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Image Round-Up - April 17th 2013

The Image Round Up column aims to get some words down on every single Image Comics book published for the week. This week the reviews are handled by Hansel Moreno with a special tiny but succinct review by Ryan Lindsay. They'll be dropping non-spoilery reviews the day before the books are available so you can best make up your mind on what to buy tomorrow. We offer this service because Image has been putting out some amazing content lately and it will be nice to shine a light on every single title they produce. This week our intrepid team looks at Chew #33, Danger Club #5, Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #2, The Li'l Depressed Boy #16, Witchblade: Day of the Outlaw #1, the Trade Paperback collection of The Manhattan Projects Volume 2 and the Harvest Hard Cover collection.

This week after remembering our teenage years and how they simultaneous felt so terrible and so amazing Little Depressed Boy#16 wins COVER OF THE WEEK (and our hearts)! Read Hansel's preview for more info!

The reviews are graded according to the following scale:

Must Read. -- Do not miss this hot piece of comic action!
Buy It. -- For memories sake.
Check It. -- This is a toss up. Up to you really.
Byrne It. (skim it on the rack). -- Look at it but don't leave with it.
Avoid It. -- Steer clear.

Chew #33 

Bad Apples 3 of 5

Story by: John Layman
Art by: Rob Guillory
Color Assists by: Taylor Wells

Hansel Moreno: There are several reasons to purchase this finely crafted comic. I could go on about the sexy cover you see here to the left. 
The witty and hilarious writing by John Layman or the amazing, action packed story Rob Guillory inks out.  This issue I'm going to skip all that and sell you on one thing.


He pops in this issue to tear and rampage his way into your heart, possibly through it. 

If you are not familiar with Poyo, this is the issue for you! If you already love Poyo, this is the issue for you! If you wish to pay your respects to Poyo or owe him a blood debt, this my friends, is the comic for you! Disclaimer: Poyo forgives no one.

Verdict - Must Read.

Danger Club #5

Story by: Landry Q. Walker
Art by: Eric Jones
Colors by: Michael "Rusty" Drake and Garry Black (page one)

Hansel Moreno: The wait is over! Rejoice Danger Club chiiilllll-dren! I honestly do not remember when the last issue came out, nor do I care. I'm just glad to have this comic back and I hope they can manage a regular schedule.

Let's catch up!

The Basics: Danger Club is created by Landry Walker and Eric Jones who have previously worked together on Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. All of earth's superheroes have flown off into space to fight some unknown evil. In their absence the sidekicks have stepped up to defend the home front. The situation rapidly slips out of control as different groups of teens vie for control. Issue one was particularly brutal.

The Twist?: As early as issue one it is hinted that all is not as it seems, a conspiracy that the Superheroes are not in out there in the galaxy but may have been captured, killed, indisposed of in some way reaches the ears of our main super teens.

The Gimmick: The first page in every issue is an amazing throw back to silver and golden age comics. This issue is no different and it looks amazing!

The Teens are currently in the middle of solving a mystery! Imagine Scooby Doo and the gang but with buckets and buckets of blood. And when you pull the mask off the monster? All you see is the sum of your greatest fears.

Verdict - Must Read.

Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #2

Story by: Frank J. Barbiere
Art by: Chris Mooneyham

Ryan Lindsay: Having read FIVE GHOSTS #2 from Frank Barbiere I can verify its pulp arachnid madness. Just a superb book. 

Hansel Moreno: This book has some culty and occulty goodness for you this week! If you are afraid of spiders read it with some one by your side!
Verdict - Must Read.

The Li'l Depressed Boy #16

"I'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike"

Story, Colors & Lettering by: S. Steven Struble
Art  by: Sina Grace
Cover by: Chris Giarrusso

Hansel Moreno: Another installment in this slice of life comic by SSS and Sina Grace

This comic seems designed especially for me for several reasons: 

I live in Texas. 

I had one of those quite teenager-y lives where I really didn't do much except hole up in my room and listen to music and read a lot.

I have (as many, many, many people have) been in a relationship where the affection is not reciprocated. 

Sure that was a few years/story lines ago, but those scars stay with us and shape our lives. They shape our idea of ourselves. LDB was apprehensive at first of Spike (his current beau) but as they have gotten closer LDB has gotten a little stronger. I'm not sure if my connection is with LDB or with SSS, who is the real life counter part to LDB, nonetheless this comic hits home with every issue. Sina Grace demolishes the art in this issue. All wrapped up in a Chris Giarrusso cover, how can you resist?

In this episode LDB and Spike face off against OFFICE ROMANCE! This jerk at the movie theater tries to butt in and things get a little bumpy. Anymore than that and I'd be giving the whole story away. 

Verdict - Must Read.

Witchblade: Day of the Outlaw #1

Story by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Nelson Blake II & Dave McCaig

Hansel Moreno: Sadly the preview copy I received was corrupted! No matter, knowing Joshua Hale Fialkov is behind the reins is enough to get me to pick up this book.

Verdict - Check It.

The Manhattan Projects Volume Two

They Rule

Story by: Jonathan Hickman

Art by: Nick Pitarra & Jordie Bellaire

Hansel Moreno: Awwwwwww Yeah! Buckle up for a truly terrifying view of the worst things humankind is capable of.
Papa Hickman and Nick P'Terrible keep the Science Crazy and the Scientist even more so. Join them for there second collected edition of The Manhattan Projects as they take a very, very sick look at yesteryear through a what-could-have-been-if-God-had-no-mercy lens.

Mad Scientist, Power Hungry Politicians and War crazed Generals all take some time in the limelight in this volume.

The good ol' U.S of A scientist do the unthinkable and team up with Russian Scientist based out of the secret Star City deep in the bowels of Mother Russian. Shame on you Mr. Hickman. Better dead than Red.

As usual Nick Pitarra and Jordie Bellaire deliver eye pleasing art work. Nick's groovy line work is so detailed a second or third reading will reveal details you may have overlooked. Issue Ten also adds some sweet, sweet Ryan Browne art in to the mix. Jordie's colors are whimsical and delightful and add a welcome layer to this historical farce. 

Verdict - Must Read.

Harvest Hardcover Collection

Story by: AJ Lieberman
Art by: Colin Lorimer

Hansel Moreno: This is a dark tale of addiction, greed and redemption. Dr. Benjamin Dane is in the nasty habit of self medicating. After he loses his license he can only practice his gift outside normal standards.

Taking a job with the mob leads down a darker path of quick stitch and ditch organ transplants. When Benjamin realizes not all the organs are donated voluntarily he turns the tide on his shady employer. There are other interesting and almost inexplicable plot elements that are worth your time.

I liked AJ Liberman's work on Cowboy Ninja Viking enough to check this book out in singles and enjoyed it very much. I keep saying dark so let me throw gritty on the table as well.  Colin Lorimer's art is a perfect match for the story. I actually hadn't seen any of his art before this comic but I was pleased with his story telling ability and line work.

Verdict - Check It.

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