Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/08/13

Hello again for another edition of Moments of the Week! This week brings the Avengers to Macau, another student bites the dust in Avengers Academy, Batman deals with Damian's death in two ways, and Harbinger shows what happens with powerful teenagers get together in Vegas. Much more after the jump, so get ready for fun, today! 

Avengers #11

Everyone has plans for how to deal with AIM agents in town, thinking they're planning to sell bioweapons to other rogue nations. Natasha has a approach. Let's see how the newest Avengers, Sam and Bobby, deal with them:

Oh, and Shang Chi also fights ninjas, but it's one of those fights where all the good stuff is off page, which was a shame. Turns out AIM wasn't looking to sell anything, but rather buy a bunch of ninjas. Looks like they're up to something on their science island.

Avengers Arena #9

One day all those bright, intelligent characters in comics won't be serious sociopaths on the inside. While Tim is back in control, the group wonder whether they should kill him to stop Katy coming back, which is what Chase wanted to do. He gets kicked out of the group, and the others just tie Tim up for the night. Bad move, right?

Katy not only kills Juston, but takes what was left of his Sentinel and escapes.

Batman #20
Welcome to the dumpster of discarded R&D stuff, where Lucius and Bruce can't escape from. Or can they?

That's a nice reference to Batman Beyond. You know the drill, Batman beats Clayface, but the ending is what shows a nice cap on Bruce  dealing with Damian's death moreso than issue #18:

Less is more, and this is all you need to show how devastated he is.

Batman & Robin Red Hood #20

Carrie's not done with the Waynes yet, as Alfred hires her to help out with Titus while Damian is "studying abroad." Meanwhile Bruce and Jason go take out a terrorist cell in Africa, but continuing with what he was attempting last issue he has other motives:

Second stage is anger, next up is Batgirl, so probably some kind of bargaining. Who knows, maybe DC will finally have an answer as to how she was able to walk again.

Bravest Warriors #8
That's too depressing for a funny book!

Harbinger #12

The Renegades sneak in to the hotel and do a good job trying to talk the kids down from trying to attack the police, but kids are kids and they get on each other's nerves quickly:

Who joins the gang next? Everybody's crazy killer, Bloodshot.

Justice League America #3

No one knows about Catwoman, so she's the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Secret Society of Supervillains. Too bad no one told Green Arrow about the plan:

After months of pounding the pavement, looking for a team, Ollie finally gets to join one. Hard work pays off.

Uncanny Avengers #8
Shiro is awesome.

I have to agree with Janet on this, too many secrets, and always the promise to share them later. Meanwhile Thor and Sunfire get closer to the Apocalypse Twins and what Thor set into motion centuries ago:

And with that they start their attack on Earth, starting by nuking Akkaba, which the rest of the team just happens to be flying to at the moment.

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maybetoby said...

Always love nods to Batman Beyond.

I love how Bruce and Jason have been patching things up. I hate to see all of that undone.

Good ol' rivalry between Green Arrow and Hawkman.

I LOVE Uncanny Avengers and how it continues my favorite storylines from Uncanny X-Force. Wonder if Genesis/Evan will play a role again.

Green Lantern Corps #20 had an epilogue for Wrath of the First Lantern, which is odd considering the finale in Green Lantern #20 hasn't come out yet.

Team 7 ends, sadly. Hope we see more of Majestic in the New 52.

Transformers Regeneration One sees the return of a classic G2 villain.

And Cap decides he wants to give up being president in Ultimates #24.

R. Simpson said...

They covered how Barbara can walk again through some quick exposition in Batgirl. She went through some radical therapy in Africa.

maybetoby said...

@ R. Simpson, which issue covered that?

R. Simpson said...

I think it's within the first year of Batgirl. Can't recall exactly.

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