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Top 10 Tuesdays - The Walking Dead Season 3 - 10 Best Parts

The season 3 of The Walking Dead had its fair share of bad parts. Poor episodes, irritating characters, and horrible acting all appeared, but for every ugly moment there were just as many great ones. Join me after the jump as I recall the 10 Best Parts of The Walking Dead Season 3.

Let's begin with...
1) Daryl and Merle

Now I want to make one thing very clear; I am in no way stating that I like Merle. I think Merle is a racist, redneck asshole who has no place in the zombie apocalypse, but the dynamic between Daryl and him during this season is fantastic. Seeing how far Daryl has evolved from season one to three shows him as one of the show’s strongest characters. Hell, I like Daryl more than some of the characters created in the comic. That’s saying something.

2) The Governor

The Governor shines as the most ruthless character the comic survivors have met. He rapes Michonne, chops off Rick’s hand, and completely wrecks the prison until it is unusable. While the Governor of the TV show cannot be as unhinged (you can hack off my hand if they actually allow the writers to have Michonne brutally raped and then have her torture the Governor), he is still the most unsettling antagonist we’ve met, and David Morrissey revels in the twisted ruthlessness. Any scene he enters is automatically elevated.

3) Zombie kills

Even though this is a cable TV show,  they get away with buckets of gore. You can trust that a zombie will eat a bullet in every episode. They’ve even managed to become creative with their zombie kills. When Daryl smashed a zombie’s head in a car door during “Home,” I’m certain people across the nation cheered at the novel kill.

4) Top-notch makeup

The zombie apocalypse is not pretty and neither are any of its inhabitants, especially the zombies. Ripped clothes, missing appendages, gouged faces, and more, immense amounts of work goes into making sure each zombie convincingly looks like a walking corpse.

5) Captures the tone of the comics

The world of The Walking Dead is like a constant funeral. People must always mourn the death of a friend or family member. Loss becomes commonplace. Even when it seems like the sun might shed some light on everyone’s miserable life, your mustache-curled friend takes a bullet in his eye (RIP Axel, you dapper gentleman). The Governor summarizes everything the best when he says, “In this life, you kill or you die; or you die then kill.”

6) ”Clear”

Not only is this the best episode of the season, I found it to be the best episode of the entire show. Actor Lennie James steals the show with his broken Morgan. The return of Morgan ties off some loose ends from the pilot and hits you with a depressing story that only the zombie apocalypse can create. Dwayne got eaten by his zombie mom because Morgan couldn’t find the strength to pull the trigger in episode one? I bet a zombie would even cry when told that story. “The good people, they always die. And the bad people do, too. But the weak people, the people like me... we have inherited the earth.”

7) Carl

Even though Carl can be an irritating child a majority of the time, I like the dark road he is headed down. I’m of the belief that The Walking Dead will shift over to Carl as our main character at some point. Rick will die, and Carl will have matured enough to pick up his father’s mantle. With that thought process, seeing Carl become steadily more pessimistic is good. He is maturing and becoming a life-hating cynic like his comic book counterpart. When he brained that Woodbury kid in the forest, I smiled knowing comic Carl was starting to bloom in the TV show.

8) Red shirts

Everyone wears a red shirt. Kirkman has crafted a world where anyone can die at a moment’s notice. Just look at Dale or Axel’s death and you can see how this mentality is alive and well in the TV show. Nobody is safe and I love it. This aspect keeps us viewers on our toes.

9) Lori and Andrea are dead!

I cheered. No joke. Lori’s character has always been the most irritating and her death only brought a smile to my face. The same can be said for Andrea. How the writers of the show managed to make Andrea the most worthless character, while her comic book counterpart is one of the best, baffles me. Their deaths were like a present to the audience. I’m sure I stand with the majority of viewers when I say, “TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!”

10) The silent premiere

At the end of season 2, the survivors had devolved into incessant arguing and henpecking. No one got along, and the group relationship was at the breaking point. Fast forward to the season 3 premiere and the writers gave us a special reprieve from the bickering: silence. This was a nice touch to show how the group dynamic had changed through the winter.

What were some of your favorite parts of this season? Do they match mine? Sound off in the comments and let us know! And be sure to join me next week for another Top 10 Tuesday.

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HomieGFunk03 said...

Great list. I would add Glenn and Maggie as a best of the season. They represent the people who are trying to hold on to the past way of doing things, are exposed and changed by the darkness of the new status quo, but ultimately decide to keep carrying the torch of hope that most of the people around them have abandoned. Steven Yuen has grown so much as a actor since season one.

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing, Robert is a crap writer who cant even hide the fact the the ending to the entire series is that Rick is still in a coma, and this WHOLE ZOMBIE thing, is in his head while he is in a coma. NONE of this is actually happening, and THAT is the sad part about Robert and his inability to think. Lame lame lame. Wonder why he will finally come out of the closet. Nothing wrong with being gay, but come on man, at least admit it....

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