Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cover of the Week - Fearless Defenders and Batman

Welcome to our fine and dandy Covers of the Week.  We've some special wrappings for you this week, including some action figures and some brand new kicks.  This column is made for viewing, so hit the jump to check these out, along with our honourable mentions.

Ken's Cover of the Week Fearless Defenders #2 by Mark Brooks

Ken: When it comes to original covers, this wins for the year. The detail is spot on, and the coloring that allows for the plastic over the action figure of Dani really makes this look like it'real box art. It hits the nostalgia box as well as the wow factor, I'd like to see this tried for other books in the future, maybe get rid of floating head covers for the near future.  

Grant's Cover of the Week - Batman #18 by Greg Capullo

Grant: Is it a little hokey?  Maybe.  Is it a little on the nose.  Almost certainly yes.  But that doesn't stop this cover from communicating what this book is all about in a ridiculously succinct manner.  The symbolism is by no means subtle, but it's effective as all get out.  We have a bird and a pair of shoes, but we know exactly what they mean.  Robin's boots are empty and it seems as if there will never be anyone suitable to fill them.

Runner-Ups:  Ultimate Comics X-Men #24, Thunderbolts #6, Hoax Hunters #8

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