Saturday, June 15, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/12/13

It's a super edition of Moments of the Week, just like every week! Today we have Superman Unchained debut, Batman's new origin starts, and Joe Madueria is back to drawing in Savage Wolverine. Much more as always, so hit the jump to check it out.

Batman #21

Six years and five months ago, Bruce returned to Gotham, but didn't want to bring "Bruce" back to life. Alfred disagrees, and while hiding in Crime Alley he is found out by his Uncle Phil, who wants him to come back to Wayne Enterprises, a new building that has a rather bat-like top:

There's the origin of the DCnU penny!

Edward Nigma then suggests that Phil is going to have to kill Bruce to solve all his problems.

Dream Merchant #2

And now you know why Winslow is being chased by hooded people. And now the Merchant of Dreams can train Winslow to control his power.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3
 Groot always saves the day.

Star-Lord knows something's up with them being captured despite protecting the Earth from the Badoon, and hijacks a frequency across all the Spartax ships:

Family issues.

Harbinger Wars #3

H.A.R.D. Corps is such a ridiculous name it actually works, a bunch of older soldiers Rising Spirit calls back into the game. And they do not mess around:

Not cool. And the psiots who escaped Rising Spirit have to fight these guys on their own because the Renegades are trying to stop Bloodshot from reaching the hotel because they think he's still a threat.

Manhattan Projects #12

Alien Fermi rips Harry apart and throws him into space. Cue flashback:

Harry lives and helps subdue Fermi, but his origin is clear: destroy science. He was the one who caused Harry to get irradiated in the first place, and is actually a drone sent by the planet of the horned guy from issue #3 when the Projects arrived in front of the alien council. We were allowed to grow in science as long as we stayed on Earth, but with the Projects now wanting to reach the stars we're a threat to other aliens.

Evil Einstein with a chainsaw is not a good pair.

Savage Wolverine #6

The body being referred to is Bullseye, who the Hand lawyer is using to make sure Kingpin can prove his worth.

That's pretty much all of Spider-Man in the issue, and you can see why they didn't put this in Avenging Spider-Man (that and this is Peter Parker, not Ock).

Joe Madueria, uneasy alliance, Wolverine's old suit, this is the 90's!

Superman Unchained #1
Superman helps stop a secret space station from crashing into earth, along with other satellites and anything that can fly. Superman thinks he knows who caused this:

Seems like Luthor should have a scar, but he wasn't responsible for the incident, at least directly. Meanwhile, Sam Lane is in a super secret military complex below the ocean where we have a big reveal:

This guy was also the one who was dropped over Nagasaki (and presumably Hiroshima) in World War II. Doesn't seem ominous or evil at all, right?

Wolverine & the X-Men #31

Why a school for evil? Well Kade Kilgore believes if he makes mroe supervillain mutants, people will order more sentinels. And they also have a Siege Perilous to make the students more accepting of their new surroundings. Cue the chart:

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