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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/27/13

When you weren't looking, Peter Cottontail hopped down the Moments of the Week trail and brought with him some candy coated moments. I hope everyone has a good Easter Weekend, so let's check out Jonathan Hickman's new series East of West, Time Warp drops some time travel bombs like the Gap Band, Uncanny Avengers debuts the new team with a speech that has caused ripples online, and Guardians of the Galaxy officially starts. Hop to the jump to get started.

Age of Ultron #3
On top of the idea for offering one of their own to get inside Ultron's base (Luke Cage will take She-Hulk as the bait), there's some heavy foreshadowing about this being at Hank Pym's feet, the kind of foreshadowing that showed up in future solicits for the series. Meanwhile in Chicago, Red Hulk, Taskmaster, and Black Panther are trying to retrieve an Ultron head to study it:

It's always the otherworld tales where the heroes die the way they should have hundred of battles before, breaking their neck in a crash or explosion:

Not Ultron, but Ultron's kid.

Batman Inc. #9

Everyone knows about Damian dying, but Knight also died, which was a shame. But it looks like this would be the first legacy hero of the DCnU since Dick went back to being Nightwing? Who knows at this point.

Bruce is on the verge of a breakdown, surely a cow would help ease his pain?


East of West #1

The USA is very different than what we know, with multiple countries, the Union and Confederacy never rejoined, Texas is its own country, and the West Coast is where Mao Zedong established his communist country. Flash forward to the year 2064, where cowboys are common, but ride robot horses instead of the organic kind. A cowboy and two indians walk into a bar on the frontier....

This man in white looks to be the protagonist, and remembers the bar keep from a past event. He's heading to the White Tower, which is the White House of The Union. Meanwhile, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have been reborn, and start their usual destruction:

Only three? Hmmm, let's see what happens with the cowboy....

And now it clicks into place. The three horsemen agree that before they destroy the world they have to kill Death, who seemed to escape being reborn with them.

A map for you to get your bearings on this reformed continent. This is a very strong first issue, questions are answered in the issue without drawing them out, Nick Dragotta's art is even better than his FF work, and you get 30+ pages of story. This is going to be the next Saga, get in on the ground floor.

Flash #18

Hey, the more help the merrier, right? The Flash Family always was a big one....

Not cool, Barry, not cool at all.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

The Earth is either a prison planet for the galaxy, too powerful for it's own good, not good enough, and now we're off limits. Of course people are going to attack us. Tony was flying in Earth's orbit when the Badoon attack, and the Guardians arrive:

Not even in the running for Father of the Year.

Time Warp #1

Vertigo's one-shot of nine sci-fi stories, I've picked a few pages to showcase. The first by Peter Milligan and M.K. Perker shows what happens when a man tries to contact his love on the other side, but it's not what it seems.

This is Matt Kindt's story, which I thought was the best of the issue. The most civilized way to fight for resources, just have a one on one fight with the most advanced technology. Really good story, lots of techno battle babble, and a nice ending.

Dan Abnett and Inj Culbard tell the tale of time police who have to have protection duty for events that have to happen. They aren't the only ones who have to play cleanup, as conspiracy theories and inconsistencies are all the result of having to fix these mistakes.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #15

Well there you go, problem solved, Arcee is a self-controlled psychopath, Prowl is free of mind control, and the Autobots win, right?

Superion gets a bum deal in this series, going crazy and now being ripped apart.

Uncanny Avengers #5

I totally get what Remender was trying to do in this speech, but to focus on the word "mutant," not "mutie" or "gene freak" or what have you just seems like the wrong thing to tackle. Maybe if the focus was on the idea of mutants not being homo superior that would have been a better starting point. The speech gets interrupted by Grim Reaper, who has a scythe to pick with Wanda and Simon:

Well he just said he can't die, so maybe he's just really, really unconscious?

Uncanny X-Force #3

Spiral got her golden-egg laying goose and bailed, could have seen that coming. Betsy takes a psychic stab into Bishop's mind and finds things are really out of order, with some guest art by Runaways penciller Adrian Alphona:

Young Avengers #3

There she is, Miss America....
After buying the group some time, Loki teleports the group to MJ's club in New York, where we get an explanation for what is happening:

Compelling argument, right?

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maybetoby said...

I don't understand if Vision is the one behind all of this, or is he just working for Ultron. I honestly thought it was pretty dumb when Vision returned without explanation and everyone was just like "yay, Vision's back!"

Glad they finally showed Dark Ranger and Nightrunner again in Batman Inc.

Not really digging this Guardians reboot...

Love how Prowl's internal monologue is the same one he had before he got controlled by Bombshell back in RID #4.

Anonymous said...

I checked out Guardians #1, as someone who's never read the series, and my first thought was: Brash, brilliant kid in a bar talking to a beautiful woman and then being told to do bigger things? Wasn't this Star Trek? It wasn't bad, though. The characters were fun and the action was there.

Age of Ultron #3 had me torn, because it felt like the pace slowed down just as the actual plot moved forward.

East of west #1 was amazing! The art is gorgeous, the story is intriguing and the dialogue is kicking some butt. I really hope that they fill up the world that they've sketched out because I'm definitely onboard.

Anonymous said...

This week was amazing man!

And since some other dudes have mentioned something about X-Factor, i decided to check it out. They weren't jokin', that's some pretty cool stuff going on right now!:)

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