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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/01/13

On Free Comic Book Day, let's up the ante with some Moments of the Week, now for the low price of nothing! Today sees some resolution in Superior Spider-Man, The Movement makes its debut, Mike Oeming's The Victories launches, and Iron Man watches film reel in space. More after the jump, so catch up on these freebies before they return to their original price of zero.

Age of Ultron #7
The first changes to a Pym-free world. As the two arrive in NYC, it's surrounded by helicarriers and much more protected than normal.

Roll Call: Colonel America, Dr. Strange, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel (Janet), Hulk, Cable (Cyclops), Wolverine and Thing. After a bit of a tussle Logan and Sue are subdued.

Tony is Lex Luthor or something. This is why you don't time travel, people.

All-New X-Men #11

Jean continues to abuse her powers, now some people push back with the help of Emma. I can't say I blame them. Kitty gives Jean a talking to after this, telling her she needs to back off, and by the end of the issue the Uncanny Avengers attack the original five X-Men, blaming them for Mystique's attacks around the country.

Harbinger Wars #2 

These psiots crash land in Vegas, and are immediately turned off by the outside world, and how extravagant it is. This will lead into Peter and the Renegades trying to help them out next issue. The other half of the issue is Blooshot facing down Harada with some unknown programming:

Can a red lantern ring travel from one company's comic to another? Lots of fighting, lots of explosions, and Harada is stone cold in a later scene. It's weird when the nanomchne killer is the most subdued character.

Hawkeye #10

Kazi puts the moves on Kate, as this issue takes place before the events of last issue. Kazi was saved by the tracksuit bros in his eastern european country during their civil war (more than likely Bosnia given his age), and lost his sister in a bombing while street performing, hence his sad clown makeup.  More than anything, Francesco Francavilla should be Aja's permanent art partner on the book, it's amazing.

Indestructible Hulk #7

A nice fakeout, showing that Hulk was just hitching a ride as it returned to Thor. Hulk's ego smashed.

That joke needs to somehow be in Avengers 2.

Iron Man #9

Dale Eaglesham is a much welcomed addition to this book, as we see Death's Head make an appearance to help Tony track this rogue robot. Or does he?

Robots come back from the future to destroy the present, they backstab you all the time, no more robots. Well, the Transformers are cool, they can stay. What 451 does is show Tony some film reel that his father left him:

And thus begins the secret origin of Tony Stark.

The Movement #1

I try to stay more objective in these moments, but allow me some leeway on this. These are the first pages of the first issue of the Movement, in which we have corrupt cops attempting to molest a girl and keep drugs for themselves. And then they are recorded by some faceless teens to scare them off. Really, this seems dated if the book was released in the early 90's. The rest of the issue shows core team of the Movement stopping the cops from hurting a possessed teen who is raising ruckus in a church, and you get more of the "us vs. them" age gap thing.

I really don't know what this book is trying to do, it seems angry when it shouldn't, and despite some really, really good art by Freddie Williams III the characters are all very obnoxious. To borrow a line from Peter Griffin, "it insists upon itself" that this is some serious business. Hopefully Green Team does much better.

 Superior Spider-Man #9

Peter vs. Ock in a battle of the mind, Ock looking to remove Peter once and for all. Ock starts to actually kill the memories away, weakening Peter, and then the battle turns to Amazing Spider-Man vs. Superior Spider-Man.

And there we go. Peter is gone from his own head. At least until Spider-Man 2 is released next year.

The Victories #1

The surprise of the week I think, this is Michael Oeming's The Victories, a new series that deals with heroes trying to help a world that has lost all it's power. People are still trying to carry on like the world will return to normal, the heroes are dealing with villains who still rob banks, and you have a former hero urging the world to forgo trying to return to a world of material possessions. It's an original take with superheroes, and the dialogue is smart and fast paced. Plus, how can you not like a name like DD Mau?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the coloring for Hawkeye rocked my socks. The art looks so amazing (I can't wrap my head over how well they use that space), I almost forgot that Grills died.

Then I remembered and got sad. I missed Clint this issue and, like always, I can't wait for more in this series.

Age of ultron was all good. I like how far reaching the consequences are and I'm looking forward to all the many explanations about that.

Superior spider-man broke my heart anew. I realize that Amazing Spider-Man #700 would have been hugely weak if they brought Peter back months later and I actually like the direction that Superior is taking the characters so far, but stop killing Peter over and over again. It hurts me and more importantly it keeps Ock from having his own inner moral conflict to actually get through.

maybetoby said...

This is why Wolverine should never A) be allowed to lead his own team let alone B) lead his own school. The dumbass never thinks shit through. And the idiot "heroes" that allowed him to go back in time in the first place are just as bone-headed.

"Peter" was just memories, so I really don't feel bad for him. Plus, he kinda deserved it for trying to stop Ock from saving that girl just so he could stay hidden. I wanna see "Superior" last for a while, like they said at least til Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out.

All New X-Men had some more great Cyclops vs Wolverine banter. I like young Warren's reasons for leaving, and it is present-day Beast's fault all this is happening.

Aquaman saw Mera return to the Bermuda Triangle and her husband (who isn't Arthur). Shit is gonna hit the fan.

Detective Comics saw the downfall of Emperor Penguin and the rise of Emperor Blackgate

Earth 2 saw more heroes come together as Steppenwolf reveals himself to the world.

Worlds Finest saw Power Girl return to the costume we know and love.

Anonymous said...

I love the Peter Palmer shout out when he couldn't remember his name!

Anonymous said...

That Hawkeye art is amazingly sweet, but this week I have to regrttably rank something higher. Because for my money, that's the best looking Death's Head I've ever seen.

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