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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/17/13

Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week, where today sees the first act of Age of Ultron come to a close, Wonder Woman and Orion kiss, Bloodshot shoots stuff, and Mara makes a break for it. Not only that, a big shakeup in the Transformers world, so hit the jump to check out these moments and more!

Age of Ultron #6

Wolverine gets to go on his quest to stop Hank from creating Ultron in the first place, while in the future Fury's squad is being decimated by Ultron's robot utopia. Sue tagged along with Wolverine to stop him from doing something stupid, but we can see where this is going to go....

Well there we go, world saved, right? Next issue shows what domino effect this created.

Bloodshot #10

It's a weird paternal instinct going on here that also defies the usual trope of the good guy stopping in his tracts at the pleas of a kid. Bloodshot's memories of his wife and kids, fake as they were, are still there to make him care for the safety of the psiot kids, so after finding shelter in an abandoned town, the issue pulls back to Harbinger Wars #1:

Daredevil #25

I'm surprised with all of Matt's ninja training he never had a ninja DD outfit until now. Villains always think ahead:

That deserves a slow clap for Ikari, making Matt think he was blind the whole time. Sometimes villains can be smart, you know?

Justice League #19

Bruce broke into his own lair to steal Kryptonite, but no one suspects he did it because even he doesn't realize what he did. Hmmm, Martian Manhunter? Some other psychic villain? Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman rescued American hostages from Kahndaq, which looks bad on the League:

Bruce also calls them on their new relationship. If you bought the Injustice game this week, the issue sure seems to have a few similarities with that story.

If you guessed Despero a few panels before, congratulations!

Mara #4

Mara dismisses herself, leaving behind a single bullet on the Commander's desk. Why do these people in power always attempt to bully or threaten Superman-level people? Don't they realize it's just going to push them away?

Mara escapes, but the Commander looks to hurt her by detaining her brother. It's not a race between the two to find Mark in time. The series is now going into a Supreme Power area, should be an interesting look if the media angle is still brought into focus.

Superior Spider-Man #8
Ock checked out fine with the Avengers scanners, but noticed that there's an anomaly, which is Peter's ghost influence. Natasha's actually pretty good here, not being judgmental but realizing something changed after Silver Sable died. Spider-Man then finds Cardiac again and attempts to finish what he started last issue, but the revelation of who he's helping hits home:

The kid was injured during Ends of the Earth, and this is where Ock gets hit with an arrow full of compassion, offering his skills to save the child:

That's a real jerk move by Peter, Ock is selflessly trying to save a kid's life, don't pull your ghost hand control stuff right now. Ock saves the kid though, brace yourself for warm fuzzy feelings:


Transformers: Robots In Disguise #16
Prowl is free, but Megatron is still pushing forward:

Take that, Megajerk! Been saving that one. This isn't the big twist of the issue though....

Ice cold. On top of this, Starscream rallies the Nails to him, becoming King of Cybertron, and kicking both the Autobots and Decepticons out of the city. It's like when Norman Osborn took over SHIELD after Secret Invasion, only this was a better story, built up from the beginning of the series and brilliantly expanded on issue by issue.

Wonder Woman #19

Diana needs to learn sticks and stones......

Orion's face change as his mood sours makes me wonder if the New Gods in this new universe are somehow a mix of  dark and light together, not just Darkseid on one side and Highfather on the other?

X-O Manowar #12

Nice conflict that is slowly building up that Aric doesn't want to acknowledge completely, his vengeance and protection of Earth a few issues back is coming precisely from the same thing that made the Vine even become capable of reaching out and abducting his people in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome week dude!

Red x17

maybetoby said...

Hope Wolverine is proud of himself for fucking up the timeline.

Is this Despero's first appearance in the New 52?

Robots in Disguise was kind of a let down. They shouldn't have brought Megatron back. I can't wait for the Nails' stupid decision to bite them in the ass so the Autobots can save them. Again. You know, like they just saved them from Megatron.

Anonymous said...

Re Orion, my understanding is that, being the rage-filled warrior son of Darkseid, he actually IS scarred and ugly. His handsome appearance is an illusion provided by his Mother Box. So that's pretty consistent with pre-New 52 DC.

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