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Top 10 Tuesdays - The Walking Dead Season 3 - 10 Worst Parts

The Walking Dead is, without a doubt, the most popular cable TV show of all time, but popular does not always mean good. Sure, it has drama, dead zombies, buckets of blood, awesome characters, and some astounding episodes, but with that also comes some mind-numbingly awful parts. Join me after the jump as I go through the 10 worst parts of The Walking Dead Season 3.

Let’s begin with…

1) Andrea

How does a TV show take one of the best characters from a comic and make them into the most whiny and worthless character? I don’t know, but if you want to see how just watch The Walking Dead Season 3. Andrea eats, sleeps, and craps strong independence in the comic. I would even go so far as saying she is the best character. There is no possible way anyone would ever say that about TV Andrea. She’s weak, suicidal, annoying, and takes about 12 episodes to figure out that her boyfriend (The Governor) is a bloodthirsty maniac. Watch her try to rally the people of Woodbury with a speech during “The Suicide King” and you’ll understand.

2) Michonne

A similar circumstance to Andrea, from the moment Michonne arrives in the comic she emanates a bad ass persona that no one can match. You can’t beat a samurai sword and a smart mouth. The same can’t be said for TV Michonne. Up until “Clear,” Michonne is a silent character that only glares when someone speaks to her. Watch her silently glare down Rick in “The Suicide King” as he threatens to throw her out unless she answers his questions. You can’t help but want to yell, “JUST SPEAK,” at the screen during the whole encounter. 

3) The Women

Do you see a pattern here? My first three worst parts of this season are aimed at the women, specifically Lori, Andrea, and Michonne. Lori is a b*tch, Andrea is annoying, and Michonne forgets how to talk for half the season. It makes me wonder if the writers actually know how to write a woman that doesn’t make you want to rip your hair out. At least they fix this at the end of the season by killing two of them off, but you can't do that for every irritating character in the show.


How does one miss this?
Seriously, what the hell? Someone is said to have walked the prison fence, and yet they missed the massive hole where zombies are pouring into the building? What? How is that even possible? It takes Tyreese and company entering the prison through that giant hole for them to even know about it and then the hole is never mentioned again. If they are going to stay at the prison, then fix the damn fence!

5) There can only be one, Highla-… black person?

The show is set in Georgia, which has a 30.5% black population, yet the number of black cast members can be counted on one hand, including guest stars. T-dog is our loan black group member for a long time until he becomes zombie food and Michonne joins the group. Basically we trade one character, who barely gets any screen time, for another, who gets tons of silent, glaring screen time. Hopefully with Tyreese and his sister Sandra joining the group they can fix this token black friend problem we have going on here.

6) Everyone from Woodbury sucks

This scene just causes laughter.

Milton and the Governor are great. They evolve over the course of the season and bring about some truly emotional moments. The same cannot be said for everyone else. They can’t seem to act convincingly at all. For specifics, check out the extras during the zombie arena fight for Merle and Daryl. I’ve seen more heated cheering at a little league baseball game.

7) Why does every car look brand new?

Whenever Rick and company aren’t killing zombies they must be cleaning cars because their transportation is always spotless, not only that, but their vehicle of choice is a 2013 Hyundai. Wait - - didn’t this zombie apocalypse begin in 2010? That makes no sense. This leads into the next part…

8) Make things more believable!

I know this is a zombie apocalypse so we have to suspend our disbelief a bit, but so many things just in the season finale alone didn't work. Governor can shoot an armed crowd and not one person fights back? Or we watch Andrea take out walker after walker with her knife, yet she can’t kill a Milton zombie with her one free hand and pliers? Come on.

9) Ghost Lori
She couldn't just stay dead.
You can discover no positive about Ghost Lori. The biggest b*tch in the show proceeds to irritate even in her death. I understand Rick needs to go a little crazy. The whole phone calls from dead people works well for that, but having him wander like a crazed hermit in the woods after an apparition of his dead wife seems too far.

10) Inconsistency in writing

Such an incredible episode. Hits you right in the feels.

Not everything has to be amazing, but to go from an episode as incredible as "Clear" to those last four episodes hurts, especially when you look at the season finale. “Welcome to the Tombs” felt like such a letdown. You can’t build up to a huge war between the surviving parties and then pull the rug out from underneath your viewers. By replacing that climactic battle with the death of Andrea, the episode completely fell on its face. No one gets emotional about the death of a character that everyone wanted dead ages ago.

Let me make this abundantly clear, I do like this show. Sometimes I even love it. Join me next week for a 10 best parts of The Walking Dead Season 3 to see what really stands out! Also, if you think I'm full of crap, sound off in the comments and let me know.

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Nevin P. Jones said...
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Anonymous said...

These all look pretty dead on to me.

K3M15A said...

"Clear" was phenomenal! the only truly great episode this season. the Least gratuitous, in terms of gore, but the most impactful, emotionally.

i cared for and enjoyed the four "stars" of this episode.

Nevin P. Jones said...

"Clear" is probably my favorite episode of the whole show. It was rough to see what had become of Morgan and Duane. The return of Morgan in the TV show might be the only thing I think they've done better than the comics.

“People like you — the good people — they always die. The bad people die, too. But the weak people? The people like me? We have inherited the earth.” Gut punch quote right there.

top 10 reviews said...

I like this app and I look take to your future posts on further development. Good luck!

Nevin P. Jones said...

Thanks! That's great to hear man! I'm trying to bring it back. Hopefully, I can make it a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence.

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