Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moth City Season 2 Part 1 Review

Moth City season 1 blew me away. Never before had I read such an engrossing tale that utilized the digital format with such skill.  Each panel built a tale of mystery and suspense that kept you eager for the next page. As season 2 begins, it creates and even larger web of deceit with twists and turns along the way sure to catch you and not let go.

Moth City Season 2 Part 1
Art and Story: Tim Gibson

When we left Governor McCaw in season 1, things were not going his way. His daughter (Glitter) had disappeared; 100 canisters full of bio-weapons had been stolen; his head scientist was dead; and Major Hong of the Chinese Nationalist Government was breathing down his neck. That’s the kind of day that makes a man contemplate a quick drop from a tall building, but McCaw isn't the kind of man to give up so easily.

As McCaw scours the island for clues, Glitter is picked up by members of the underground Chinese faction on the island responsible for the stolen canisters. You find out that she helped them in order to secure safe passage from the island, but Major Hong has his own way of keeping everyone trapped (it involves karate and fire).

Gibson is leading us deeper down the rabbit hole as plot threads continue to multiply. No one’s motivations are clear, and everyone feels untrustworthy with the exception of Glitter. She seems like the one genuinely good person lost in this group of power hungry individuals. Only time will tell if I’m right.

The dynamic storytelling of the digital panel progression returns, and it is still a wonderful experience. The panels evolve in order to deepen the story, they don’t strive to be something they aren't  like some awkward motion comic. Each panel adds nuances and shades that deepen our understanding of characters’ reactions, while the art remains top-notch. Characters are expressive and the color palette implemented throughout only helps the mystery and grunge sink their teeth into us deeper. I wish more comics utilized the digital medium like this, but then Moth City wouldn't feel as unique.


Moth City season 2 part 1 furthers the mystery of its predecessor and delivers a twist at the end that will have readers scrambling for the next installment. With political intrigue, bio-weapons, and karate, Tim Gibson is building a world that everyone should read. Don’t miss out on this comic. Moth City can now be found on Comixology with the newest installment here It can also be found at and Be sure to check it out.

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