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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/03/13

Welcome to April, where Moments of the Week are in full bloom! Today sees Andy Diggle's first and last issue writing Action Comics, Kieron Gillen shows how Uber is bad for alles, All-New X-Men sees a visit from the prodigal son, and Harbinger Wars starts up. Much more after the jump, so let's get started. 

Action Comics #19

Dateline: a year ago (before Superman #1), in Qurac, Superman destroys some high tech robots that seemed to be provided by Lex Luthor, naturally:

That's not a socipath, that's insanity, expecting a different result from the same thing. I take it Luthor never saw Analyze This. Still a year back, Luthor's magic plan with Superman is revealed:

Whatever he did, it seemed to be fixed by the time we saw the reboot two years ago. And that's it for Diggle writing the book, what a run! It seems Tony Daniel will take the script and write and draw the next two issues, and then it seems to be Scott Lobdell filling in for the time being.

Age of Ultron #4

So Ultron is still in control, he's just using his progeny to do his dirty work. On top of She-Hulk being killed Luke Cage was nuked trying to escape.

Well that was a bit excessive. Everyone leaves their respective cities and head to the Savage Land, where it seems Fury had a plan, which is what has been hinted at in previous issues:

Marvel is really in a time-travel kick at the moment, like below!

All-New X-Men #10

How nice it is to see Cyclops drop some knowledge on Beast and Wolverine, who are always walking around all high and mighty. Young Scott takes old Scott's advice and asks Hank about Tony Stark:

Scott's team returns to pick up anyone who wanted to leave, and a cliffhanger for the next issue:

It could either be Jean looking to be a mole, Warren because he just doesn't want to be there, Hank because he doesn't like his future self lying, or even Bobby because......something. I want to say it's Warren, but Jean might be the real twist.

Green Lantern #19

Well that's a cheap way to win a fight. It really feels like Green Lantern has been spinning the same wheels since Blackest Night, here's another planet destroyed.

Harbinger Wars #1

Trying to tie three different books together, the issue starts out with the Psiots and what Project Rising Spirit is doing, continuing experiments that would lead to Bloodshot cleaning them up. We move over to the Harbinger part of the book, with Peter getting premonitions from some older Psiots:

So at the beginning you have Peter and Harada still on their separate ends trying to either rescue or capture the children, with Bloodshot breaking the children free in his own book being a plan of Harada:

And there we go, the wrench in the conflict. If you're only reading one of the Valiant books (outside of X-O Manowar and Shadowman), this does a good job getting you up to speed on the overall world goal, and you have three really strong artists to help out with each portion. I was a little weary of a crossover so soon in the universe, but it seems to be on the right track.

Indestructible Hulk #6

Banner is going on a glorified field trip to find more Asgardian metals to help further technology on earth, but accidentally went back in time and ran into ye old Thor. Of course there will be obligatory frost giants to smash:

Hammer time?

Knuckleheads #1

Monkeybrain's newest digital comic, this was originally a self published one-shot back in 2010. But the creative team brought it back to expand on the story. It's lighthearted, more realistic than other "average joe gets powers" stories, and is only a buck. Give it a shot, I think it will win you over.

Superior Spider-Man #7

Cardiac was trying to steal the technology to help a dying girl, but Otto only sees people trying to take his work for their own. Peter's ghost dad influence is really increasing this issue, to where it is actually stopping Otto from caving Cardiac's head in. He then gets an intervention dropped on him by the Avengers:

Totally fired.

Thanos Rising #1

Thanos' origin in full, and having your mom try and kill you isn't the best way for your life to start. Thanos gets along well enough in school, being the smartest kid and also the most interesting on account of not looking like the others.

 Thanos is able to get out of the cav in, but runs across some lizard friends doing a bad thing:

The issue does a good job showing how Thanos might not have been evil from the start, but his presence does bring out a lot of darkness in the world around him.

Uber #0
The last days of April 1945, two weeks before VE Day would actually occur in our world, Germany is looking to humans as being the ultimate weapon to stop the Soviets from taking Berlin. An issue that mostly sets up the various people, including a few of the first Ubermensch:

The blonde is Doctor Bergen, who is more than others the protagonist of the issue, she does the work but hates herself for it, knowing it's going to destroy the world. After buildup, the Ubermensch defend Berlin from the Soviets to the tune of 3 soldiers vs. 1 million:

A very, very fascinating tale, which is described best in the issue itself as no one really winning, "we can just ensure everyone loses." A lot of story, a lot of blood, and a real sense of showing just how powerful a Superman in the wrong hands could be. The only downside is that the book isn't available digitally, so you'll have to check out your local comic shop. I highly recommend the book, it pulls you in and sobers you up at the same time.

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maybetoby said...

Well at least Vision isn't in control of himself.

I do love it when Cyclops one-ups Beast and Wolverine. Wolverine even gave Colossus the "it wasn't you, you weren't in control of yourself" speech, but continues to blame Cyclops. Either they're all responsible, or none of them are. He can't have it both ways.

I'm looking forward to Otto fighting the Avengers.

Batwing sees David leave the mantle behind, and Bruce scouts the son of Lucius Fox to take his place.

Detective Comics hit 900, sorta...

Sonic the Hedgehog sees the reveal of the Freedom Fighter traitor, but it wasn't really a surprise. Next up, the Sonic/Mega Man crossover!

Stormwatch saw a new team with a story that made my head hurt.

Worlds Finest revealed that Desaad was the one impersonating Michael Holt.

Ken Boehm said...

I wanted to post some Detective Comics stuff but it felt more like it had nothing to really do with Batman, just all these other villains/characters. And then it had about 15 pinups, it wasn't the anniversary issue it could have been.

cubic_balloon said...

Thanks a lot for the panels form "Uber", it feels a little like "Supergod", in a ominous way.

I'm a bit surprised that there are no panels from Glory #34.

Randallw said...

I got Uber because I was interested in a WW2 comic with superpowers, but I was taken aback a bit by all the excessive violence and adult content. I'll still keep getting it, but I'll feel a bit guilty.

maybetoby said...

Ken, I agree with you on Detective. It felt off for a milestone issue.

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