Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cover of the Week - Wonder Woman and Daredevil

To finish things up for this week of comics, may we present our Covers of the Week.  This time around, we've some godly quarrel and passion and some masked pugilists.  You can find all this, along with our honourable mentions, on the other side of the cut.

Ken's Cover of the Week - Wonder Woman #19 by Cliff Chiang

Ken: It's one of the few WTF covers where I didn't automatically just think the issue was full of it, because it's been a subplot ever since Orion showed up. One thing the cover does unlike the others this month is that it doesn't hinge (heh) entirely on the double spread reveal. If you just saw the first part of the cover you would go "yeah, that's bound to happen" just like you would in the other half of the cover was by itself. In doing so it makes the cover have a much more lasting impact.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Daredevil #25 by Chris Samnee

Grant: It's been a while since I've been following this book, but this is a cover that is mighty hard to resist.  The poses here are both fantastic, and the fact that Daredevil is spitting up blood at the feet of someone wearing his old costume raises questions that I really want answers to.  I also have to give some kudos for the brilliant use of boxing imagery, which ties in with Matt Murdock's character and looks brilliant.  Bonus points for the book's title showing up as a logo on the jacket itself.

Runner-Ups:  Black Beetle: No Way Out #3, Danger Club #5, Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #2

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