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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/05/13

Hey June, don't make first weeks bad, just take some Moments of the Week, and make it better.....
Today we've got the push to the final part of Age of Ultron, a pretty big death that has upset a lot of people in Avengers Arena, Tony's origin is changed in Iron Man, the original X-Men aren't too fond of a revelation in All-New X-Men, and we have the triumphant return of the best comic ever, Astro City. More after the jump!

Action Comics #21

This would be the first DCnU fight between Superman and Luthor, where Luthor is full on crazy bad guy who wants to kill/experiment on all the people who were infected by the Kryptonian stuff from the past two issues.

I think this is also the first time for the "fly to the sun to super recharge" in the DCnU.

Age of Ultron #9

So in nine issues we have Wolverine go back in time, kill Pym, sees that that was a bad thing to do, and he goes back to stop himself from killing Pym and saying that everything needs to go back to normal, minus something to make the plot not mess up continuity. Nine issues? Really, Marvel?

There's something decent, the most present Wolverine knowing he needs to die to make all this work. There's some stuff about time getting broken but Marvel's never been good about time travel in general, it's basically whatever the plot calls for: sometimes the future does change, other times it just branches off, mutants are always in camps it seems, whatever.

All-New X-Men #12

Nice to see Alex not judging his past-brother as though he's done what present Scott did, he's pretty much the first to do that.

The original X-Men are really surprised by Wanda being allowed to be an Avenger after what she did, seeing her actions to be worse than what Cyclops did, and they weren't satisfied with the weak excuse Cap and Wanda gave. I hope that gets explored upon more, because it sure hasn't been mentioned in other books.

Avengers #13

You don't take a quasi-god's adopted kids from him, no matter how good a battery they can be:

Bash brothers, verily!

Astro City #1

That's American Chibi, a new hero who has joined the Honor Guard but no one knows if it's a robot or a big anime fan. What's behind the door? Doom? Destruction?

That is actually the guy from the first issue of the second series of Astro City, older and his children have left for college or working internationally. This book is just fun, and is sorely, sorely needed at DC at the moment; it reminds me why I love the genre.

Avengers Arena #10

Nico is killed, by Chase no less because Darkhawk's are tech, not magic. Nico did call one last spell before she died, maybe she's floating around somewhere to come back to life. If not, this is a really upsetting death, because she had the most potential out of any of the teen heroes to get moved to the big leagues, and is a much better "magic person" than Billy from Young Avengers.

East of West #3

Eyes really do see everything!

Something about that last panel, looking at the Golden Gate Shanghai Bridge, it's amazing and simple.

You're not going to stop Death from getting his wife back, you think he's scared of dying? Each issue gets better and better.

Green Lantern #21

Robert Venditti's first issue of Green Lantern reads a lot like Peter Tomasi's first Green Lantern Corps issue of a few years back, where it's Hal-centric but John and Kyle show up too as we get an idea of what the near future holds in store for Hal. First order of business, send the rings of deceased lanterns back out to find new recruits:

And right after he does that Larfleeze attacks, wanting all the treasures that the Guardians used to have. Terrible timing for the new recruits to show up:

Iron Man #11

Howard and Maria go along with 451's plan in order for Tony to be born, and we get a major change to his origin:

Kieron Gillen does his best to try and temper the tampering, by saying that Tony was always going to be super smart, he was just directed more towards weapons and arming the world against other species. Still, it takes a bit too much of the "man" out of the character. Thoughts?

Superior Spider-Man #11
Jameson knows Smythe is planning to avoid execution, and asked Spider-Man to make sure he doesn't escape. And Otto uses his own time in prison to make sure escapes don't happen:

Smythe has one trick up his sleeve: powering up those villains Otto has beaten to a bloody pulp since he became Spider-Man:

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #18

Poor Bumblebee, kicked into the wastelands of Cybertron, everyone is picking fights because you get a little crazy outside of the city's walls, and Prowl's actions weren't all the result of being under Bombshell's control.

Nothing like a new body to help make a leader feel better.

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maybetoby said...

Age of Ultron was a joke. What exactly has this story contributed?

Why is Wanda allowed to be an Avenger? Young X-Men make a good point.

All the Bumblebee bashing was pretty pathetic since they should be blaming Starscream, Megatron, Bombshell, and yes even Prowl for their current predicament. Also, nothing like a new body to sell toys.

maybetoby said...
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