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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/24/13

Apologies for the slightly late Moments of the Week, last second vacation audible. To make amends how about Spidey taking out the trash in Superior Spider-Man, a big callback to Kieron Gillen's Journey Into Mystery appears in Young Avengers, Hunger debuts to spell out doom for the ultimate universe, and Black Panther acts stone cold in New Avengers. Always more, always after the jump!

Batman/Superman #2

DCnU Superman and Batman are teleported to another universe where their older selves are much more in control, along with other surprises, like Ma and Pa Kent being alive and Selina and Bruce being married. The Batman vs. Batman confrontation reminds me a lot of Batman vs. Captain America from JLA/Avengers.

Anyways, the two heroes interact with their other selves as they explore this new world, with much more being revealed:

This cues up the other universes Wonder Woman. Two issues in and Greg Pak seems to be able to provide some kind of panacea to those still reminiscing the pre-DCnU days.

Captain America #9
Steve is still messed up about Sharon killing Ian last issue, but Sharon maintains that it was all memories implanted into his head, as she followed Steve into the portal only 30 minutes behind him.

Only one Zola remains, and the fallout from the arc is explored next issue.

Hawkeye Annual #1
As we saw in the dog issue, Lucky heads off with Kate to L.A. But why? Clint was part of the reason, but her father was another:

Kate heads to L.A. for some fun and sun, but Madam Masque plots her revenge, cancelling her credit cards and having her clothes be stolen. Then comes the old "befriend my nemesis to destroy them" tactic:

A lot more to the story, but Masque is set up as Kate's first individual rogue.

Hunger #1

Galactus absorbs Gah Lak Tus, super transforming into an even hungrier being of the universe. Mostly a setup issue, if the Ultimate Universe is able to stay around after this it will be kind of a shock.

Justice League Dark #22

Apparently the Kahndaq Times doesn't have an online version. Waller wants Superman to remain at ARGUS but everyone politely declines with some property damage. Back to the standoff between the other heroes:

Heroes are jumping sides quicker than a game of Red Rover, and still haven't really fought each other. Waller and some generic soldiers are about it. Meanwhile it looks more and more like all this is being orchestrated by villains from Earth-3.

New Avengers #8

An issue that ends with what seems to be the end to the first issue of Infinity, we have Tony finding the corpse of the Living Tribunal in space, and T'Challa pulling Namor from Atlantis to allow Wakanda to attack. And then at the end Thanos' new generals arrive all across Earth.

Superior Spider-Man #14

Spider-Man's first order of business now that he has a whole island to be his HQ is to finally take out the Kingpin and his less than subtle center of his criminal empire in Shadowland. Kingpin has a plan to throw Spider-Man off the trail, if only for a bit:

Every time you see a spider, it could be recording you to blackmail for your cooperation. Still, Doc Ock gets results.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1

Not stopping with Shadowland, it appears to everyone that Spidey is picking fights with other heroes, so the Avengers once again have a talk with him. The reveal:

I only remember Carrion from Maximum Carnage, but Spidey gets a chance to save the day, and rub it in:

Uncanny Avengers #10

The Horsemen of Death take out the team, with a little bit of flirting between Thor and Rogue for good measure. It seems more than anything else, the Uncanny Avengers team is succeeding in humans and mutants looking to hook up. 

Young Avengers #8

Billy being seen as a god, that seems more like it would come from Allan Heinberg's run with the character. The travel through the multiverse continues to find Patriot and Speed continues, including Teddy and Prodigy being trapped in the Mother's world from the first arc. Meanwhile, say hello to an old frenemy:

And the last page will no doubt cause quite a stir on tumblr and even the fictional yamblr:

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maybetoby said...

I'm digging the new Batman/Superman book. I've always loved Jae Lee's work.

Galactus absorbing Gah Lak Tus is pretty awesome. I'm excited about this mini and what it leads into, hope I'm not disappointed.

Superman leaving when he was mind-controlled by a villain is pretty stupid. Exactly how do they plan on preventing it from happening again?

I don't really get why T'Challa attacked Atlantis. Yeah it's payback for Atlantis attacking Wakanda in Avengers vs X-Men but it didn't seem like he really wanted to go throught it. So why go through with it at all?

Spidey taking down Shadowland was awesome. Does Kingpin really think that decoy will fool anyone?

The Avengers are pretty dumb, and usually end up being saved by someone else after starting a fight they have no business being in.

Aquaman also teases us with some revelations about Atlantis and Mera's people.

What IF: AVX is turning out to be just as big a waste as the original.

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