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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/10/13

Everybody doing well? Everything going ok? I'm just going to take the answer in the affirmative and make your week even better with the newest Moments of the Week. This week saw the reveal of the Xavier School's newest member in Uncanny X-Men, Batman runs into one of his partners from another time, Avengers Arena shows how Arcade made his new world, and Saga shows how some people read too much into literature. That's never just the end of it, so hit the jump to find more!

Age of Ultron #5

Fury was hiding in his safehouse, like it seems he always does. His solution to Ultron going crazy on Earth? Time travel:

Fury decides to send a squad into the future to stop Ultron there, but talk about going into the past to stop it is brought up but not accepted:

I kind of don't want to hear Wolverine every get an attitude about Cyclops doing something unilaterally or killing Xavier ever again after deciding to play butterfly effect with the timestream.

Avengers #9

Earth becoming a newer version of Ego the living planet? Not a good idea. Kevin and Nightmask arrive in Croatia where worms combine to form the earth's new brain, and it never goes well:

No one was killed because it was a quarantine zone, but the Avengers again fight Kevin and Nightmask, saying they don't have the time to deal with them right now. The aftermath after Kevin concedes:

Hello again Dyson Sphere. I have to say Kevin didn't really seem as out of whack as the Sentry did, who they gave a lot more leeway to for the last few years. No doubt you've not seen the last of the two.

Avengers Arena #7

Arcade basically feels worthless after realizing he's a joke of the villain world, and that makng people play his games always ended up with him being bested. After a drunken rematch with Constrictor and realizing the game is more fun when the enemy makes their own choices, Muderworld 2.0 is invented:

So it's not a dreamworld, and when people die, they die for real (for comics at least).

Batman #19

 Trouble in Gotham? Preposterous. Flashback to six days prior:

Clayface seems to have something else in his arsenal now, being able to match people's DNA to make his ruse even more complete. Next month is the conclusion.

Batman & Robin #19

Carrie Kelley, Damian's secret tutor, is the new Robin in costume party name only (and is the CK who left movies last issue, not Clark Kent). The real push of the issue is Batman kidnapping Frankenstein to learn how he ticks, because Bruce is desperate:

Tim has to come and try and talk some sense into Bruce, but this is more of a twist than Carrie Kelley, honestly. As opposed to Bruce just being broody for the next months, it's actually kind of smart of Bruce to use the metas in the DCU to bring his son back.

Bravest Warriors #7

Beauty pageant contestants in robots, they've been infected with a self esteem virus that makes their self worth even lower than it was. Good thing Danny's brain got put into a robot too (even though his body's still working just fine, if a little dumber than usual)

That's one way to take care of your evil dopplegangers.

Constantine #2

First off, the Spectre is wearing pants now! You have to give Constantine credit for talking his way out of a sure punishment after last issue, but if the dude can talk his way out of dying in Vertigo, the DCnU should be no problem.

Harbinger #11

If you didn't check out Harbinger Wars #1 (you should) then this issue just follows up on Peter's talk with the psiot monk, and how the rest of his team decides to go help out the psiot children. It is worth noting that Peter didn't want to do it, which might lead to possible future complications.

Hawkeye #9

The day isn't done yet for Clint, as he still has to deal with Jessica:

Hawkeye's stick together, just like Mighty Ducks. Brace yourself for the next scene:

The clown menace must be dealt with, before anymore Hawkguy fans are killed.

Saga #12

Prince Robot IV is on the trail of Marko and Alana, going after the author of the book which tempted the idea of enemies in love and might actually be a sleeper anti-war activist. Turns out that after a decent ruse, the author's son wasn't as he described to Robot earlier:

Robot is actually onto something here, As Marko and Alana have been staying with the author for a week. 

Uncanny Avengers #6
Thor loses a fight to Apocalypse in his younger days, but Odin won't let him finish the fight because it will have dire effects on the future. Of course Loki would help Thor, right?


Magic axe injures Apocalypse, Odin is upset:

Baron Mordo dying seems to have not happened or occurred off panel, but it shows Kang doing his job to make the Apocalypse twins fall into line with what he wants as we saw last issue.

Uncanny X-Men #4

The Cuckoos always were an easy pick for Scott's team, since on top of Emma they always seemed most loyal to Scott. While the adults are in New York, the other new recruits check out their dorms:

Warren seemed to be the easiest choice of the original five to jump ship, especially when you realize everyone won't tell you why your future self is some hippy who thinks he's a real angel.

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Jarmir said...

Wow, what´s with all the Avengers Time Travel/Timestream/alternate reality stuff that is going on?? I enjoy a time travel story from once in a while, but this is just overload. I usually hate the time travel stuff, just because they can "erase" anything by going back to and "fix it". Not glad that the ongoing I´m reading have nothing to do with these stories...

Anonymous said...

Man, I was genuinely heartbroken about Grills (that is, Gil) at the end of HawkGuy. The run hasn't been that long and the character's only been in a couple of issues, but I got surprisingly attached to him and I sincerely want Clint to rain arrows down like a mofo for that. One thing (of many) that I love about the series is that, for all that it totally makes me love Hawkeye more and want give him a hug, it also doesn't shy away from talking about Clint's perhaps less-than-admirable traits and the consequences of it. They'll celebrate his common decency, highlight his kindness and helpfulness, but also show a destructive, sometimes thoughtless side, and how it affects others.

So...the first couple of pages of Saga had some, um, images I wasn't prepared for. But I was glad to see more of Prince Robot IV. I'm loving that all the major players are drawn with more depth and thought than just Evil Bounty Hunter or Imperious Royal Jerk. The Will had a humanizing story and Prince Robot gets some, too. The conversation he had with Heist was great, avoiding any major pitfalls of dialogue that sometimes come with a Bad Guy and his Hostage/Bait.

Age of Ultron is still interesting and I like that, with their proverbial backs against the wall, the choices that have to be made are a little harsher, a little darker than you would expect. But I'm glad that the run will be 10 issues, because this seems like the kind of storyline that could get very messy if it ran on for too long.

maybetoby said...

Wolverine will always find a way to be "holier than thou" in regards to Cyclops. Even if he does go back in time to kill Pym, he will find some way to rationalize it.

I like how the commissioner references the "Zero Year," which is an upcoming storyline.

I hope Damian stays dead. I loved the character and what Morrison did with him, but it would really diminish him just to bring him back. Let the lil guy rest in peace.

Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog began their crossover this week as well, which is off to an awesome start.

Majestic (my fav Wildstorm hero) debuts in the New 52 in Team 7. I really hope we get a Wildcats title soon.

maybetoby said...

Also, in Age of Ultron #5, they show Pym when he was "Wasp" in the flashback of Vision's return. Except, Vision didn't return until after Fear Itself, and Pym had returned to being Giant-Man several months prior to Fear Itself.

Eric van Schaik said...

Age of Ultron...........
Is it just me or could the first 3 issues be done in 1?

maybetoby said...

@ Eric, no it's not just you. This series does not need to be 10 issues, there's so much padding. Why is it that Cap always sits and pouts in a corner whenever his shield breaks.

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