used in the L.A. nightlife where it makes everyone feel connected, almost like a psychic link. And someone with mojo seems to be in charge of passing out the drug:

The book actually censors itself! Meanwhile, let's check in on Fantomex and his sister/clone Cluster:

Man, what?

Wolverine & the X-Men #24
Jean and Quentin, sitting in the psychic tree...

Poor Toad. Now you know how Storm got her new hairdo, with a kiss. Along with Storm and Wolverine, Kitty and Bobby also get in on the smooching, and Idie tries a kiss to bring Broo back:

When smart Broos go bad.

Wonder Woman #16

Milan's powers go as far as the furthest fly, and Zola's baby is found. But when a god-baby can catch on to what's happening, that's ominous.

X-O Manowar #9

The Vine arrive on Earth, only to find Aric ready to rumble. Another jumping on point for the Valiant books, this is a series that probably has the best fight scenes in the industry.

Young Avengers #1

Superior Spider-Man, Hulkling Spider-Man, spiders everywhere! Teddy is living with Billy right now since his mom died, and Billy tries to help out by using his magicks. Loki is right above his house, where Miss America is back to enforce her threat from the Point One issue:

That is a nice splash, especially the motion of Miss America trying to punt Loki away. What did Billy do?

Happy ending, right? If you want to keep this ending, don't look down. Really, don't look down.

Way to go Billy, first Children's Crusade and now your adopted parents look to be dead.

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Jarmir said...

If Thor didn't killed wolverine with that hit, it is going to make him look weak...I mean look at the explosion!
In a non "normal" universe version, he is dead for sure, lets see how wolverine comes back from that one (guess his adamantium skull helped cushion the hit)

Anonymous said...

^ How would there even be anything left of him but a skeleton?

maybetoby said...

Don't the Avengers remember what happened the last time that had a crazy member with the powers of a god (Scarlet Witch and Sentry)?

Never heard of Goldrush, must be a New 52 only character.

I loved Havok as a leader of X-Men and of Starjammers, so I'm really digging him as a leader of Avengers. Hope Cap can handle not being the leader.

I loved Orion pre-New 52, so I'm glad to see him here.

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