Sunday, September 29, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/25/13

Thrills, chills, and spills for today's Moments of the Week! On tap is the big turning point in Battle of the Atom, Avengers shows why the Builders are tough dudes, Saga is light hearted even with vomit, and East of West shows that the eyes of the Ranger are upon you. Much more as always after the jump, so see you on the other side.

Avengers #20

While the Builder shatters Ronan's confidence after the allied force's key victory, Ex Nihilo and Abyss travel to meet their other bretheren, and don't like what they find:

It's good to have the Ex Nihili on our side but the Builders were actually being somewhat considerate in not wanting the culling aspect to go along with life. That's probably a key point that will come up later in Hickman's run.

There's no I in "team" but there is in "quit." Way to go, Cap.

East of West #6

Bel is able to escape but is injured, crashing in Texas just outside the home of a former friend and colleague, one of the first Rangers. Cue flashback to a time when corruption ran rampant and killers were set free:

The Rangers retired, knowing they could only be a cleansing fire for so long before everything appeared to be a problem, but Bel asks for the Rangers to do one more job, and kill all the members of the Inner Circle, including himself. So you got Death on one end and the Rangers on the other, this what makes the book so great.

Guardians of the Galaxy #6

It's still never said how Thanos came back, but the implication is that Age of Ultron and the timestream breaking shunted him back to this universe, or somewhere outside of the cancerverse.  This book was delayed a bit so the events of Infinity feel even weirder as Thanos just seems to chill somewhere instead of having his Cull Obsidian.

A little rusty with the shot, Iron Man.

Justice League Secret Society #23.4

This story is told from The Butler's perspective as he and Owlman attempt to track down the Joker, who just killed Earth-3's Dick Grayson Dexter style. In the fight Joker is killed but Pennyworth is hit with Joker gas, giving him his pale complexion. On top of all this, Owlman's betrayed by the corrupt Gotham Police just as Ultraman calls in:

From there we know the rest.

Justice League of America Black Adam #7.4

Khandaq rebels look to bring their protector back, and Black Adam returns from dust to save his people.

Black Adam disagrees. Weird thing about that Khandaqi palace, it was filled with statues of people who were turned into stone millenia ago by Black Adam. Everything's a circle.

Saga #14
I admit, I had a good laugh at this scene.

Another nice moment. The whole issue is full of them, really, especially below:


Scarlet Spider #22

The series ends in a bit, so who knows what can happen now. I didn't know impure blood would allow you to have immortality though, seems like anything and everything keeps you alive these days.

Uncanny Avengers #12

Wanda makes her case for pushing the mutant rapture, and Simon seems to go along with it. Meanwhile, Jan has some fun:

Superheroes are very upfront about their personal lives in the middle of infiltrating secret locations.

A lot of other books have been using the timestream problems presented from Age of Ultron, but it still feels like this book isn't connected to it even though the Apocalypse Twins pretty much erase Kang's future here.

Wolverine & the X-Men #36
While Jean fights herself, Magik uses her yet-unknown time travel powers to get to the bottom of this whole mess:

Time to go home? Not so fast, as there has yet to be a twist!

Looks like the future is actually pretty good for mutants, which can only mean the X-Men who went back have nefarious purposes.

Young Avengers #10
Loki had a deal with Mother but backstabbed her a bit like always, and gloats a bit too much. Meanwhile Teddy meets with others Leah has gathered up:

Ultimate Nullifier is a pretty good name. Teddy's right, and tries to leave. Remember the deal about not going to New York? Oops.

Simple rule is to trust no one from Asgard. Ever.

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maybetoby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maybetoby said...

They still haven't said how Star-Lord got out of the Cancerverse, or whatever happened to Richard Rider. And blaming events of Age of Ultron is an even weaker excuse than Superboy Prime breaking continuity walls.

Are the red skies in Earth-3 from Darksied's invasion, or something else entirely?

I'm sad to see Scarlet Spider come to an end.

Superheroes need to put their personal lives aside when the stakes are this big.

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