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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/24/13

It's Moments of the Week time once again, although this week is should be Hickman of the Week. We've got four books by Jonathan Hickman on tap today, Uncanny X-Men is in limbo, Batman Inc. heads towards Grant Morrison's conclusion, and Jupiter's Legacy finally launches. Lots more after the jump, so go for it!

Avengers #10
The pods that landed in Canada fight back against the scouting party Omega Flight, and Department H calls in the Avengers to help.

Well, that's weird Canadian protocol. What we actually see later in the issue is that Validator, that lady who was in the contaminated zone, is actually that official's daughter, and she is protecting the new life there. The words she whispered into her father's ear were "The system is now online." This is much more a setup issue than the others that came before it.

Batman Inc. #10

Batman has lost his son, Leviathan is pushing its demands on the city, making Batman Inc. wanted fugitives. Now Bruce fights back.

Robo-powerd manbat Batman!

East of West #2

The new President is chosen, after the horsemen rather violently cull the herd to find someone who will push towards the end of the world like the other heads of state they put in power. What brings them together is The Message, a warped religious belief to destroy the world. Death later pays a visit to the Confederacy's leader, who teases a reason to not kill him.

Death has a wife, who knew?

Flash #19

The Reverse Flash makes his appearance, killing one of the Speed Force refugees, Albert. More than once too, it seems.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Damn aliens, setting up fights just out of spite. Back on Earth the Badoon are stopped, but as we see...

All part of the plan to get the Guardians on the run.

Jupiter's Legacy #1

During the Great Depression, Sheldon Samson, his brother and friends embark on a journey to find an island he dreamed about, which would help the world. Well he found the island, and like he says above did what he could to help the world. Flash forward to the present, where the economy is terrible, and the children of these heroes care more about publicity than helping out:

Power and responsibility, only on a bigger scale. It's a little heavy handed with the current events stuff, but the art is lovely as always and Utopian (Sheldon) still trying to maintain Superman levels of honor is a nice read. But who are we kidding, the book will probably be best read in trade to avoid the delays. So check it out in 2015.

Manhattan Projects #11

Harry and Enrico, science buddies. The only problem is that Harry knows Enrico is actually an alien, and now that the Manhattan Projects has established a moon base and wants to go further into space, he's going to have to tell the others what he is.

New Avengers #5

The Illuminati leave the other Earth, it's fate being decided while they fought the other Terrax, who they kept as a prisoner. Back on regular Earth they speak to Black Swan, who tells them she's not the only swan out there:

Another location pops up on Earth, and it's in Latveria this time. That should be fun.

Uncanny Avengers #7

Thor's magic axe from last issue returns, and kills a Celestial. Of course it's retaliation time.

Alex and Jan, that's a relationship that I wouldn't see coming.

Uncanny X-Men #5

This is what happened to Illyana as she disappeared last issue, Limbo is being adversely affected by her powers being out of shape. Frazer Irving really brings the art, like he always does.

Emma doesn't like competition. Before she can tell Eva to back off, the whole group is teleported into Limbo, though not at Illyana's request.

Young Avengers #4
Lazy adult Avengers, not helping out the kids. More interesting though, is Loki bringing back his words of doubt to mess with people's heads.

Loki has a plan to save the day, but he needs Billy's powers for a bit. Trust him, really.

I love it.

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maybetoby said...

Not only is he "Robo-powerd manbat Batman," but he's also wearing the Suit of Sorrows. Been wondering what Azrael (Michael Lane) has been up to since we last saw him.

Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't acknowledge ANYTHING that DnA had done in their run. Still waiting for them to explain how Star-Lord and Drax are alive.

Avengers and New Avengers are equal parts weird and awesome.

I love how plotlines from Uncanny X-Force are continuing into Uncanny Avengers. Except I'm sick of Jan always being the the bimbo of the team. In all her appearances from the last couple of years (from Bendis' Mighty Avengers til now) she has consistently been portrayed as having a one-track mind.

As much as I live Irving's artwork in general, I miss Bachalo in Uncanny X-Men.

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye provided an ending of sorts to the last year's worth of stories. Things get crazier for the crew of the Lost Light next month.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man had a big moment, but still provided more questions than answers to Venom's identity.

X-Termination also came to an end, wrapping up X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Those hipster-X-men outfits are a thing. Some comics tumblr (Kelly Sue DeConnick?) had a gallery of them last year.

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