Sunday, June 2, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/29/13

May's final week brings with it some powerful Moments of the Week, from the debut of Scott Snyder's and Sean Murphy's The Wake to Brian Wood's all female X-Men series, and we even have some planets being destroyed and being reborn. Hit the jump to find out which books contain which and a whole lot more!

Adventures of Superman #5

A challenge for the two intrepid reporters, but when one is a superhero, he's got other distractions on the way to the dog show.

Clark saves his future, and gets the dog show scoop, but Lois gets a much higher profile Superman story. This is consistently one of the better DC comics at the moment.

Indestructible Hulk #8

Bruce was attempting to help Patty, who is suffering from a degenerative brain disease, but gets swatted away when he tries to talk about it with her. Then frost giants reappear and everyone gets into surivival mode, including the Hulk:

 ....for Midgard! The freezing waters destroy the frost giants, everyone lives, and maybe, just maybe, Patty gains some faith and hope in trying to find a cure for her disease.

Justice League America #4
That's the new Invisible Jet. While the JLA heads off to find Catwoman, things don't go so well for her.

The issue wants us to believe Selina died, but you know, comics and all that. Dr. Light there works for Amanda Waller and was the leading scientist on understanding human generated powers, but it looks like we just saw his superhero origin.

New Avengers #6

A dead planet is what arrived this time, and while Doom and his son fight off the mapmakers in Latveria, the Avengers head over to drop off a bomb.

It was a dead planet, so they still haven't had to really cross that line yet, but they're getting there. On top of that, Doom finds a piece of the other planet in Latveria, giving the Mapmakers our location.

The Wake #1

Lee Archer, divorced Cetologist with a teenage son she doesn't have custody over, gets offered a chance to help the DHS with something they never heard before in Alaska. In return she would get custody of her son. As a part of a group of other marine biologists, they set off in a super sub to the depths below:

Cliffhanger. Lovely art, a story that feels much more fresh from Snyder as opposed to his recent Batman and Swamp Thing work, and one of the few new Vertigo titles out there. Give it a shot.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #17

See, not only did Rodimus' hunch pay off, there looks like there's life too.

It seems that because Rodimus contains the Matrix, when he stepped on Luna 1 it reignitied all those sparks. There's a lot more story here to unwrap, including mysterious robots who keep repeating large numbers and Decepticons also on Luna 1, the day in the life of an Autobot is never easy.

X-Men #1

That baby also nearly caused a train wreck, it's corrupted with evil! Wood's first issue gets the character voices down well, it's an interesting story there, and you have some pretty, pretty art.

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maybetoby said...

We're reintroduced to Professor Ivo in this issue of JLA, but based on his dialogue I think DC forgot that he was abducted from Star Labs by Parademons during the first arc of Justice League.

Transformers was a big payoff for people who have been following it since MTMTE #1. They discover Luna 1, find Dominus Ambus, the Legislators reappear, Lockdown and his group of Decepticons, Pharma returns, etc...
And this is just part 1. There were a lot of "moments" this week.

Earth 2 Annual also debuted the new Batman.

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