Saturday, July 20, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/17/13

The eyes of the comic world are focused on San Diego, but if you cuold please look this way for just a few minutes to see today's Moments of the Week. Coming up we have the conclusion to Harbinger Wars, Wonder Woman explores New Genesis, Superior Carnage debuts and Iceman hits Thor with a snowball. You read that right, so hit the jump to find the fully story!

All-New X-Men #14

Turns out Jean was faking the Phoenix thing to throw the villains for a loop, but she forgot to keep the projection so that only the villains saw it. A few punches and kicks later, the Uncanny Avengers arrive again to do what they do best, lecture:

These little moments like Bobby pelting Thor and the Summers High Five, it's stuff you never really got with any sincerity in Bendis' Avengers run, but it feels right here.

Avengers #16

It feels a bit like Hickman is in a holding pattern for a few months with Infinity on the horizon, but one of the stronger parts of the issue is Starbrand and Nightmask talking about how they're increasingly beyond the power level that the Avengers perceive them to be.

Batman & Robin Catwoman #22

Graveyards don't have USB ports, Bruce. While one half of the issue is dealing with Carrie, Catwoman asks for assistance from Batman to help rescue a chineses dissident's daughter from their own government created "heroes":

That could almost be an alternate reality where it's Bruce and Selina's kid. Next issue wraps up the guest partner escapades with Nightwing, and Two-Face is also coming along for the ride.

Harbinger Wars #4

Lots of death this issue, as some of Bloodshot's psiots are killed, a lot of the H.A.R.D. Corps bite the dust, and some of the Ravagers allies disappear to. And to top it all off, Harada arrives in the city to pluck up some of the psiots for his own reasons:

Trickery and deceit! For the new Valiant's first event, this was done well, a short event that didn't need to be required if you read only one series or another, and it actually has the feeling that there is something to build on here. So good job, HW team.

Justice League of America #6

On the other hand, two issues into the Trinity War and it already feels like it's not really going to do anything. Superman's really shaken up about being forced to kill Dr. Light, to the point where it's clearly going to be reversed, Wonder Woman goes off to look for the Justice League Dark, and ultimately the fight that could have been interesting to see between the JL and JLA last for about two pages before Superman stops it. Meh.

Savage Wolverine #7
Elektra's Indiana Jones moment. But simple Hand ninjas aren't all the duo faces:

That's a well done moment, Wolverine actually looking for the fight. Elektra moves forward and we find out Bullseye was a red herring, seems someone else was resurrected by this offshoot of the Hand:

Superior Carnage #1

The Wizard wants to control Carnage because with his new iteration of the Frightful Four, it would provide something to draw Bentley back to his father and the dark side, for lack of a better term. That's actually a decent reason for the man as opposed to just being a standard villain to showcase how crazy Carnage is by himself:

Smart move to keep a sonic based villain on hand to deal with the symbiote.

Wonder Woman #22
A floating city in the sky above a world that is still recovering from a hinted at battle with Apokolips and Darkseid. Before they go back to Earth, Highfather demands Zeke stay on New Genesis:

It had been three days since Diana and the others left London, and in that time the First Born razed the city pretty good:

 Lennox, no!

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maybetoby said...

I'm actually glad the JL/JLA fight was brief. After Avengers vs X-Men, I'm sick of heroes fighting each other. Now we can move on with the story.

Looking forward to Batman and Two-Face in October.

Seeing New Genesis was badass, wish there would've been more revelations about Apokalips to go along with it.

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