Saturday, August 10, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/07/13

It's another weekend and another edition of Moments of the Week, for one and all! When you hit the jump you'll see teen mutants kissing in All-New X-Men, Superior Foes having friendly parole officers, Big Brother is actually Big Spider-Man, and Manhattan Projects bids farewell to an important character. Always more, so let's get started.

All-New X-Men #15

The two friends head to Salem for something to eat, while Jean talks to old Hank and young Hank after a startling revelation:

It's better than Jean and Logan, truth be told. Scott and Bobby, however, find some ladies to talk to as well, but get interrupted by a high speed chase coming into view. Hero time.

Iceman is the best wing man. Gotta love the heroes shaking on a job well done. Very good cool down issue before the upcoming X-Men event (no pun intended).

Avengers #17

That's the same void that Hyperion found himself in when his world disappeared.

The Avengers got their butts handed to them, so it's another roster call. They didn't have to go far for the new recruits:

Next stop, Infinity.

Avengers AI #2

I can buy Doombot not liking Jefferson. The sentinel was sent by Dimitrious, the sentient AI, who makes his demands across the globe:

Up next, the extinction of humanity. These new synthetics just don't like organics.

Green Lantern #23
Hal is being a bit of a speciest, thinking just because the new recruits are small they're kids.

I don't know if that's actually possible to bend laser fire like that, but it's cool nonetheless. I'm really liking Venditti's run so far.

Hunger #2

Silver and Gold, fighting to save their universe from the new Galactus. Silver Surfer tries to comprehend this new being:

The Kree even try and eliminate Galactus by creating a supernova chain reaction, but it doesn't really do anything. Rick Jones and Radd teleport to Earth in the meantime:

Manhattan Projects #13

 Godspeed, Laika, and your bag of doggy treats.

Quantum & Woody #2

Wonder Twin powers activate, and the brothers get away to find out exactly what their dad was working on. Turns out he was being hounded by a group called the E.R.A., who have just bought out Mr. Henderson's former employer specifically for his research data.

Costumes bring people together. A fun alternative to serious spandex business, much like the series just below.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2

While Boomerang deals with the rival restaurant, the Punisher shows up. What do you do if your power is super speed?

Turns out Boomerang still owes something to Chameleon, something we don't even know if it still exists. All this and a parole hearing to boot!

Should've stuck to being a reformed villain, Boomer.

Superior Spider-Man #15

Ock tries to put some of the Parker pieces back together after neglecting them while on the hunt for Hobgoblin, but he finally finds out his real identity:

And everyone was scared of Tony when he was in charge of SHIELD, villains posing as heroes would naturally go Big Brother even quicker.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #20

Starscream gloats, Starscream reflects. At least Wheeljack coming back will be cool to see. And I dig the "I make right" line.

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maybetoby said...

Urich being outed by Spidey is that ultimate pwnage lol

Atomic Robo had some great Dr. Dinosaur moments.

Hope travels to the future and meets Stryfe in Cable and the X-Force.

He heroes of Earth 2 get beat pretty badly by the forces of Steppenwolf. Pretty sure one of those villains is the brainwashed Earth 2 Superman.

Godzilla vs Zilla in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

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