Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moth City Season 2 Part 2 Review

You have to adapt in order to survive. It’s a rule of evolution. It’s a rule of entertainment. It’s a rule of life. It’s just a rule, and it’s a rule that Tim Gibson seems to understand. So far, the Moth City experience has been that of a political, noir thriller. Communists, nationalists, bio-weapons, murders, mysteries, it’s all here. Moth City Season 2 Part 2 marks a change in tone. Now you can add another genre to the mash-up that is Moth City: horror.

Moth City Season 2 Part 2
Story and Art: Tim Gibson

The island of Moth City has devolved into sheer chaos, and Glitter is right in the middle of it. The boats are in flames; the island is on lockdown; and, worst of all, her father is looking for her. To make matters even worse, the bio-weapon outbreak is starting to have drastic effects on the island community. No one is safe. Glitter must find a way off the island if she hopes to survive, but that won’t be easy.

Jun steals the show.
Issue 4 is the most surprising issue yet. As the progression of each panel continues, a new bombshell awaits. The biggest surprise for me was the narrative for Jun. Previous issues always left me viewing Jun as an inconsequential character. I often found myself wondering why he was still alive, but issue 4 thrusts him into the spotlight. It is through his eyes that we are able to grasp the chaos on the island and the magnitude of destruction the bio-weapon can cause. With a simple tug of some entrails, Jun became my favorite character. No contest.

Gibson’s art continues to excel. The characters are unique, and the action is great, but it’s the subtle touches that make his work shine. The orange flames reflected in a pair of eyes; a bead of sweat running down a face; the concern shown in the eyes of a father; little details like these bring the characters and world to life. It’s gorgeous work.

With all of these great qualities, Moth City’s greatest asset is the digital format. Tim Gibson is writing a comic that shows the best utilization of a digital comic. It’s not that awkward motion comic slush that tries too hard to be an animated cartoon. You won’t find stilted animation and shotty voice work here. What you’ll find here is clever usage of panels that allows more room for story. One panel can show the opening of a door or the turning of a head instead of multiple. The dynamic progression of panels breathes life into the comic that can’t be found anywhere else.


I cannot praise Gibson’s work enough. Moth City is the best thing happening in digital comics. The story is a one-of-a-kind genre mash up that continues to evolve and dazzle. Season 2 Part 2 marks a meaningful change in tone and a huge surprise ending that has me itching like a junkie for my next fix. Read this comic. I don’t want to have to tell you again (even though I gladly would).

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