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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/06/13

No matter where you turn, Moments of the Week wait, ready to strike! On tap for today is some big moments in New Avengers, Fearless Defenders brings together an odd couple, Green Arrow starts Jeff Lemire's run, Hellboy raises heck in hell, and Fairy Quest looks to spin a new tale on all the classic stories. Lots more after the jump, so let's webswing into action!

All-New X-Men #7

Mystique manipulates with the best of them, making past Cyclops look to take care of his future self and Wolverine's school. I think Past Cyclops should have realized something might not be true when you are talking to a lady who has a little skull on her head, she might be a baddy.

Something really weird about beating up the past self of your present boyfriend. Fifty push-ups it is then.

Avengers #5

Say hello to Isabel "Izzy" Dare, who found the old Smasher's glasses when he landed in Iowa during Grant Morrison's New X-Men run. The glasses are actually organic and kind of like a Green Lantern ring, making Izzy one of many Subguardians for the Shi'ar Empire.

 Super smash brothers?

Gladiator arrives so it's all over, with the rest of the A-list Superguardians, and Izzy is promoted to Superguardian status.

Fairy Quest #1
Fairy Quest shows that the characters you all know are acting when the story is told, and Red Riding Hood seems to continue to break the rules, leading to Mr. Grimm issuing citations. The rest in  Fablewood who tire of having to tell the same story over and over create a self-help group:

A way out? Too bad Grimm is making an example of someone with the help of a mole in the group:

It's an interesting take on the Fable world, and this is some lovely art from the pair of Humberto Ramos and Leonardo Olea that's worth the price of admission alone. 

Fearless Defenders #1

Stealing Asgardian trinkets that bring bones back to life, Misty's ready to fight with her new arm:

A fast paced debut issue with some good lines and pretty art, this might be the sleeper of the NOW! launches.

Green Arrow #17

Jeff Lemire starts his run by basically cleaning house, with Ollie's friends and business killed or destroyed, led by a mysterious archer named Komodo.

Some really nice art by Andrea Sorrentino. The issue feels a lot like the start of Green Arrow: Born Again.

Hellboy In Hell #3
Hellboy has family issues, fighting his brothers and uncle, and apparently has a sister who didn't show up. But a big Leviathan eats them up, yum yum. Then the big revelation shown from the last issue:

Looks like Hellboy did the deed, but has to work on that selective memory.

Mudman #6


Training with puns, brilliant! And of course Paul Grist throws in a staff.

New Avengers #3

Cap went and ruined his own plan, and the others, especially Namor, are not too happy about it. It did buy some time as it pushed the other Earth out of our universe, but that only lasts for so long. Although the ominous moments of the Watcher, Galactus, and Thanos probably shows what's in store for the Illuminati in the future.

Steve won't budge on the group having to protect their world first, and is silently kicked out of the group, leading to the beginning of Avengers #1 when Steve was having a bad dream.

Superior Spider-Man #3

Otto was basically trying to pay off his old ally instead of having to bring the pain, but the revelation of kid henchmen is too much for even Otto, and fisticuffs ensue. When they go airborne, Otto has a bright idea...

That's a very Scarlet Spider way to stop a villain, good job Otto.

Young Romance #1

Nightwing breaks up with a girl while fighting badguys, and runs into Ursa, a bodyguard who can hold her own. And poor Dick thinks he might have had a shot. Not very romantic for young romance! I just really dig this art from Sanford Greene, it's fluid and just a bit cartoony.

Faster than a speeding (love) bullet.

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