Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 04/03/13

A bit of a light week for this edition of the Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews, but there's still plenty of good comics to be found.  Check behind the jump to see but a few of them, including Glory #34, Uber #0, and more!

Major Releases

Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
Art by Sebastián Fiumara

On the run from the B.P.R.D., a mutated Abe Sapien traverses a devastated America, with monster corpses scattered around and cities in ruin.
• Sebastián Fiumara (Loki, Mystery in Space) joins the Mignolaverse.
• Abe’s most defining moments in a new long-running series.
• Special variant cover featuring Hellboy!

Grant: Abe Sapien has been out of commission for a good long while, but this week sees his return to active duty in a big way.  At this point, it seems like things aren't allowed to go well for the B.P.R.D., and Abe's disappearance from their HQ is but the latest complication in a long list of them.  If you're into the Mignola-verse, most any new book is a cause for celebration, but the addition of Sebastián Fiumara on art is an extra bonus, since it'll make for some fine looking reading.

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Ross Campbell

100 Years Later. Goodbye.

Grant: Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell's inimitable Glory comes to an end this week, and I for one, will be sad to see it go.  These two have been building an unorthodox science fiction story that manages to walk the line between serious and humourous, all the while starring some of the most grounded characters you'll find.  Glory will definitely be missed by those who have been following it, and while it might be a little late to get on the monthly Glory train, if you haven't read any of these books, hopefully you'll check it out in trade.  It's definitely worth a look.

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Simone Bianchi

• What comes after "Marvel NOW!"? Whatever it is, it starts HERE.
• The vile face left movie audiences in shock after last summer's Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" movie, but who is this eerily disturbing villain?
• Thanos rises as the unrivaled rogue of wretchedness in this gripping tale of tragedy, deceit and destiny. Where did this demi-god of death and destruction come from and...more importantly what does he want?
• The answers come from the incredible creative team of Jason Aaron (Wolverine, X-Men Origins) and Simone Bianchi (Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men) as they take you on journey that will not only change the course of one boy's life...
...but will soon change the very nature of the Marvel Universe.

Grant: Marvel continues it's movie-inspired comic book tie-ins, and while it's hard to argue with the creative team of Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi, I do question how many new readers Thanos Rising will be bringing in.  As much as his appearance at the end of The Avengers movie last summer was a surprise, I have a funny feeling that there aren't a ton of non-comic book readers who have been jonesing for a five-issue miniseries to explain to them who Thanos is and what he's all about.  But maybe that's just me.

New Kids on the Block

Written by Rob Williams
Art by Jack Herbert

THE PULP HEROINE RETURNS! When Miss Fury foils a wartime plot by Nazi secret agents, she is catapulted through time… or so it seems. Is she really careening from past to future and back, or has she lost her mind? And if her sanity remains intact, can one lone heroine possibly hope to end World War II by herself, a conflict still waged into the year 2013? As witness to generations of bloodshed and violence, Miss Fury has lots of righteous rage… and anger is her fearsome power!

Grant: Dynamite's most recent pulp push continues with the launch of Miss Fury.  I'm not terribly familiar with the character, but I must admit that a pulp heroine launched through time to a present-day where World War II is still ongoing sounds kind of interesting.  I do wonder how long such a concept can sustain a book, but I can't help being a little curious as to how it would play out.

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Canaan White

Kieron Gillen unveils his epic new monthly series, launching with a special double-sized issue!

1945. Germany is in ruins. The war in the west can only be days away from ending. Threats of 'wunderwaffen' to be unleashed by the dying Reich have become laughable. There are no miracle weapons here. It's over. It has to be over. It's not. There's been stories which have mixed enhanced humans and World War 2 before. There's never been one like this.

See super beings in a whole new light as Gillen presents an epic new series that not only rewrites history, it redefines the genre.

Grant: Apparently this is the week for alternative history World War II comics, as Kieron Gillen and Canaan White are launching their entry into the genre.  While I don't know if having a #0 issue instead of a #1 was necessary, considering Gillen's past work, I am quite intrigued to see what he'll get up to with a book like Uber.  It sounds like it'll be violent and brutal, so sign me up for at least one issue.

The Balance

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Steve Pugh

• As Animal Man's popularity grows, the paparazzi follow him everywhere. But is there one place he wishes they just wouldn't go?

Grant: The incredibly underwhelming Rotworld storyline has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, and I honestly came quite close to dropping Animal Man completely.  However, I'm hoping against hope that finally emerging from that tie-in will enable Jeff Lemire and Steve Pugh to get the title back on track, returning the book to its previous focus on the Baker family and their daily lives.  That's certainly what the solicitation seems to be pointing towards, so fingers crossed that's how it shakes out in the book itself.  Otherwise, Animal Man's days in my pull list will be numbered.

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Riley Rossmo


Grant: I've been enjoying Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo's Bedlamn, but like many of Spencer's books, I'm starting to wonder where it's going.  While the concept of a Joker-like character who's had surgery to remove his killing urges is mighty interesting, the book doesn't seem to have much direction beyond that.  And considering that Riley Rossmo is off this book after this issue, he might not be the only one heading to greener pastures.

Written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman
Art by Damian Couceiro

BURIED DEEP BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES! Left to their own devices, Milo and Cornelius must find their way out of the dark and survive long enough to warn Doctor Zaius of the grave threat bubbling in the dark…

Only from the acclaimed writers Gabriel Hardman (HULK, AGENTS OF ATLAS), Corinna Bechko (HEATHENTOWN, FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT) and fan-favorite artist Damian Couceiro, the cataclysm continues on the PLANET OF THE APES!

Grant: Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm continues to be one reliable book.  Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman know how to tell engaging stories, and Damian Couceiro knows how to make solid art.  Putting the two together has made for some rather enjoyable comics, and I'll keep buying them as long as they keep making them this well.

Written by Jason Latour
Art by Nic Klein

• Writer Jason Latour (Loose Ends, Wolverine) and artist Nic Klein (Dancer, Viking, Doc Savage) begin the third explosive chapter of THE WINTER SOLDIER'S newest deadly mission.
• S.H.I.E.L.D. is crippled, the world is on it's knees and the only thing that stands in the way of THE ELECTRIC GHOST'S devastating master plan is Bucky Barnes!
• But how can Bucky act when the cost of winning this battle may just be the loss of his own future?

Grant: I'm still really happy that I took a chance on Jason Latour and Nic Klein's run on Winter Soldier.  These two have been combining for a really distinct super hero book, offering interesting story and eye-catching art.  It's still a little early in the run, but if they keep up this kind of quality work, I'll happily stick with it.  Here's hoping.

Pick of the Week

I'm going to have to go with Glory #34 for my Pick of the Week this time around.  The series has been rock solid from the first issue, and I have every confidence that Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell will pull out all the stops to make for one memorable finale.  What books are you looking forward to this week?

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