Saturday, August 17, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/14/13

To Moments of the Week, and beyond! I think I got something wrong there, but it's still true. This week sees the launch of Marvel's newest things-will-never-be-the-same even Infinity, JLA looks to move the Trinity War into the next act, and Superior Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider have a team-up that involves punching each other. Oh, and Saga returns. Click the link, hit the jump, and check out all that and more. 

Avengers Arena #13

Molly's outsburst sends Hank on the lookout for other disappearances from the various teen hero teams, along with locating teleportation energy across the globe. In the end, it all comes down to talking to Mettle, who just magically shows up. Be skeptical.

Good enough to fool the heroes for the time being, and Mettle might be officially dead now. The series is heading into the homestretch for the final few issues, so expect some kind of resolution.

Batman #23

Nigma sent the Red Hood after Bruce, and in a change from Year One it was the gang's brutal beating, not getting stabbed in his first outing on the streets of Gotham, that causes him to be bandaged up by Alfred. Trying to merge old with new, Bruce makes it home and activates some memory mood sphere from his father's possessions, creating a hologram of the caves beneath the mansion:

So there's your new origin of "Batman," pretty much half-new and half-old.

East of West #5

The best series currently on the market, you get quick but sufficient flashbacks to Death's courting of Xiaolian, the plans of Chamberlain continue to ensure the apocalypse with their kidnapped child of prophecy, and the art makes it all so appealing.The merging or organic and robotic is a much creepier version of the Phalanx from the Marvel universe, top notch sci-fi.

Infinity #1

So long, Spaceknights. Galador is wiped out, and the Avengers and SWORD notice all the alien planets in the Builders path are being destroyed. Captain America leads most of the squad into space to establish a defense while Tony stays to work on last minute miracles, all the meanwhile Thanos is looking for something, something Black Bolt might have.

The Outrider escapes and Thanos is informed of the Avengers leaving Earth, realizing now is the time to strike. Compared to pretty much every Marvel event of the years, this actually seems to be building to something and doesn't feel decompressed like a certain Ultron book from earlier in the year.

Justice League of America #7

Atom tells everyone about Waller's plans to fight the Justice League should they turn bad, people are upset by the news, but then think Waller is actually to blame for all this. So they head back, while Batman's group deals with the Phantom Stranger and Pandora visits a guy who believes he can fix everything:

Saga #13
While The Will has to deal with repairing his damaged ship on a lush planet, Alana and Marko try to deal with reanimated bones. Angry, angry bones.

At least a change of underwear, guy.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2

Kaine never connects the dots that it's not really Peter in there, and then they're attacked by Jackal's newest spider-clones. All the while, Ock struggles with letting his "brother" die in the fight. 

Scarlet Spider #20

Otto tries to kill two birds with one stone, and only succeeds in "killing" Jackal. Kaine lives and is pretty upset at this new attitude Spider-Man has towards him.

Uh oh.

Uncanny X-Men #10

Would you believe that a sentinel attacks right then? Because it does. Kudos for Cyclops trying to prop up the Avengers and FF despite their recent interactions.

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Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure I have already seen a scene like the last page of East of west moment. Then I recalled, it sounds like the scene where Spock is taking a test at the start of Star Trek 4

patrick said...

Loved that ending to Batman. Thought it was more realistic than a bat blasting through a glass window and still keeping the key elements (bat on fathers bust, the bell on end table) and the classic line "yes father, I shall become a bat". So far, so good!

Deebo305 said...

Gotta say I'm loving Uncanny X-Men more than any other X-book, that scence show why.

Haven't been up on any Spiderbooks lately but those Scarlet Spider pages look good.

Lastly, any read Guardian of the Galaxy? Is it worth picking up and do they acknowlege anything from the Cancerverse event or ignore it entirely?

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