Saturday, July 6, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/03/13

It's a celebratory week here in North America, and that means a lighter edition of Moments of the Week, but fear not! I will put down the fireworks and sparklers for a bit to showcase some of the big moments this week, including the groovy debut of Batman '66, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and Batman Inc. gets ready for the final issue. All that and a robot Avengers team after the jump, plus a little bit more!

Avengers #15

All that screaming finally got off planet, alerting the Gardeners and the Builders. Ancient alien race with genocidal robot creations set out to destroy unfit species in the galaxy, seems familiar...

Along with that signal it brought with it a bunch of alien spaceships into Earth's orbit, including some skrulls.When Infinity hits Avengers will be dealing with rallying support of the skrulls, so we more than likely haven't seen the last of the green skinned refugees.

Avengers AI #1

Even when Pym tries to do right he screws up, allowing a new sentient AI being form from the Ultron Virus he planted years before. Unlike Maria Hill and Bruce Banner, Monica Chang and Pym have a much more rocky relationship.

Robots to fight robots, along with commentary about raising children. It's the odd couple for the smart phone generation. In all honesty the book's a little rough, Pym is interesting but Vision seems to be really channeling a Superman vibe, even floating around the sun to power up and meditate. Still worth a look to see if the concept grabs you.

Batman '66 #1

One of DC's digital comics that is similar to Marvel's Infinite comics, you keep moving a key or tapping the screen to have the next piece of art appear, and the bodacious Batman show sound effects really work for this type of concept. Plus the brazen bat banter and confusing criminal conundrums of the Riddler!

This is the deal of the month, what really feels like a new Batman TV show episode, for just a buck. You cannot pass this up, comic chum.

Batman Inc. #12

And now for a totally different Batman, we have clones who still have child heads being cut up by their crazy mother. I don't know if Morrison is doing some kind of meta commentary about DC's current direction or not, but Inc. has felt like it's stepped over that thin line that separates novel and crazy.

Green Lantern #22
Hey, the recruit tried, that's all you can ask for. Saint Walker and a Star Sapphire show up to help fight Larfleeze, but the Star Sapphire is killed, bringing us to ominous lady in the sciencells...

It's been a while since we had an outright evil Star Sapphire.

Trick Larfleeze to get off planet chasing "treasure", that's one way to help the current situation.

Iron Man #12

The Bear is actually a bear. I mean, I know it should have been expected but I thought it might have been some fashion thing.

Howard is attacking the Greys again because they know 451 has placed interest in Tony, who is at that very moment being born. As the man and machine make their way back to Maria, 451 disappears, not being seen until now, to tell Tony of his plans for the inventor:

Something bigger than even the Celestials, it's Pacific Rim times ten.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1

Along with Batman '66, this debut issue of the follies of Spider-Man's rogues is a refreshing change of pace. There's some real humor with Boomerang trying to keep his little Sinister Five together, while trying to make it to the big time in the villain world. It has nothing to do with Superior Spider-Man, and is more like a more humorous version of Secret Six. I really recommend it, even if you aren't a current fan of the Superior Spider-Man direction.

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maybetoby said...

I LOVE Batman Incorporated. Other than Aquaman, and the Transformers and Sonic the Hedgehog comics, it's one of the few I look forward to with excitement and anticipation. Too bad it ends next month.

And speaking of which, Transformers saw another appearance by Waspinator while Sonic the Hedgehog had a huge battle between the allies of Sonic and Mega Man against an army of Robot Masters.

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