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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/31/13

It's a Weekly Crisis Moments of the Week! On top of things like Grant Morrison's last Batman issue for the foreseeable future, and time being whack in Marvel books like Guardians of the Galaxy, we've got even bigger moments like our very own Ryan Lindsay writing for Action Lab's Ghost Town and former reviewer Ryan Schrodt scripting Youngblood! Much more after the jump, so let's see what went down this week.

Batman Annual #2

Say hello to a new DC rogue, The Anchoress. Her history is actually not one of being a villain but simply wanting to be rehabilitated. But times change in Gotham, due in large part to Batman:

She has the power to trap people in their own minds, but Bruce is able to use his memories to stop her. She still remains at Arkham looking to rehab herself, but it's an interesting and novel angle and bringing back the original goal of Arkham Asylum.

Batman Inc. #13

And that's.....pretty much it. Ra's still has a bunch of clone babies at his disposal, another confirmation that Gordon knows Bruce is Batman but won't say it, but it really feels like Morrison's heart wasn't in this compared to his other stuff, even the end of his Action Comics run.

Daredevil #29

This is a novel way to trap Matt with his insistance that he's not DD, as a blind man wouldn't know who really shot Nate, all part of the white supremacist group's way to rig the system. One thing they didn't expect were some minority police and medical workers on site:

The day is saved as always, but a cliffhanger for next issue:

Rosalind Sharpe, maybe? She is Foggy's biological mom after all. Or maybe it's Kirsten joining the private sector? 

Ghost Town #2
In case you missed the first issue, the setup is simple: a time-travel bomb was planted in D.C. to go off at some unknown time. Half the residents left, the other half stayed and are in a sort of no-man's land. This means some of the more criminal elements get a chance to expand their empire, like Tyrell here:

Nate's profession is to get things out of the city, and it involves gaining access to Tyrell's HQ located in a ritzy hotel. Let's see what his goal is today....

Looks like he's going to have more on his hands than he realized. It's a buck on Comixology, well written to show a place where things are bad but they haven't completely fallen apart and there's still a sense of order (albeit vastly different), give the book a shot. You'll make all of us happy.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Mantis isn't joining the team again but we get Peter's experience of what he felt at the end of Age of Ultron. While he talks, Angela was flying to Earth where the other Guardians cut her off at the moon while Peter talks to a big dude:

Forget Thanos, where's Richard?

Indestructible Hulk #11
Waid is also hinting at the fracture in time, where those who would abuse the fissure are moving into place to further their goals. The solution? Hulk. But we need brains too:

Blue and Gold, Tango and Cash, Brains and Brawn. It sells itself, really.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #19

Last issue gave the revelation that Ultra Magnus doesn't exist anymore, and now we know who's been acting as him recently, Minimus Ambus. And it actually works without crapping on the previous works. While Tyrest continues to enforce his justice, Pharma gives Ratchet a very messed up challenge to see who's the best doc:

Poor Ambulon.

The Wake #3

This series radiates the paranoia of The Thing, as the beast can telepathically mess with people's minds into believing what they want to believe. The evacuation call is given and this brings up the story of the Fifty-Two Hertz Whale and it's song:

That is some pretty pretty art. And they're probably screwed, too.

Uncanny X-Men #9

With three different hair colors it would help distinguish them....

Take that, Hill!

For as good as Cyclops has defended his actions and made a good case to other heroes and the world, this was rather weak of him in both execution and guilt tripping. I expect better from the lifelong leader, C-.

X-Men #3

And that's how it kind of ends. Karima is still alive, everyone assumes Arkea was wiped out but they keep their guard up, it's a little cynical almost like an episode of Miami Vice and not really how I was expecting the opening arc to end. 

Youngblood #78

You've got a mixture of Ghostbusters along with Justice League Unlimited this issue as the team expands to fight off Chapel's demonic incursion into New York City, one of the first Youngblood issues I've read since Image started 20 years ago. And it wasn't that bad, and seemed to be more accessible than I anticipated. Double your pleasure by supporting both Ryans in their respective works!

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Deebo305 said...

Thanos maybe a dick but he's got point. You can't mess with the space time continuium and not expect someone to be pissed off about it. But makes you think why no say a thing to guys like Kang who do it all the time?

On Uncanny X-Men, good to see the other Cuckoos getting their own personalities. It always felt like no one knew what to do with them

maybetoby said...

Poor Grant, his heart probably wasn't in it due to how truncated the ending felt. At least give him a bigger sized issue like they did for Johns' final issue of Green Lantern.

Love More than Meets the Eye! The original Ultra Magnus died forever ago, the Ultra Magnus we've been following throughout IDW (except prewar Cybertron stories) have indeed been Minimus Ambus.

Anonymous said...

from what it looks like on the fate on Richard Rider it appears he's still stuck in the cancerverse. I assure you sometime next year that's going to be a mini-crossover with GotG & Nova about how to get him back. I just hope with him back he co-stars the Nova title since I've been really enjoying Sam's story.

maybetoby said...

The still haven't explained how Thanos and Star-Lord got out.

Mark said...

Starlord's a skrull and they forgot to do their research.

Anonymous said...

Age of Ultron had that whole "time is broken & people from of universes end up somewhere" One could say that that's how Thanos & Starlord ended up back in 616

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