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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/13/13

A Valentine's shot from cupid Hawkeye or Green Arrow brings you today's Moments of the Week. Batman sees the end of Snyder's Joker arc, Uncanny X-Men relaunches, and Avengers Arena has a big change to a Runaway.  Much more after the jump so let's get started!

Avengers Arena #4

Well everyone is happy and full for a bit, and it looks like an alliance is formed...

Reptil isn't dead, but Hazmat and X-23 blame the attack on Chase, and in retaliation Nico's fruit tree is destroyed.Chase really can't get a break, can he?

Super gauntlet Darkhawk?

Batman #17

In the end the lovely meal Joker made was just of other innocent people's faces, everyone is fine in the bat-family. While the others are hit with a dose of Joker gas, Batman catches up to the Joker, which leads to the Joker getting a little freaked out:

Joker gets a science laugh in the end, but in all the whole event felt rather anticlimactic. The family does seem to keep their distance from Bruce, but that's an almost cyclical thing anyway.

Batman & Robin #17

It's not labeled as a Death of the Family tie-in, but B&R sees what the Wayne family thinks about when they dream, and they're mainly good dreams:

Pat Gleason can draw the Gotham phone book and it would look great. All this emphasis on Damian and Bruce finally showing a bonding of father and son, it makes all those rumors about Batman Inc. seem more ominous.

Bloodshot #8

One thing's for sure, the kids Bloodshot used to hunt (now known as Psiots) aren't scared of him anymore. Lovely splash from Manuel Garcia.

Bravest Warriors #5

Time for a flashback!

Ah, that makes a little bit more sense.

Bizarro Bravest Warriors, with swords!

Manhattan Projects #9

FDR AI gets disconnected permanently, and the group takes out all the other members of the Illuminati. Oppenheimer goes after Truman:

I guess there was no President Eisenhower in this world? Anyway, the MP gets a blank check to do what they want under the guise of being a part of the Space Program that JFK will announce. All the money, no barriers, it will definitely get crazier.

Scarlet Spider #14

Did you ever think you'd see a shark and a werewolf fight? While Aracely has the wolf duo distracted, Kaine is healing from the mauling he received by talking to the Spider within:

Looks like the unofficial sequel to the Other.

Uncanny X-Men #1

The new mutant's name should be Speedball! No wait, already taken. Anyways, the walking PR disaster known as Sentinels arrive, as always:

Maria Hill has been speaking with someone who is on the Uncanny team, looking to destroy it from the inside, that person is....

Scott killed Xavier, Magneto killed his wife before it was retconned to not be you, let's just call it a draw, shall we?

Wolverine & the X-Men #25

A game of hide and seek, Wolverine style. The class isn't the best at working together, cue a flashback to the school election:

 How can Quentin fight the man when he's now the man?


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patrick said...

i think people that are hating on Death of the Family don't see that Joker got the last laugh. Im sure Snyder will explore this more throughout his run. better than Killing Joke? hell no. but an amazing Joker story and Snyder is still on fire.

maybetoby said...

@ Patrick, I agree. I loved the ending, cuz it really was "the death of the family." Batman kept telling them throughout the story that he knows how the Joker thinks: he doesn't know who Batman is, he's just f***ing with their heads. But they let him get to them and now they're not as close as they used to be. And I love the last laugh.

Not unofficial sequel to the Other, but a continuation. They've been hinting since Kaine's return that he has a connection to the Other (back at the end of Grim Hunt and Spider Island). Fans that have been following Scarlet Spider have assumed this, now we finally get closure. Makes sense since Peter never used his "Other" powers, so they'd be passed to Kaine.

maybetoby said...

Also, I find it hard to believe that Magneto is now deciding to turn on Scott. He did break him out of prison, why not just leave him there? I think Maria is being played.

Radlum said...

So...Batman doesn't kill a guy who is willing to cut off innocent people faces (among many other creepy and cruel things he did in just 5 issues) just to teach him a lesson, because he fears something worse might come? Something worse than the Black Glove? Ra's? Dr Hurt? Darkseid? Right now, on Batman Inc, Bruce is fighting Talia, who is manipulating children and a clone of Bruce own son to fight him. How is it that Batman is afraid of Gotham giving him "something worse than the Joker"?

While I had my issues with this event, overall I liked it, but that bit of dialogue was too much for me. Just stop making the Joker so dangerous or think of better reasons for Batman not to kill him; the code thing and the "worse threat" stuff are not good excuses

maybetoby said...

@ Radlum, I agree. I liked Jason Todd's argument of just killing the Joker, not going nuts and killing everyone, just the Joker. Right now Batman's facing Leviathan, which is arguably worse than the Joker. And yeah, he broke his no guns rule for Darkseid in Final Crisis.

The real reason they can't kill the Joker is because he's one of the most (if not the most) popular Batman villains. That's why they almost always leave his fate ambiguous at the end, kinda like they did in Batman the Animated Series (blown up, dropped down smokestacks, fed to sharks, etc...).

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