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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/10/13

A big, big showcase for today's Moments of the Week, full of everything that you would be interested in reading when it comes to comics. Quantum & Woody get a fresh take on the pairing, Avengers Arena has a big reveal, Trinity War begins in Justice League, and Daredevil deals with an old bully. A lot more after the jump, so let's put some time aside to see what's what!

Astro City #2

A job that you think is just a run of the mill call center turns out to be a hotline for the Honor Guard. Only Kurt Busiek could take something so mundane and make it turn out to be such a crucial component to a world full of superheroes. And it even makes sense! This is why I love this series, and it always brings a smile to my face, there's nothing but love here.

Avengers Arena #12

Nico survives and gets her revenge, but the two aren't killed, just dragged underground, where Deathlocket finds an unusual lair:

Here we go, the pieces to the puzzle. Could be a reset just around the corner, could be just a morgue, but the former seems more likely. A tough spot for the book, it resets like a season of Dallas and loses any impact, or it really sticks to the Battle Royale format and you lose some young heroes.

Batman #22

Bruce has a terrible uncle, he wanted to remain dead. How can the night get worse.

First meeting between the two, and a threat that clearly won't happen since Batman's still around. This issue also has the first appearance of The Penguin in terms of DCnU history.

Daredevil #28

An interesting take on Matt's world before he became blind, he was kind of a cocky kid. It adds just the right amount of grey to the situation. Art this issue comes from Javier Rodriguez, who really does a nice job, channeling Marcos Martin a bit in page layouts and the fluidity of animations. That first page of Matt trying to change alone, it's a nice upbeat look.

East of West #4
Death and his companions tear through Mao's army, leaving Xiaolian to take care of her family.

And with that Xiaolian takes control of New Shanghai, even Death kneels before her.

Hawkeye #12

As shown in Pizza Dog's issue last week, Barney shows up to get help from Clint, and is resorting to being a punching bag for the Tracksuit Vampires. Joke's on them, like it always is.

Indestructible Hulk #10

A blast from Baron Zemo's raygun causes the Hulk to lose his sight, making him want to smash indiscriminately. Daredevil then tries to calm him down and makes himself the target, but in the process another of those sonic guns blows up:

Hulk holds up a mountain in Secret Wars, he can hold up a building no problem.

Justice League #22
 Dr. Light's powers explained, a bit different than before.

Superman gets put back to normal after a quick fight, and the Justice League heads to Kahndaq toget Shazam from starting another international incident. The JLA then decides to step in too, leading to a big standoff:

And with that the teams fight. It's mentioned at the end this was all orchestrated by that man with a tophat from JLA and Dr. Light might not even be dead, but really, Superman killing, it's trying too hard even if it's a cop out. I can't even care one way or the other at this point.

Quantum & Woody #1

And now for something a bit lighter in tone. Eric Henderson is a by the books cop and his dad, Derek's, biological son. Woody is the flake adopted son. Their father was a scientist who was killed, and the two reunite to find out what happened. Time for the hero origin! 

They somehow survive and are then surrounded by cops and being framed for their father's death. A fun, fun book that fits nicely between Archer & Armstrong for complete lunacy in the Valiant universe and the grittier tales of Bloodshot and Harbinger. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoyed Superior Foes of Spider-Man or Hawkeye.

Superior Spider-Man #13

Idiot indeed. Ock takes the survivors to the surface but Smythe's body still has a few failsafes left:

Mind transplants are the in thing these days. After a little blackmail on JJJ with regards to the mayor ordering Spider-Man to kill Smythe, Spider-Ock gets a big new place to hang out:

That's a power move in every sense.

Superman Unchained #2 
Tallest building in the world collapses, Superman's got it in under three seconds. And yet we still have to wait two minutes for popcorn!

Next issue, old Superman vs. New Superman.

Uncanny X-Men #8
Fabio is returned home safe and sound, but SHIELD have been watching his house for the past few days, and no one believe him when he says he was fine:

I wonder if Fabio's parents will remember Dazzler's music career.

X-O Manowar #15
Aric is making some big promises (and by extension threats), but an old friend in Gilad (the Eternal Warrior) attempts to walk him away from this path:

Naturally, things turn sour. A nice juxtaposition, two Visigoths who are still in the present, one having lived through millenia of conflict on Earth and has done his best to acclimate, the other holding a chip on his shoulder for something long, long since past.

Young Avengers #7
Teen superheroes need likes and follows or they aren't going to save the day anymore. Back on earth the YA look for breakfast and come across another teen hero:

Prodigy had been trying to contact them since the whole alien parent fiasco, and triangulated their location for the last three months.

Multiverse, and all it's incarnations of the heroes, here we come.

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Anonymous said...

And nu52 shows its dabble to being Earth 3 with an Ultraman move. Glad I've quit. What gets me is where is Booster (dead?) If he saw that I bet he would freak and be doing some checks by now.

maybetoby said...

Booster Gold was last in the Wild West with Jonah Hex. Don't know if he's made it to the present yet.

I find Batman Year Zero intersting, and wonder just how things get to the point we saw at the start of last issue.

Anytime Team A shows up and bosses around Team B, a fight ensues. And Waller is an idiot for sending in Dr. Light, a scientist with absolutely no combat experience. Especially when he has no idea what his powers are capable of. Love the nod to Flashpoint with the Outsider.

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