Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/20/13

Welcome to a slightly late version of Moments of the Week, but it should be worth the wait. Today sees the launch of Nova and Justice League America, the Avengers meditate with the universe, and both Saga and Daredevil have truly sad moments. Always more, so always hit the jump!

Avengers #6


Say hello to Tamara Devoux, the new Captain Universe. As you can see, she's been out of commission for a few years and her daughter might still be alive. But the universe picked her because it's broken, just like she is.

That's Otto Spidey, and he's tearing through the Avengers with industrial grade jackassery, eating Cannoball's food and mocking an alien human.

Yep, it's a pretty big given the New Universe is going to be appearing during Hickman's run.

Daredevil #23

Matt was looking to cheer up Foggy with the revelation of cancer last issue, and promises to be there with him at the doctor the next morning. Until then, he has to deal with some criminals causing a ruckus who have their own radar senses:

Perfect panel layout by Chris Samnee, didn't even need those two words.

Indestructible Hulk #4

As creepy as it looks, this type of normalcy seems to be working wonders for keeping the Hulk in check. Until he has to go underseas in the Pacific to fight Attuma, that is:


Hulk smash puny pressure!

Justice League #17

Ocean Master just wants to be a good brother, is that so much to ask? Also looks like Ryan Choi/Atom is now a lady in the DCnU. Rachel Choi?

Sometimes being the king is tough on the family.

Justice League America #1
The US needs to have coutnermeasures against superpeople and their potential babies, so the JLA is formed to combat the JL in both the punching and the PR game. Let's have a roll call of some of the members:

 And last but not least, a green guy who didn't get along with the Justice League a few years back.


Nova #1
This is Jesse Alexander, former Nova Corps member, and his son Sam. We all saw Sam during AvX a while back, here's the story of how he got the helmet, at first thinking this was all the idea of a drunk father:

Someone never saw a talking raccoon before....

Saga #1

That's a time sucker, and can do a lot of damage to ships and anything else in it's path. As it just so happens, The Will just caught up to the family and Gwendolyn doesn't want to run away from something that was literally born inside a planet.


 That cat better be ok the next issue, or else.

Superior Spider-Man #4

That's your aunt, OttoPete, not your former fiance...

Move over Rodney Dangerfield, someone else is heading back to school!

Goblin vs. the Octopus, or maybe a Goblin team-up with Spider-Man???

Thor God of Thunder #5

Pretty, pretty art, and a consistent way to bridge past and present, as we see what Thor did to deserve to be the last god to die.

Wonder Woman #17

Orion should be glad Diana was too concerned with finding Zola's kid and let that slide. She still takes War on his offer to find the child, and they run into Hermes:


X-O Manowar #10

Aric gave the armor to Gafti to help heal him after being tortured, but that doesn't work out so well as Gafti lashes out with the armor:

Something about that panel of the guy surving the blast and then getting crushed by the thrown car, it's just a nice use of black humor. Gafti calms down and realizes their is still a fleet of Vine ships in orbit, and does what he needs to do:


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maybetoby said...

Octo-Spidey is an ass, Cannonball is a tool. I don't get the Nightmask reference, is that what you mean by New Universe?

Loved the Aquaman/Justice League crossover. I love how he's finally been getting some respect since his return at the end of Blackest Night.

Wonder what the deal is with the pentagram and Stargirl. You left out the scenes of Green Arrow being attacked. Since Professor Ivo is involved, I'm guessing were seeing Amazo-like androids.

So when exactly was Sam's father a Nova Corps member, before or after Annihilation. Or are they just sweeping all that stuff under the rug? Guess time will tell.

I always loved Orion, glad to see him in the New 52.

We also got some cool stuff in Action Comics, the Green Lantern titles, Nightwing, and Red Hood. These days it seems there's just too much stuff to list sometimes, but I'm pretty biased lol.

Mike-El said...

I was really against this whole "Spider-Otto" thing, but damn it the Dr. Horrible vibe is just too funny. I think I need to start picking it up.

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