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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/22/13

Welcome to a green-filled installment of Moments of the Week! This week sees te end of Geoff Johns' long run on Green Lantern, Green Team debuts, a green alien appears in Justice League, and Daredevil sees red. Wait, I got that one wrong.....

Anyways, more fun stuff after the jump!

Avengers #12

The team spends a day teaching those newborn kids in the Savage Land some lessons to help humanize them, bringing a little nurture along with their nature that Ex Nihilo changed issues back. Seeing as how this is still Doc Ock as Spider-Man, he's......a different teacher.

Clint's not any better, it looks like.

Who would be interested in this new evolution of species on Earth? The High Evolutionary, of course.

Batman Inc. #11

Super Young Team! Fighting Power Ranger female bikers! This is a straight up fill-in, having no connection to Bruce's revenge on Talia, but it's a good one-shot. If you like the SYT but don't care for Batman Inc., I'd still recommend this issue.

Daredevil #26

Ikari's beatdown has left Matt running scared and paranoid, lashing out at everyone (but he's still correct). The issue 100% doesn't confirm this, but Foggy helps Matt find out who the person responsible for all this is:

Bullseye! It's not confirmed, but Lady Bullseye was protecting the man in that iron coffin when Matt arrives. Stay tuned for the confirmation.

Green Lantern #20

Hal's a black lantern, Sinestro is possessed by Parallax, the kitchen sink is thrown at fighting the First Lantern, even bringing out the big gun:

I don't quite get how Nekron magically goes back without any fight now that Hal is a Green Lantern again, since the dead would still rise, but whatever. Sinestro uses this moment to kill all the Guardians, blaming them for all that has happened:

That's a truth bomb that Sinestro finally accepts. Interestingly enough, the last portion of the issue attempts to actually give the epilogues to all the major lanterns, from Guy scrounging bars around the galaxy to John being a senator. Let's look at Hal's ending:

Comics always change, but it's a nice way to wrap up Johns' long run on the book.

Green Team #1

That blonde kid Mo was talking to was Commodore Murphy, one part tumblr dude, one part venture capitalist, another part Lindsay Lohan. He invited Mo's father to come look at flash expo, where things like cars running on internet social media activity were being presented. Right from the beginning the book pushes the wacky, but unlike The Movement, it's fun and doesn't talk down to the reader.

A rich kid with more money coming to him than the entire Earth's economies combined isn't short of stalkers, so of course he would look into getting some way to protect him. Behold, Iron Man! Wait, no, they're  just armor discs.

The book won me over with the wacky, I suggest you give it a shot, too.

Justice League #20

J'onn continues his streak of being nigh unstopable in the DCnU, taking out Despero for the rookie leaguers to take the credit.

Atom is actually working for Trevor and Waller, a mole for the JLA.

We never see what Batman gave Superman, perhaps it's something to reveal his true identity.

Superior Spider-Man #10

Life's good when you don't have a lingering memory of your nemesis in your head. Both in fighting crime and getting your doctorate:

It actually works, I think. Ock's prioritizing of crime alerts nearly causes MJ's bar to burn down without any help from "Peter", making her realize Peter might not be who he really is.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #17

A flashback episode centering on Shockwave's time as a senator on Cybertron, being rebuilt and falling in with the Decepticons. In many ways it's a better version of Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side.

Dai Atlus, former colleague, the final lingering piece of the old Shockwave before he allied himself with Megatron. Very ominous precursor to the next storyline about the future of Cybertron under Starscream's rule.

Uncanny X-Men #6

Cyclops' blasts have been able to injure Celestials, what's a puny demon lord going to do in retaliation?

If Dazzler's hovercar doesn't have disco lights and techno music blaring whenever she arrives somewhere, she's doing it wrong.

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maybetoby said...

Even though I'm anxious to see the end of Batman Inc, I loved this filler issue. Especially how Batman Japan's new costume is a nod to tokusatsu (scarf reminds me of Kamen Rider).

Green Lantern was pretty sweet, but the epilogues were a lil silly. Are they trying to compare John to Obama? Whatever, it'll be weird to have Green Lantern without Johns. But there's still Aquaman and Justice Leage.

Speaking of, is this the first time we've seen Despero in the New 52? Because him and J'onn keep referencing a previous encounter. How did Despero get the ring from the Batcave in the first place? And Wonder Woman does have a weekness, just read "Tower of Babel" or watch "Justice League: Doom."

Shockwave's backstory in More Than Meets the Eye was more satisfying than the filler in Robots in Disguise.

James said...

Actually, Nekron's banishment after Hal returns makes sense given what Johns established 4 years ago.

Because he's essentially sentient black matter, Nekron, or at least the post-Infinite Crisis, can't exist on our plane of existence without a willing/deceased conduit (in both cases Hal and Black Hand). With Hal restored to life, that tether was broken.

maybetoby said...

Thanks, James. I was a lil confused on that one too.

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