Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cover of the Week - Fearless Defenders and Hawkeye

We find ourselves at the end of another week, meaning it's time to anoint our latest Cover of the Week winners.  This time around, we've some serious back tattoos, as well as your new favourite t-shirt.  Hit that jump to see exactly what we mean, along with those ever lovable honourable mentions!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Fearless Defenders #3 by Mark Brooks

Ken: I liked last issue's action figure box art, and this is another original cover for the series. If this is going to be an reoccurring thing with the title, I guess it makes my job a little easier each month. Hippolyta is even pointing at the title in case some people might not realize what cover they're looking at. Well balanced, and including the cast in the cover showing their wonder/disdain at the new girl also helps make the cover stand out more. 

Grant's Cover of the Week - Hawkeye #9 by David Aja

Grant: Oh, David Aja, will you never cease to impress?  His interiors on Hawkeye are already of the highest calibre, but then he continually goes out and drops some of the best covers you'll see, too.  Love the design here.  I'm so into this book, that part of me wants to own that shirt, and I also can't help but appreciate how that simple message plays directly into the actual plot of the comic itself.  It's the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and serving the overall story.  How is a guy supposed to say no to that?

Runner-Ups:  Saga #12, Scarlet #7, Star Wars #4

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Anonymous said...

David Aja rules and I would, without irony or reluctance, wear that shirt if I could.

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