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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/18/13

Hello again and welcome to a plus-sized edition of Moments of the Week! Today we'll see what happens when Lex Luthor gets out of jail, what Penguin does to grifters, Zero debuts to mayhem in the Middle East, Buzzkill shows what happens when a keg turns you into Superman, and Infinity moves forward both in the main series as well as New Avengers. Lots, lots more after the jump so what are you waiting for? Click!  

Action Comics Lex Luthor #23.3

Lex Luthor is out of jail legally (but that still doesn't explain Superman Unchained), and returns to his vast business empire, but not before fixing a scar that we never really found an origin for in other books. Wondering where Superman is since his release, he works on aquiring other companies in a way only he knows how:

I guess that shows the attitude of the new Luthor, as the old one probably would have saved the shuttle just to show he's better and make it a big media blitz. This one is much more obsessed with rigging the game so he absolutely wins, and his assistant doesn't live to the end of the issue, which is why he has a different one at the beginning of Forever Evil.

Batman The Penguin #23.3

Penguin's casino is bothered by some magician con artists which force Cobblepot to fall off the not-killing wagon. The Governor of New York, an old childhood friend who stopped the Penguin from being bullied on, uses this violence to condemn his friend and push for gentrification of Gotham Harbor, including turning the casino into an ice skating rink. Penguin has his own contingency plan:

He drugged the Governor with venom and made it look like he was having an affair with his assistant. This blackmail seems to work, permanently.

Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #14

Project Rising Spirit is up an running again, and this time their goal is to use the newest recruits to H.A.R.D. Corps to retrieve Bloodshot from Harada's possession, where retrieving nanomachines is the in thing:

 Expect lots of shooting next issue.

Buzzkill #1

Ruben, or that's what the protagonist calls himself (we don't know his real name), talks about how he learned of his powers and how the last fight he was in became the turning point for sobering up. There's a lot more to the story and the art is reminiscent of Matteo Scalera, you've got a good exploration of the cape-genre here, check it out.

Daredevil #31

A very exaggerated take on the George Zimmerman trial is the basis for this issue's action as The Jester alters live TV feed to make it seem like the District Attorney is advocating street violence in wake of the not guilty verdict. Add to it the hot summer heat and it's reminiscent of  the end of Do The Right Thing. Thankfully Hank Pym took his not-crazy pills and has a plan to squash the riots:

That poor bird was just flying along and whistling about how great it is to be alive and here comes a giant ant that kills it!
The Flash The Rogues #23.3

Glider is in her failing body again but Mirror Master is brought back to this world, causing a temporary breakup of the Rogues. But they're still criminal friends:

They get called to the CSA meeting like many of the other villains, only their reaction is quite different:

Infinity #3

I see a lot of Beavis in that last panel of Maximus. I guess that makes Blackbolt Butthead, as he stays in Attilan as Thanos approaches:

Blackbolt's scream looks like it's taking out a decent portion of the city below, that's not cool. At least this time it won't open up a tear in reality to the Cancerverse. Hopefully.

New Avengers #10

The group splits up to find Thanos' son (which Blackbolt provided only so the group couldn't be there when he confronted Thanos), and it seems Dr. Strange strikes oil:

And to top it all off, when this happens on Earth we get another universe incursion at the end of the issue. When it rains, it pours.

Savage Wolverine #8

It turns out Kingpin snapped his wife just a little too soon, but it shows he is fit to rule The Hand, even if he gets kicked out of Hell's Kitchen by Spider-Man at this point.

Superior Spider-Man #18

Miguel does what he can to fix time, which starts by keeping his distance from Ock. But he doesn't like being made to look like an idiot and nearly dropping a van on Harry's son.

So basically Ock's desire for revenge is the one that screws everything up with the time stream, as this was supposed to happen. I think. That's time travel for you.

Thor: God of Thunder #13

The healing powers of Mjolnir are very exaggerated. Since the upcoming movie deals with the Dark Elves, this is an issue devoted mostly to them and where they stand since Asgard arrived on Earth.

Uncanny X-Men #12

Turns out Emma knew Scott was going to side with his younger self and girlfriend, and told the other X-Men team their location. Because like it or not, the students need to go back home. But Emma didn't realize one thing:

In terms of a psychic battle it will be no contest as Emma's power is still in flux, so put them in the octagon and duke it out.

Wonder Woman Cheetah #23.1

Turns out Barbara's aunt and her commune is what made her become the Cheetah in the first place, as she even hunted and killed her own brother years ago to prove her worth:

Barbara's aunt then plays a version of The Deadliest Game with Marshal Shaw, until the Cheetah does show up to erase her past completely:

A little on the nose about the new Manhunter.

X-O Manowar #17

When usurping leadership, make sure you remove the previous leader or keep an eye on him. Aric does neither, but Dorian arrives with an offer despite Aric destroying the helicopter he arrived in:

Political unrest will rise, just like that bread.

Zero #1

This is how Edward Zero's tale begins in the form of flashback, as in 2018 he's sent in to recover next generation tech but first has to deal with the two Universal Soldiers beating the tar out of each other.

How do you stop a super soldier? With a tank.

By the end of the issue we find out Zero really shouldn't have been brought back into the field, and future foibles are alluded too that all start with this mission. A fast moving story but still has a lot to offer with the minimal but fluid artwork, the series is off to a really good start.

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Deebo305 said...

This is what Marvel needs more of, Blackbolt going Ham and whatever fool that decides they want some. Infinity is looking better and better, hopefully the upcoming Inhumans book features more BB

Phillyradiogeek said...

DC just loves their gore more and more every day, don't they?

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