Saturday, September 7, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/04/13

Hello September, the most evil of all months. At least that's what DC is thinking as Forever Evil kicks off their newest event. But that's not all for this edition of Moments of the Week, as time is evil in X-Men: Battle of the Atom and Superior Spider-Man, gods are evil in Jonathan Hickman's newest series God Is Dead, and Infnity shows how evil Marvel's bad guys can be too. All this and more, like The Star Wars, after the jump!

Forever Evil #1

Yes, that is Ultraman freebasing kryptonite. While Ultraman is getting his fix, the others in the CSA are breaking villains out of prisons and offering other supervillains a chance to fall under their lead. In case you're wondering why Luthor is back at his place and not in prison, it seems he's been acquitted of everything bad against him.

Ultraman vows to destroy anything connected to Dick, in order to make sure no one interferes with their plans for our Earth.

They had the Simpsons on Earth 3 too, it seems. Next week is issue #2.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

I like how Kitty isn't foaming at the mouth when Cyclops' team helps out like other heroes. Common sense prevails and the two teams help destroy the remaining sentinels.

The blur effect looks to be caused at the trigger of time shenanigans, and the young Cyclops nearly dying would be a big reason for that. Now everyone in the present is on the same page that the original team needs to head back to the past so that doesn't happen again. But before that can happen, they get some visitors:

Cliffhanger! Looks like you'll have to wait....until you scroll down just a little bit to see what happens next.

All-New X-Men #16

Everyone's talking about fixing things by sending the five back, but Jean is a little freaked out that these new guys have their minds shielded. She originally wants Hank to run away with her:

Jean controls Wolverine to cause a distraction while she and Scott run away and steal the Blackbird. Then there comes the big reveal:

With any luck this future Jean won't exist when time stops being broken, but that's never gonna happen, is it?

Batman Joker #23.1

One of the first stories to come out of Villain's Month, and it has nothing to do with Forever Evil or the Joker, for that matter. It's mainly a Jackanapes story that reads much more like it was an inventory issue before this idea of Villain's Month even surfaced. Definitely skip it.

Batman & Robin Two-Face #23.1 

Here is something much more in line with villains reacting to the country being overtaken by an evil JLA. Two-Face joins this new society but at the same time becomes the Punisher of Gotham in Batman's absence, taking out those who would do hurt the weak. Harvey even returns to his old hunting ground at Gotham's courthouse to render his coin-flip verdicts:

God Is Dead #1

You're a jerk, Zeus, and also hella vain to think that's supposed to be you in that painting. This story begins with a lot of floods, fires, and other natural disasters occurring all over the world in 2015 before Zeus makes his appearance. Two months later, the world nearly plunges into chaos as people revert to the ways of worshiping old gods, complete with sacrifices.

That's pretty much exactly how the media would respond to the events, I love good satire. The world hasn't completely gone into a tribe mentality, as those who are some of the brightest minds in the world look to use their brains to save the day:

And just before the issue ends, Odin the All Father invites all the other newly returned gods to Valhalla to talk about what to do with the world:
Don't talk about my Mama Earth like that! This is an interesting first issue, and the way the world reacts to these old gods "returning" is definitely the highlight of the issue and primed for more exploration. It's also co-written by Hickman, so give it a shot.

Infinity #2

While Corvus makes demands, up in space the badly damaged allied forces win a small victory against the Builders. Their response is to let loose one of their Ex Nihili:

A few more Builder ships destroyed but in exchange for a planet. One thing the issue does is that while this does show another setback, the Avengers and their allies aren't completely up-ended like in other events. Back on Earth the Illuminati meet to discuss Thanos' tribute:

Honestly, who saw that coming? Nice cliffhanger.

Justice League of America Deadshot #7.1

Compared to the two Batman villain issues, this Deadshot specific story does a little of both worlds, showing Floyd's origin as a hitman and how he currently is a gun for hire, returning to Waller to put up some resistance to the CSA.  All about the money, honey.

Quantum & Woody #3

Cereal sound effects!

Wait, how did that bum know Quantum was black? Woody explains it all:

This is a good, funny book, don't miss out on it.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #3

Getting kicked out of your own group, that's going to sting. What does Boomerang do? Tattle.

Superior Spider-Man #17

More time travel phooey, but this time from the POV of the future.

Ock's first home run in his life is ruined when Max is arrested for what Horizon has done in the past few months/years since Peter's worked there.

Ock's response is to just mess Stone up for his traitorous ways, which leads to our conflict of the Spider-Men.

Fight, fight, fight! (next issue)

The Star Wars #1

That is the Jedi family of Kane Starkiller, his older son Annikin, and his young son Deacon, who was killed by that sith guy. They are some of the few remaining jedi as the New Empire continues it's expansion in the galaxy by looking to attack the Aquilaean system, where there are rumors of Luke Skywalker leading a resistance:

And indeed Skywalker is there, when Kane and his son arrive as the father asks a favor from his fellow jedi:

As someone who isn't a big Star Wars fan, this story from Lucas' original script is a nice What If and it structured very well by J.W. Rinzler, and Mike Mayhew's art is much better here than it has been in his Marvel work.

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maybetoby said...

So far I'm loving Forever Evil. Love how Dick was a focus of attention for the CSA, since he is a very respected among his. Even caught Professor Pyg and Flamingo in the spread of assembled villains.

The whole "All New X-Men" concept is stupid. There is no logical reason for the past versions to be in the present. We saw why when young Cyclops got hurt. But do the younger versions want to leave? Nope, they think they know better even though this isn't their time period. They never should've come in the first place. Bravo, Hank.

Honestly, I liked the Jackanapes story, simply because I like the Morrison Batman villains.

Infinity is cool and all, but it's being written by people who have no understanding of how the Marvel Cosmic universe works. Did they gloss over or simply not read Annihilation, War of Kings, Thanos Imperative, Annihilators, etc...?

I LOVE Spider-Man 2099, so I'm super excited about him being in Superior. But don't stay too long, time's broken enough as it is.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out Old Man Wade looks bad ass, but yeah the Past X-men have over stayed their welcome.

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Hadon HAL said...

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