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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/27/13

March is already upon us, but we have one more February Moments of the Week to catch up with! This week saw some sad times in Batman Inc., Transformers lays out the big plan like any good villain, Uncanny Avengers hints at a 90's revival, and Hawkeye acts really, really dumb. All that and much more after the jump, so let's get started.

Avengers Arena #5

A flashback, as Kid Briton is Captain Britain from from another world, and is just an incredibly cocky jerk to bolster his powers, who even cheats on his girlfriend Katy and bullied Anachronism before his powers developed. Return to the present, where Bloodstone and Anachronism had just fallen into a river.

Kid Briton had full health before that scary realization. What this does point to is that Katy might not be so innocent and kind hearted as she seems, especially with her ability to persuade people, and maybe even control them without knowing, like a certain killing machine.

Batman Inc. #8

 Dick and Damian were the best dynamic duo.

Infinite sadness. This is comics so Damian could show up in two issues, but it also seems like DC is letting Morrison kill his character off and not looking to interfere with that. Fly to the big batcave in the sky, little robin.

Flash #17

Mammoth beats Gorilla, and Tank beats physics. Barry pulls everyone back and is able to get back to work, the Gorillas as defeated, time to rest, right?

DCnU Reverse Flash, who is more than likely Elias. Kirby Krackle, nice. Take that yellow suit!

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

This was mainly a story of Star-Lord's origin, but here is the part that pushes us towards GotG #1. Hopefully that's non-alcoholic space beverage Tony is drinking.

Hawkeye #8
Kate has the right idea, as Clint is basically the heavy to beat up Tracksuit Vampires at their strip club while Penny gets the safe back that has something important in it.

Dumb dumb dumb.

Super dumb. And on top of all this the Tracksuits are now allowed to go ahead and kill Clint by the Kingpin and all the other crime families.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #14

This is the issue where all is laid out since the first issue, and it really works well, especially in this day and age where you can't even get a year's worth of foreshadowing without it being thrown out the window. Megatron helps push the crazy from afar, Decepticons inside Cybertron helped create unrest, and Prowl hasn't been himself since early in the series:

On top of that Prowl is now forced to be a part of the Constructicons when they form Devastator. Who can save Cybertron now?

Everyone who seemed crazy earlier look to have their head on straight now, and it's time for some revenge. Go, Ironhide, go.

Uncanny Avengers #4

 Always like a good shield joke.

Hmmm, so people under the control of a bigger power, making them act irrational and out of character, yet they are forgiven here. Surely Alex doesn't know someone like that who he dismissed earlier in the series....

But the big reveal is what is foreshadowed to come three months from now:

With a brain or without, Xavier always makes an Onslaught. Red Skull Onslaught is a nice touch.

Uncanny X-Force #2
Betsy takes on the thugs Spiral sent after her, while Storm and Puck go after the six armed ninja:

Wrong Canadian for the Fastball Special.

Uncanny X-Men #2

Emma apologizes to Scott for what she did during AvX, but they haven't gotten back together. Yet. Meanwhile, we see just how well Scott's school stacks up to Logan's: 

Magneto's quest for revenge starts, as he hates Cyclops so much that even a simple family visit in a peaceful neighborhood is going to be ruined.

What is it about Avengers always attacking mutants from the skies in recent months?

Young Avengers #2

Teddy and Billy realize something isn't right, and even try to get the Avengers to help out:

Everyone seems to be under some kind of spell that makes them believe everything is just fine. And now to a prison that only works in comics:

Excellent page layouts, that's how you get a lot out of very little.

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maybetoby said...

Dick and Damian truly were the greatest Dynamic Duo. Dick and Damian just had this natural chemistry that's been missing from the father-son pairing. I've been following Morrison's entire Batman run, it's really sad to see the lil badass go.

Was very happy to see that Prowl hadn't turned completely evil. Really enjoyed all the explanation, looking forward to the day being saved by Ironhide, Superion, and the Dinobots.

Red Skull Onslaught is the logical progression since he stole Xavier's brain.

Anonymous said...

Emma's voice still isn't right. "Yeah"???? Affected Private School Headmistresses don't say "yeah".

btownlegend said...

Morrison reminded us of the glory of the Bat titles before the new 52...The whole world of Batmen and the combo of Dick and Damian was darn good comics. Miss it.

btownlegend said...

Morrison reminded us of the glory of the Bat titles before the new 52...The whole world of Batmen and the combo of Dick and Damian was darn good comics. Miss it.

patrick said...

Well said. Damian will definitely be missed!

maybetoby said...

I'm glad that Batman Inc was largely unaffected by the New 52 (except for a few cosmetic changes).

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