Saturday, February 2, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/30/13

It's Saturday, it's time for some Moments of the Week! Today sees Hyperion take center stage in Avengers, Mara shows off more powers, Batman Inc. and Batman & Robin Annual show Damian taking on the world, and Superior Spider-Man looks to hit the jackpot. More after the jump, so let's get started.

Aquaman #16

The reserves are called up to deal with the Atlanteans, and everyone is having some trouble with teamwork. Hawkman has a pretty good line there in the splash page.

Vulko, the mysterious Atlantean who just showed up a few issues ago, isn't as altruistic as he made himself out to be, orchestrating the fight between land and sea.

Avengers #4

It's mainly a Hyperion issue, as we see how he came to this world to begin with. And like we've seen in New Avengers, two earths come into orbit.

Thor just wants to hit something. The spore pods Nihilo and Abyss fired in the first issue have hatched:

It's a nice moment showing Hyperion warming up a bit from how cold he became on his Earth.

Batman & Robin Annual #1

Damian sent Bruce and Alfred on a global scavenger hunt to learn about his family history, thinking he would run into Damian in Europe. In reality, Damian stayed in Gotham to play Batman Jr.

I love that little touch of having to move the seat up. In the end Bruce and Damian have a nice moment where they all learn something, and Alfred tries his hand at acting one more time.

Ah, family. In the bat world things are always darker and grittier than they need be, and this was a nice change of pace issue.

Batman Inc. #7
Knight is dead, and it's a bummer. Meanwhile, Damian puts it together about who Talia's big henchman is:

 Damian vs. Damian!

Punk kids, you should still be able to slap them around a bit. If only a kid hero could show up while Batman is captured....

Alfred's a pretty smart dude.

Flash #16

That tank actually holds Iris and all the people who were stuck in the Speed Force a few months ago, so that throws a wrench into the idea of keeping Grodd in the Speed Force forever.

Hawkeye #7

Clint tried to help out his neighbor Grill and his father, but the house is flooded and Clint's car is washed away (why bro, why?). Meanwhile, Kate went to a wedding during the hurricane and went to get medicine for someone's mother, and runs into thieves:

Everyone can be an Avenger now!

Mara #2

The world is still wondering what happened with Mara at the last game, and is almost like Lance Armstrong witht he way people just don't want to believe she was a cheater, especially when it comes to sponsors. Meanwhile, Mara and Ingrid head to a volleyball training compound to help aspiring players, and Mara's powers show up again:

If someone is developing superpowers and is the worlds most popular athlete, don't throw mud at her during this discovery period, she could easily turn into Dr. Doom instead of Superman.

Superior Spider-Man #2
The Living Brain as a robot servant, this is brilliant, move over doombots. Doc Ock doing the troll face? Ock is still trying to connect with Mary Jane, and doing so the scientific way:

After these normal dates Ock takes MJ out web-swinging with him and she warms up a bit more, and then wannabe Vultures attack MJ and Ock saves her, leading to a moment of truth:

Kind of a weird moment, because earlier in the issue Peter was calling MJ his soulmate, but it almost feels a bit like MJ was Black Cat in this issue, being more attracted to Spider-Man than Peter.

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patrick said...

Loved how Damian had the coat and cape and then lost the cape during his last fight in the issue. Seeing as how we only see the coat in the future version of him it was a nice touch.

maybetoby said...

Those of us following Morrison throughout his bat-titles up to this point weren't that surprised by the Heretic's identity. Cannot wait to see what happens in the next issue. Only 5 more issues left!

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