Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cover of the Week - Batman Incorporated, Hawkeye & Shadowman

It's time once again for our ever revered Covers of the Week!  This time around, we've got some wild children, the eye of of the storm, and a rather shadowy fight.  So hit the jump to check these out, along with our honourable mentions!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Batman Inc. #7 by Chris Burnham

Ken: You start your eyes off at the logo, and you see Batman's cowl on a spike. Oh, that's no big deal, that's just symbolism. Then you see the other items of the bat-family, and you wonder what's going on, and then you see all the crazy kids at the bottom, many of who don't even have all their permanent teeth in, and you just get a big WTF moment, without having to announce it months prior. The girl lighting her torch is a pyromaniac in waiting.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Hawkeye #7 by David Aja

Grant: I'd lost track of when Matt Fraction's Hurricane Sandy issue of Hawkeye was coming out, but David Aja's cover reminded me in a big way.  His regular design aesthetics are on full display here as he effortlessly tells the story of the comic with a stylized hurricane, mixed-up logo, and the black-white duality , all above the New York skyline.  Stunning.

Adrian's Cover of the Week - Shadowman #4 by Patrick Zircher

Adrian: There are a few different things that I love about this cover, the first being the colours. I love how the orange background and the blue of the zombie/spirit arms are contrasted against each other. I really like the angle that we are looking at it from, implying that we may be within the mass of evil. Finally you just know that this is an awesome fight scene just waiting to happen. Battle on!

Runner-Ups:  Mara #2, Emily & the Stranger #1, High Crimes #1

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