Saturday, September 14, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/11/2013

Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week, where villains still reign and teen heroes are pitted against one another! Today we'll highlight the debut issue of Eternal Warrior, it's time to clean out the Manhattan Projects, Astro City shows what those people who have powers do when they don't want to be a hero, and Infinity: The Hunt debuts more young heroes across the world. All this and a character created as satire now played completely right after the jump.

Astro City #4

Martha Sullivan became a telekentic at a young age, but she didn't have the chops to be a hero or a villain, so what's a lady to do?

These people who use their gifts in more mundane ways are called "sideliners," and it's just a great focus in a world where every city has a superhero. This is what a world would look like if mutants weren't persecuted at every turn in the Marvel universe.

Avengers #19

J-Son, you are a bad, bad king.

Avengers Arena #15
In superhero fashion, the ring gets knocked into the water, where Nara goes to find it, and we learn her origin:

Etch this into stone: monsters beat dinosaurs. Nara finds the ring and does what she can to put Cullen back to normal, even if it means sacrificing herself:

I liked Nara, so it's sad to see her go. Or be brought back to life in the end, who knows anymore.

Batman The Riddler #23.2

Kind of a weird story while the CSA attacks the country, as the Riddler gets into Wayne Tower with his smarts yet no one stops the guy wearing very visible Riddler colors. This is when it's perfectly fine to profile someone. He makes his way up to the higher levels causing more chaos, until he comes across an old Arkham guard:

Too much, dude. Nigma's whole goal? Play cards on the roof.

That's rather anticlimactic.

Batman & Robin Court of Owls #23.2

Wikipedia says the oldest Talon known so far was from 1665, so that needs to be a well preserved body. Odd that this is a Batman & Robin issue instead of the aptly named Talon series (well, it makes sense when you realize this book probably sells more, but still).

The Eternal Warrior #1

Gilad's daughter falls in with some more....unkind elements millenia ago. These days the Eternal Warrior is content to live out his immortal life alone:

Of course what happens next is his daughter returns to visit him, seemingly immortal herself (but not his son, so far at least). A very good first issue that feels almost like a better crafted Rambo sequel, I recommend a look.

Green Lantern Mongul #23.2

Mongul's history in a few pages (he also kills his parents). In the present Mongul fights an alien planet that refuses to surrender, to which he points out why they will lose:

Jim Starlin wrote this issue and Mongul very much feels like Thanos-lite, he even has his own room full of heads from his slain enemies.

Indestructible Hulk #13

What makes Hulk stronger? Hulk with the Ebony Blade. Still not done with the time stuff, next location is the day Banner became the Hulk in the first place. Dun-dun-dunnnnnn.....

Infinity: The Hunt #1

Here are the newcomers from Jimmy Woo's Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted:

We've seen these guys before:

Wakanda has some new recruits:

I didn't know Bentley was going to be in the book, he wins, hands down.

There's your new heroes, all ready to compete in the Contest of Champions, until they look outside:

Namora also calls in to say Atlantis is destroyed. Not a good start to the games.

Justice League Lobo #23.2

This is the real Lobo. He's not quite emo or twilight in appearance, more like a Gambit, but he's missing the whole satire element and is just a well known bounty hunter. "Sorry, Not Sorry," is something that appears in the issue quite a bit.

I prefer fake Lobo.

The Manhattan Projects #14

Westmoreland isn't messing around, as he is able to hijack Groves' mech robot to destroy Dmitry's body to force them to surrender.

All of this is because of Oppenheimer selling out the project to further his own goals (that one guard on the left reminds me of Officer Downe), but it looks like something is coming our way from space:

X-Men #5

I think you might be able to figure out Jean's plan. Meanwhile the other X-Men catch up to the two, but get some help from a fellow time-traveller:

My future self 'n me!

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maybetoby said...

J-Son is also a bad father.

Well Starlin did help create Mongul back in 1980. And Thanos was originally going to look more like Metron of the New Gods, but Starlin was told, "Beef him up! If you're going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!"

I also prefer "fake" Lobo. Especially when you consider how hilarious he was in Superman: The Animated Series.

Ken Boehm said...

I didn't realize Mongul was a Starlin creation, that makes a lot more sense then how he acts that issue.

maybetoby said...

Oh yeah, most cosmic characters in the Marvel and DC Universes were created by either Starlin or Kirby.

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