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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/06/13

Welcome again to another edition of Moments of the Week! Today sees foreshadowing galore, from All-New X-Men to Avengers to Hellboy, Mara gets an offer she can't refuse, and Atomic Robo returns with a digital-only story that will make you wish you remembered names. Much more after the jump, so let's get started!

All-New X-Men #8

That's one way to stop Cap from lecturing you. All this started because the Warrens helped stop an attack at Avengers Tower, but seeing his future self has made Warren want to bail on the present.

Telepaths are always trouble, and with her new hairstyle, that's even more ominous. At least she didn't use Jean's Hellfire Club hairstyle.

Animal Man #18

The long, long Rot story draws to a close, raising more questions than answers, as the Rot monsters chasing Buddy's family travellers? Wait, there's more:

First Damian, now Cliff. Sons are not allowed at DC at the moment. The worst thing is that this just doesn't phase me at all with any emotional pull, it's just kind of......there. Anyone else feel the same?

Atomic Robo Two Fist Tales: Along Came A Tyrantula

Tyrantula! If you read those AvX Infinite issues, this digital only comic is in the same vein, where it's a guided view that adds panels and dialogue as you click ahead.

Robo should have a rolodex, or rather Robodex. This is a fantastic one-shot that gives you lots of "pages" for only 2 bucks, definitely give it a shot if you are a regular Comixology user.

Avengers #7

Just random pages, you might ask? Believe in Hickman, it will all make sense:

The sole survivor of the white event arriving at a college, this person was in those first three pages: he was the guy walking in the foreground in teh second panel, the guy who had his books knocked to the ground, and was the cafeteria worker who handed the chicken sandwich to the student. Excellent teasing by Hickman to deliver a good twist.

Detective Comics #18

A small moment just to show the first issue dealing with Damian's death.

Fairy Quest #2

Peter Pan trusted Red Riding Hood, but Tinkerbell works for Mr. Grimm and led the duo into a trap. They escape and push further into the stories in search of Realville:

Hansel and Gretel, spoiled kids. A nice reversal from the original story.

A fun series that looks to explore more of the fairy tales in the future, keep an eye out for it.

Green Lantern #18

That's why Simon carries a gun. Although Sinestro isn't dead because they're already in a dead world.

The ancient Guardians and Simon's partner are trying to pull him back to the living world, and Hal or Sinestro have a chance to go with him. Only one though:

With Sinestro returned, Hal's only choice is to use a Black Lantern ring.

Hellboy In Hell #4

Hellboy did kill Satan, and hell is essentially vacant when it comes to the big demons. Edward Grey worked the paranormal investigations for the Queen of England, and his story parallels Hellboy's, in a different way:

Grey is able to get the monster back to Hell...

Grey ultimately tells Hellboy he has a chance to start a new life in hell, maybe to give it a chance to not be so bad?

Hellboy takes it easy, until the next story, at least. A very nicely paced, pretty story, essentially setting up for the next story for Hellboy, as Grey foreshadows more things for him down the line.

Mara #3
Mara's contracts were all cancelled, and her girlfriend was avoiding her. All this makes Mara have a pretty big breakdown, damaging her apartment and jumping up to the roof:

An assassin's bullet doesn't hurt Mara at this point, and tries to explain to the world that she seems to be different than everyone else. This finally gets the eyes of a new "sponsor"

Interesting twist, definitely made me take interest. It's like Michael Jordan becoming Superman and working for the US Government.

Superior Spider-Man #5

Otto and Anna, one true pair? And all the Italian food Ock could eat! After a nice dinner, the story shifts to dealing with Massacre, only this time Otto takes it as far as he can:

I don't think that will be a fake out, and might also be the reason Spider-Man is kicked off the Avengers.

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K3M15A said...

I did not think the avengers pages were a misdirection or random, i actually thought they were depicting the people would become the Justice, Cipher, Spitfire etc.

I guess it shows how much we tend to ignore while reading comics. I suppose i should treat all books like i do when reading an alan moore comic.

Infomatic said...

What's the age-appropriate level for Fairy Quest, do you think?

Ken Boehm said...

I would say 10 and up? It's got darker elements to it and there's a scene with Captain Hook that might be too dark (think Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty), but it's never bloody and I think at that 9 to 10 range a kid would know the stories enough to know why they're acting and how different they are when no one is telling their stories.

maybetoby said...

The Avengers panels were playing to what Tony was talking about, a kid who's been ignored his entire life. The readers didn't even notice him.

What, no Age of Ultron moments? Spidey felt like Peter and not Otto in this one. I'm guessing Bendis didn't know about Otto when he first conceived this story. I'm sure it's meant to be Otto in this story, it just doesn't sound like him.

Superman closed out H'el on Earth.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye saw the return of Overlord and more revelations about Chromedome.

Worlds' Finest also dealt with Huntress' reaction to Damian's death. She almost got caught by Batman in the process.

Radlum said...

So Otto killed Massacre...I must admit that if they allow Otto to kill more minor villains like him and give him a new romantic interest I can get used to him as the new Spider-Man. Also, the smarter approach to being a super hero he brings is great.

Anonymous said...

Um... hi? I've been reading stuff on this for on and off for... I can't reember how long, but it was the month Satana joined the T-bolts.

And I gotta say that this site is just amazing dude! Thanks to this site I know weather the books I'm intrestead in are gonna be good or suck.

Since my computer won't let me make use ANY of the options you've got in the comment section, I'll put Red x-17 in my stuff.

And after 4 months of being away from the net, I'm back baby!

Sorry, I'm just a noob and really excited to do this. Loved this weeks stuff.:)

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