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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/26/13

June is about to come to a close, and the comics industry brings many Moments of the Week that offer as many shocks as the first week of Wimbledon. Today sees the launch of Batman/Superman, Captain America experiences a big loss, Hawkeye's canine companion gets an issue devoted all to his adventures, and Uncanny X-Men sees black. Much more after the jump, so let's get started! 

Age of Ultron #10 AI
A Hank Pym origin story, where we find out he was a very precocious child, dying himself blue with kool-aid mix to look like an alien. While his parents didn't approve, his grandmother fostered the creativity within him.

From then on Hank lost his whimsy until he became Ant Man, doing what he was supposed to. Flash forward to the present, where his realization after Ultron nearly took over the world has made him revert to his more whimsical nature and all the chaos that might include:

Age of Ultron was a terrible series, one of the worst Marvel has done. But this issue is much more Avengers AI #0, and is very good. If you're interested in Avengers AI, read this issue first. It is interesting how pretty much everything related to Age of Ultron is actually just stuff for other series or universes.

Batman/Superman #1

Wayne Enterprise employees are being killed in Metropolis, attacked by an out of character Catwoman. Batman arrives to see what's what, and Superman also shows up. Of course they think they're fighting the bad guy.

On top of Superman fighting Batman you have Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent running into each other and showcasing the differences between the two pillars of the DCU in a very well written contrast, and the art by Jae Lee is beautiful. This might be a series to  keep an eye on.

Captain America #8

Steve has been raising Zola's kid for years in Dimension Z, but Zola took him back and brainwashed him. But it looks like all shields in the back will be forgiven, right?

That's going to be a dent in the relationship.

Daredevil #27

You can't triple stamp a double stamp, and you can't threaten an Avenger who can call upon his friends to protect his loved ones. After a battle between Matt and Ikari, the bottom falls out from under Bullseye. Literally.

How long will Bullseye be off the table like this? Back when American Eagle paralyzed him it was only for what, two months? Hopefully this lasts longer.

Guardians of the Galaxy #4

Tony without a full mustache always looks weird. He also just had a fling with Gamora before she was attacked by this new mercenary.

Family sticks together, just always carry a big gun around with you.

Hawkeye #11

Lucky does what he can to get revenge on the Bro-squad as we see how he spends his days at the apartment complex. On top of this, he's overhearing Clint and Kate's multiple conversations, with this bombshell:

Lucky? More like Judas, betraying Clint to head across the country. Not cool, Pizza Dog. There's a lot of stuff in the issue that makes for multiple readings that I can't fit into a few pages here, give it a look.

Justice League #21

And the Marvel Family is reborn, each having a certain power of their own, like extra speed or being able to communicate with electronics ala Ex Machina. 

Justice League America #5

The old switcheroo, J'onn replaced her while she was unconscious.

That looks to be the first recognition that STRIPE is in the DCnU.

Nope, not ominous at all. Waller needs to work on her communication skills.

Uncanny X-Men #7
Illyana sucks up all of Limbo, and we get a splash page of all black. No Limbo, no Dormammu:

It would be good to just call it a day with the Limbo stuff, as Bendis has never been very good with the Marvel magic stuff. Irving needs to stay on this book though, his art is phenomenal.

X-Men #2

Arkea/Karima escapes, so the X-ladies naturally follow suit. Jubilee decides to tag along, since she doesn't feel safe at the school. That's pretty much asking for trouble, isn't it?


X-O Manowar #14

Way to shatter the faith of others, inner-Vine leaders. Aric arrives to help though, and brings his usual violent justice:

The Vine surrender, the slaves are freed, and Aric takes the slaves back home to Earth. The next arc is titled King Aric, who knows what he will plan to do when he arrives back home. 

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Jarmir said...

Is Zola's kid super strong? Cap is wearing mesh armor... ah super heroes customes: looking good, not for protection

Randallw said...

Black Adam's death isn't too shocking considering solicitations for villains month say he is in Kandahq.

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