Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 06/26/13

Time again for your weekly dose of Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews!  Wednesdays are often replete with quality comics, but it looks like tomorrow will be a veritable treasure trove of amazing books.  There's so many awesome issues hitting stands that these previews feel like they're bursting at the seams!  So check that cut to see my thoughts on the upcoming Lazarus #1, Daredevil #27, Adventure Time #17, and plenty more!

Major Releases

Written by Brian Clevinger
Art by Scott Wegner

Atomic Robo investigates cryptic sightings near the old Nazi space program, 'Science City,' buried deep in the Venezuelan wilderness. Meanwhile, a mysterious package is delivered to Tesladyne - from Hashima Island Quarantine Zone. Is it from Alan? Majestic 12? Or something else entirely? If only the title could shed some light on this mystery!

Grant: I don't know about you, but more Atomic Robo is always cause for celebration in my books.  Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegner's wonderful creation always seems to perfectly scratch my itch for fun adventure comics that don't take themselves too seriously.  Case in point: Dr. Dinosaur, one of the most ridiculous antagonists I have ever encountered in fiction.  He is best served in smaller doses, but Clevinger and Wegner seem to have been withholding him for this exact tale, as it looks like he'll be coming back with a vengeance.  I, for one, cannot wait.

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Jae Lee
A new epic begins with the debut of this new, ongoing series! Don’t miss the first fateful meeting of Batman and Superman in The New 52!

Grant: Alright, so with Jae Lee drawing this bad boy, this comic will probably be super gorgeous and different from what you'd regularly find in your average DC book.  And while I don't have strong feelings for Greg Pak one way or the other, he is a capable writer who I imagine will be able to whip up some interesting stories starring DC's two biggest guns.  That being said, this is yet another $3.99 comic from DC that will only include 20 pages of content.  I've complained about it before, but that won't stop me from complaining about it again: I don't want to support that kind of price point from either Marvel or DC.  Consequently, I won't be reading this series unless someone I know picks it up.  So count me out.

AFTER-THE-FACE REALIZATION: So, there's actually 25 pages of content in this book, which is admittedly better than the 20 that I was expecting.  That being said, I still stand by most of what I wrote above.  It may not apply as directly here as I imagined, but I will not be at all surprised if come issue #2 this title does drop to a 20 page / $3.99 roll out.

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by David Aja

• THE breakout character of 2012… becomes the breakout character of 2013... as PIZZA DOG gets his own issue.
• Literally… the entire issue… it’s all from the dog’s point-of-view.
• Pizza Dog gets hired to solve a crime -- the grizzly murder that shocked Team Hawkguy -- and the only thing more shocking than THAT… is what happens the end of THIS.
• Seriously. This is not a joke! Even the coloring. Dog issue. We’re all gettin’ fired. PLEASE READ…
“Pizza is my Business” …before it’s too late for us.

Grant: Just when you think that Matt Fraciton and David Aja couldn't possible make Hawkeye any better, they hit you with an issue like this one.  I was pumped for an issue starring Pizza Dog from the moment it was first announced, but I've only gotten more excited as we've closed in on the date.  Read that solicitation a second time.  What's not to love?

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark

"FAMILY," Part One
In a dystopian near-future, government is a quaint concept, resources are coveted, and possession is 100% of the law. A handful of Families rule, jealously guarding what they have and exploiting the Waste who struggle to survive in their domains. Forever Carlyle defends her family's holdings through deception and force as their protector, their Lazarus. Shot dead defending the family home, Forever's day goes downhill from there...

Grant: Lazarus is yet another book that I've been chomping at the bit for.  Greg Rucka and Michael Lark make beautiful comics together, as they've proven time and time again, and I cannot wait to see what these two gentlemen unleash on the world in an entirely creator owned book.  I know what I'll be reading first after grabbing my comics tomorrow.

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross and Mark Buckingham

An extra-sized issue celebrating fifty issues of THE UNWRITTEN and the start of “THE UNWRITTEN FABLES,” a 5-issue storyline that drags Tom Taylor into the heart of a world he never made from the pages of Vertigo’s hit series FABLES. The mundane realm of humanity and the fairy-tale homelands have fallen to a terrible foe. In desperation, the witches of Fabletown gather to summon the greatest mage the worlds have ever seen. And are they in for an unpleasant surprise...

Grant: The Unwritten has quietly been churning out issue after issue of extremely high quality comics, and now the series is hitting the big 5-0 (although with those .5 issues from last year, we're actually a bit beyond the fiftieth issue, but that's neither here nor there).  To celebrate, Mike Carey and Peter Gross are busting out one of the least expected, yet most logical, comic book crossovers I've ever encountered.  Unwritten will be spending some quality time with Bill Willingham's Fables (with regular artist Mark Buckingham on board, to boot!).  This one just makes sense in my books, and I'm eager to check it out.

New Kids on the Block

Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Scott Kollins

Larfleeze, the breakout character from BLACKEST NIGHT, last seen in the pages of THRESHOLD, is back in his own solo, ongoing series—and he’s not sharing it with anyone! In his debut solo adventure, Larfleeze meets Laord of the Hunt, a pan-dimensional cosmic entity that believes all living things are prey—and he’s out to turn the universe into his own private hunting reserve! And the only thing worse than Laord is the deadly beings he can summon!

Grant: This is a comic that I would have been really excited for around the time they released that Larfleeze Christmas Special however long ago that was.  As it stands, this definitely feels like too little too late.  As cool as Larfleeze may or may not be, I simply don't understand the need for another Lantern book at this juncture.  Also: is it just me, or is that potentially one of the worst drawn Larfleeze's in the character's short history?  Seriously: yeesh.

Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Aaron Campbell


Weaver is unique, or so he thinks. Born with an uncanny ability, he can steal other people's skills -- their memories, abilities, and expertise -- for a limited time. A man with a power like that could change the world; but as a professional gambler, con-man, and thief-for-hire, Weaver prefers to look out for number one. That is, until he finds himself drawn into a dangerous game of international intrigue where the rules keep changing, the players are hidden. . . and the first thing he stands to lose is his life. And maybe, just maybe, he isn't so unique after all. . .

Grant: I hadn't been expecting Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell's Uncanny, but the solicitation certainly grabs your attention.  Diggle is the type of writer where I'm often willing to at least check out what he's getting up to, and Uncanny seems like it could very easily be worth the price of admission.

You May Have Missed

Written by Steve Horton
Art by Michael Dialynas

Master assassin Amala makes a startling discovery about her latest target that will change her life forever! And Amala's day turns full of surprises when she's thrown into an abandoned subway to face a Modifier monstrosity!
"Tale of a teen assassin, swords, seafaring, steampunk, cyborgs, religious war and a ghost robot pirate monkey. Admit it, you're intrigued."—Newsarama

Grant: I've really been enjoying Amala's Blade.  Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas have created a living, breathing world to surround their heroine with, and the two together make for some brilliant reading.  She is all attitude and her setting is equally cool.  If you're looking for some cavalier action and adventure in your comics, you'd do well to give Amala's Blade a look.

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Chris Samnee

• Two years of the most critically acclaimed series in comics…and it’s all been leading to this moment.
• ‘Close your eyes, Matt Muirdock. Take a deep breath. And feel everything you know slowly close in on you.’

Grant: I've quietly returned to the Daredevil train over the past few issues, and I gotta say, I'm glad to be back.  Mark Waid's writing feels like it has a real sense of direction at this point, and Chris Samnee's art is obviously out of this world.  Seriously, the comic's script could be the phone book, and I'd still be dying to see Samnee draw the heck out of it.  Fortunately, Daredevil is a true 1-2 punch, featuring the best of both the written and artistic worlds.

Written by Art Baltazar and Franco
Art by Ig Guara

It’s not easy being Cecilia Sunbeam, the most famous actress in America...and it’s harder still when you suddenly find yourself with a cybernetic arm! The all-out assault on the Green Team by class-warrior Riot has some VERY unexpected consequences, and no one’s going to emerge unscathed!

Grant: I was really quite impressed with Art Baltazar, Franco, and Ig Guara's Green Team #1.  The book really embraced the zaniness of the teen trillionaire concept and pushed it to just the right spot.  The book's got heart, levity, and action.  As long as they can maintain that balance, there's little reason for me to stop hitting this series up.  We'll see how they manage in the sophomore effort.

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Kate Brown

• Ever wonder what the super hero equivalent of a terrible soul-sucking talent-wasting temp job is? You haven’t? Oh go on. Actually, don’t. We’ve done it for you and written a story about it. This one.
• Wonder what Tommy (aka Speed) has been up to? Discover herein.
• Wonder why mutant David Alleyne (aka Prodigy) hasn’t been even in the background in any one of the eight thousand X-books? Discover that herein too.
• Existential horror turns cosmic horror as something emerges from the shadows of the past. It seems the Young Avengers have yet one more thing to worry about.

Grant: It's a minor tragedy to see an issue of Young Avengers without Jamie McKelvie on art duties, but if Kieron Gillen will work with Kate Brown, then she must be alright (and a quick google of her coroborates such an impression).  It also helps that this solicitation is super ballin'.  I love cape comics that look at the mundane in a world of superheroes, and I have a good feeling that if we get some of that, Gillen will be just the writer to deliver it.

The Balance

Written by Ryan North
Art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb

It's a new TOTALLY MATH adventure for Finn and Jake, everyone's favorite boy and his dog! And this time, we mean that. . . literally?

The newest issue of the hottest all-ages book on the stands today! Get in on what many critics called one of the best series of 2012!

Grant: At this point, I will follow Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, and Braden Lamb anywhere their stories may lead.  Adventure Time has been one of the most consistent comic books from any publisher, with each and every issue delivering great stories that are overfilled with laffs.  The most recent arc of Finn, Jake, and Ice King traversing his old death trap dungeons has been no exception, and I have no doubt that the remaining issues will continue this proud tradition.

Written by Mike Mignola, Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá
Art by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá

Plagued with two vampires trapped inside his chest, Simon Anders struggles to keep them under control before they can throw him into a bloodbath with an army of witches.
A direct sequel to the critically acclaimed B.P.R.D.: 1948!
From the Eisner Award–winning creators of Daytripper—Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon!

Grant: B.P.R.D.: Vampire has been quite the fascinating comic from Mike Mignola, Fábio Moon, and Gabriel Bá.  Moon and Bá have done an excellent job continuing Simon Anders' story, delivering a story that fits right in with the wider Hellboy / B.P.R.D. universe.  It'll be interesting to see how everything comes together as we move towards the conclusion, and I imagine it will make for an enjoyable read.

Written by Frank J. Barbiere
Art by Chris Mooneyham


Fabian's ghostly affliction takes a turn for the worse while Iago terrorizes the Forgotten City!

Grant: The Haunting of Fabian Gray has been all over the place thus far, and that's been a good thing.  Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham have been gleefully checking off numerous pulp fiction tropes in the midst of telling their own engaging tale of pulpy goodness. The only issue I have with this practice is that the story has been losing a bit of momentum and focus of late, so hopefully they'll be able to bring things around for their penultimate chapter.

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Matt Kindt

"The Futurist" concludes, as Lyme faces the Immortals in a battle royale at Shangri-la! Meru discovers the secrets of the Monks—and her own! The origin of the Hulk reaches its explosive finale! Plus more, in the comic that gives you your money's worth!
"With so many dense mysteries swirling through these pages, it will be hard for readers to give up once they are hooked."—Comic Book Resources
"One of the best things to happen to comics ever."—Comic Bastards
"If you are a fan of mysteries, if you are a fan of Kindt, if you are a fan of comics: pick this up!"—Comics Bulletin

Grant: Matt Kindt makes challenging comics.  It also just so happens that his comics are engaging as all get out.  Mind MGMT is the perfect example of that, as the mysteries surrounding his characters are many, and the reading experience is great because of that.  There are constant questions being raised, but Kindt also ensures to lay the groundwork for answers, providing the hints and pieces to help the reader along the route to those ultimate revelations.

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Sean Murphy

They call it the “Ghost Rig.” A secret, underwater oil rig filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery. But when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean! Part two of the incredible new series by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy!

Grant: I was nonplussed by issue #1, finding it a little slow and surprisingly forgettable.  There were a lot of ideas in play that are cool in isolation, but they felt pretty flat to me in the context of the story.  I'm back for a second go around due solely to the creator names, as Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy are some of DC's premier talents at the moment, but if things don't pick up, I have a hard time imagining sticking around for all 10 issues of this miniseries.

Pick of the Week

Guys, it's totally Lazarus.  I don't know if you were expecting anything else, but if you were, you clearly haven't been paying attention.  I have complete faith in Greg Rucka and Michael Lark to deliver one hell of a read, and you should definitely check it out.

What about you?  Which book are you most excited about looking into come this Wednesday?  Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

You are mistaken about the page count in BATMAN SUPERMAN. Its actually 25 pages of content plus three pinups. Not 20 pages as you stated. It's not a bad deal for $3.99.

Grant McLaughlin said...

@anon - So I've since realized. Missed out on my own copy, but having read a friend's, I'm not too broken up about it.

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