Saturday, March 16, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/13/13

Move over SXSW, it's time for MOTW! That's right, another installment of Moments of the Week, and this week has Batman dealing with some pretty personal issues, Buddy Cops looks to make your day a little brighter, Manhattan Projects explores the mind, and the new Wolverine series debuts. Much more after the jump, so get to clicking.

Age of Ultron #2

The first issue was all about rescuing Peter (not Ock) from some street level villains, and showing just how messed up the world is. This issue shows that whatever happened to make Ultron take over happened incredibly quickly. Not only is New York destroyed, but San Francisco is also a mess. Next issue a plan will be hatched.

Avengers Arena #6

The Braddock Academy kids are a house divided, as Anachronism and Bloodstone team up with Nara after realizing Katy is playing the game for real. And as seen last issue, Kid Briton's health is down, which means he's also got confidence issues.

Didn't see that one coming, thought KB would stick around longer.

Batman #18

Harper's been following Batman's trail of mob destruction for the week following Damian's death, and is looking to help him out. Batman might disagree:

One Punch!

By issue's end Bruce apologizes, and it's a foregone conclusion Harper is going to be the next bat-apprentice (as confirmed by DC solicits).

Batman & Robin #18

An issue without words (except for that letter) showing Bruce having to patrol without Damian, and it is the best art Patrick Gleason has ever drawn. Art doesn't really make me go "wow" but in this case, it did. This is the template for how you do an "aftermath" death issue. I don't think even JH Williams III could pull off how well this issue was presented.

Bloodshot #9

Melissa was a good kid, but this act of standing up to the evil Gamma makes the kids no longer feel scared of her, cutting off her power supply:

Bloodshot loses Melissa, but gains the psiots who now realize Bloodshot is on their side. Now the book joins the Harbinger Wars crossover.

Buddy Cops #1

One is an android who plays by the book, the other is a space cop who makes frat guys look like the chess team, together they fight crime! It's nothing but humor in the book, and you get three fun stories, give it a shot, bro, and it will be totally Fergilicious (no really, it's a good book).

Fantastic Four #5

Caesar wasn't really Caesar, just a near immortal time traveling alien who liked Shakespeare. This is why time traveling is bad, butterflies everywhere!

Caesar isn't killed, and is actually still alive to the present, where we're going to see a bit more from him in the future (and possibly FF too).

Manhattan Projects #10

As established in the first issue, Robert Oppenheimer was killed by his twin brother, and his soul now exists inside him. This is his story of having to deal with infinite Oppenheimers. It's even crazier than previously thought.

Bloods and Crips, Halo, now it's Manhattan Projects.

Uncanny X-Men #3

There's a lot more to this fight than I can post, but the gist is Cyclops didn't want to fight at all, and was ready to teleport away, but Hawkeye was Hawkeye. If you were disappointed with how badly the two sides fought in Avengers vs. X-Men #1, this is a much better attempt at a balanced argument. After the X-Men head back to the school, Magneto lets them know he was the one who called the Avengers:

I really don't know if Magneto is being honest here or cotninuing to triple cross Cyclops, and it's good that you don't know Magneto's real side yet.

Wolverine #1

Because Wolverine was only in four titles, here's one more! It starts with Wolverine having to kill a father who seemed to be controlled by an alien gun into shooting up a coffee shop, who was even willing to kill his own son.

I love that last panel. Now Wolverine has to track down a kid with an alien weapon.

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