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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/20/13

The third week of the month always seems to be the apex of the comic wave, so this is going to be a super sized version of Moments of the Week. On tap is Avengers times two, a Justice League double dose, a BKV double shot with Saga and his new digital comic The Private Eye, Daredevil goes rock climbing, Constantine relaunches, and so much more to keep your eyes occupied. Hit the jump to see what happened this week in comics.

Action Comics #18

Morrison's last issue wraps ups the 5th dimension stuff in a way I can't really snip together without making it feel like you missed something, so here is Superman doing what he always does, getting everyone to believe in him and always going above and beyond.

Nice page to end Morrison's run on, although I'm sure these 18 issues will make a lot more sense when read all at once.

Adventure Time #14

Take that, computer virus! But Kewlboy won't stay down, meaning a much more drastic action:

Through the pores? That'll be like pushing play-doh through the spaghetti template.

All New X-Men #9

Cat's out of the bag, and Jean is getting more ominous with her telepathy. This is why Xavier put a block on it for so long. Speaking of Mystique....

Lady Mastermind, the Hellfire kids, and a Jean having trouble controlling her new powers. This won't end well.

Avengers #8

Kevin Connor, the new Starbrand, and doesn't even know his limitations, if he has any. The Avengers really don't give him a chance to adjust to what happened, and then attempt to subdue him:

And with that, commence the usual fight that Kevin really didn't want. Meanwhile Carol recovers Hulk from orbit:

Not a fastball special, NASAball special perhaps?

Constantine #1
The first issue of the new DCnU Constantine series, which starts with John and his friend Chris heading to an ice hotel in Norway to find Croydon's Compass before others can:

Even in an ice hotel, that is incredibly cold move for even an anti-hero.

Daredevil #24

Of all of Matt's more recent love interests, Waid is doing a good job of making Kirsten not overpower and sort of hog the page time. Plus you have Matt being a fool on the rocks, which is just fun. We then turn back to another attempt to replicate Matt's radar sense, only on man's best friends.

They have Ke$ha's music for a fire alarm? I kid, I kid. All we know about this man who is experimenting to recreate the radar sense is that he seems to be in modified iron lung that covers his whole body.

Indestructible Hulk #5

From space to the ocean depths, Hulk sure does have a way with the ladies. Bruce uses that as a way to make an instant transformation:

Like a garbage bag that won't tear, Hulk just works around it. The day is saved, Mara celebrates:

Justice League #18

A JL meet and greet, where we also see the first appearance of one of the Metal Men. Goldrush seems more like the name for someone operating out of California than Texas. Anyways, Platinum freaks out a bit without Will Magnus there and everyone in attendance tries to stop her:

No Ryan Choi, or female Choi, but rather a brand new character. It seems that the League settles on Firestorm, Element Woman, and Atom for their new members as they can be more full-time members than the others.

Justice League America #2

This was a scene Johns originally intended Hawkman to use when he was to join the Justice League, back when the DCnU just started. While the others get ready for the Press meeting, Catwoman has to stay in the shadows until her record is wiped clean:

Lovestruck heroes, rejected and finding comfort in one another's arms?

New Avengers #4

Big ideas, this is what the smartest people in the Marvel Universe should be doing.

Strange's dipping into the more dark magics in order to protect the Earth, that won't end well. Another earth appears, this time above the Statue of Liberty:

That is the Galaktus of the other earth (with a k instead of a c), looking to destroy that earth to save his universe. Really the best Marvel book at the moment.

The Private Eye #1

Welcome to Private Eye, the new series by Brian. K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin, taking place in a world sixty years in the future where everyone wears masks to hide their true identity.

Nyms are the things used to make a person anonymous, from masks to holograms. How did the world get to this place? Let's talk to an old guy:

See that? No clouds, no problem. This is a book that is a little heavy on some pop culture references in more of a "hey look at this band/book" as opposed to really being necessary, yet the idea is novel, the art is great and there's a lot of promise in the story and going from one extreme of social accessibility to the other. If you like Saga or Manhattan Projects, this is right up your alley. For 29 pages of story, you can pay whatever you'd like for the issue at their official website right here.

Saga #11

Lying Cat's alive!

Superior Spider-Man #6

Spider-Ock getting revenge for the little lady he has a soft spot for, it's the nice kind of senseless violence. Ock left the university to go take care of Screwball and Jester at the request of JJJ, who was both pants'd and hit with a pie in the face earlier:

You don't hit guys in the junk, especially when it's another dude who did the shot. Ock goes into full on pissed off mode:

The Avengers were willing to give Spider-Man a pass for killing Massacre, as no one there could say they haven't killed anyone, but this instance of violence is what is going to make Spidey get fired from the Avengers.

Wonder Woman #18

She crippled Hermes is what she did, all the while War takes Zola's baby from Demeter. Diana and Orion think he took the child for his own to raise, thinking Diana was foolish for partnering with him. Surprise surprise....

Happy ending?

X-O Manowar #11

The origin of Aric's armor, as told by members of the Vine on their home planet. Funny thing is at that time Aric just arrives ready to get vengeance for their fleet attempting to destroy earth:

It's like Independence Day in reverse. Go Aric, go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to point out that in that scene with Doc Strange in New Avengers, that light on his palm is the warning device Reed installed in the previous issue, not an Infinity Gem.

Ken Boehm said...

you're absolutely right Anonymous, my mistake. There was a mention of time right before that and I thought it was Hickman making Strange's plan seem even darker.

maybetoby said...

I usually love Morrison's wackiness, even in Final Crisis, but this issue of Action Comics definitely made my head hurt. Gotta go back and re-read everything.

Avengers have been making themselves look bad starting fights with Uncanny X-Men and now Starbrand. They're gonna turn that kid into a supervillain.

I always enjoy issues where the League decides on new members and you have a bunch of different heroes in the same room. But the fight with Platinum felt forced and probably wasn't really needed.

Like I said last time, that "Superman," "Batman," and "Wonder Woman" are definitely Amazos. Also, how could Professor Ivo appear in the beginning of the first issue (which takes place at the end of Justice League #6). He was captured by Parademons in Justice League #3, unless the Secret Society saved him somehow.

Avengers really need to knock it off with the "holier than thou" attitude. Wolverine really isn't one to talk, he's severed limbs for less.

Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws both had good "Requiem" moments this week.

Sonic Universe #50 had the demise of one of my favorite characters, that was sad.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #15 had the return of Overlord, couple of characters died.

X-Termination also began this week. That's the crossover between Age of Apocalypse, Astonishing X-Men, and X-Treme X-Men.

Anonymous said...

Awesome week as usually.:)

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